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At the Rockhouse – Danny Reno

Released March 1st 2023 on Foot Tapping Records Reviewed 28th May 2023 by Rockin Rebel Buy the album here:

Members Danny Reno – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar Darrel Higham – Lead Guitar Pete Pritchard – Upright Bass Tony Hillebrandt – Drums

Review: Recorded At Embassy Studios By Graham Dominy who also Produced it alongside Mr rock n roll himself Darrel Higham. Danny Reno is a UK based Rock n Roll/rockabilly performer that also gives the best Roy Orbison Tribute in the scene today. His vocal performance of the Big O is second to none. Along with that, he is also the most down to earth and shyest person you will meet. Danny who lives out in Norwich, Norfolk UK. He appears with his band as Danny And The Seniors or Danny Reno's Red Hot Rockin. Both perform the greatest rock n roll show, paying to the greats like Elvis, Buddy and of course Roy. So let's take a listen to what I already know will be an awesome album.

Track by track. A Cat Called Domino Written by Roy and Petty and was recorded at the now legendary Norman Petty Studios, Clovis New was not recorded at sun studios although it can be found on some compilations of Roy's Sun years. Danny gives a great version of this track with a new more modern rockin sound. Great start.

Problem child. From Roy’s debut 1961 album on the sun label even though Roy had moved to the Monument label by this point. Darrell’s guitar pounds that rockabilly rhythm straight down the speakers with some great drumming. Danny sings this rare Orbison track with that unique vocal of his that is sometimes hard to remember its Danny not Roy singing.

You're my Baby. Released in September of 1956 with Rockhouse on the flip side. Written by Johnny cash. Roy played lead guitar on the original, but Darrell takes care of this awesome track with some great guitar. Danny again catches the vocal style and lyrics brilliantly. Pete’s bass is the heart of the rhythm and brings everything together. What a band this is proving to be.

Sweet and Easy to Love You. This is my all-time favourite of all the Orbison’s early recordings. And Danny makes it just as sweet and easy to listen to on this release. Just outstanding performance by all.

Devil Doll A track written by the great Sam Phillips who proved he was not just a genius at spotting great talent but writing great songs for the talent to sing. Danny also provides the backing vocals on this mid-tempo romantic track. A track I feel should be more famous around the rockin scene. Great track.

Uptown. This is the track that introduced me to Roy Orbison’s music. And I have been hooked ever since. I recorded one of Danny’s versions a few years ago. Added bass and tweaked guitar brings this classic to a more modern sounding track, but not straying too far from its original recording. Some great riffs from Darrell on the outro.

Rockhouse Awesome introduction with the drums and acoustic guitar. Then like a runaway train comes Darrell’s lead guitar. Second track written by Sam Phillips along with Harold Jenkins (Conway twitty). Rockhouse is probably the best-known hits of Roy’s early career after Oooby Dooby. Another great rendition from this artist.

Mean Little Baby Danny gives this a gravelly 1950s snarly vocal on the intro and great bass and drums keep it to great jiver rhythm. Written by Roy himself. Danny doesn't give any less than everything on this version. Properly rivals the original from Roy. Great cover.

Fools Hall of Fame Written by Danny Wolfe and recorded by Rudi Richardson on the Sun before both Roy and Johnny Cash recorded it. It has been modified twice for later recordings by Pat Boone and Paul Anka. This is a rare track to hear indeed, and Danny and the boys give it a real good rendition of the track. Some added reverb and echo on Danny vocals give it a true sun sound. This track does not appear on the original At The Rockhouse album.

I Was a Fool Playing both Roy’s and Danny versions, the vocals are so close I couldn’t make out which version was who’s, apart from Roy’s having a longer Intro. Keeping close to the Sun Record sound, the band gives an awesome backing.

Go Go Go Recorded at sun studios in 1956 and was the flip side to the next track Ooby Dooby. Yet another great cover from the band with some typical Orbison vocals from Danny. This track was also covered by Jerry Lee Lewis under the title “Move On Down The Line” the B-side to Breathless in 1958.

Ooby Dooby. The most famous of all Roy’s Sun recordings. Released in 1956 with his teenkings. Written by Richard Penn and Wade Moore. There is only one song that could end a tribute to Roy Orbison and it's this one: the one that bought him his fame and fortune. Danny finishes in fine voice with the band still rocking the backing with the ultimate sun sound.

Summary I can think of no one better to bring out an album full of great tracks in tribute to one of the greatest singers by the best tribute artist. Every track is just so sublime and close to Roys voice. Great backing from Darrell on guitar, Pete on the bass and Tony on the drums. You all deserve a great thank you from anybody connected with Roy’s music. Elvis declared that Roy was the greatest singer and I'm sure he would have classed Danny in the same light. Truly wonderful and a must buy for everybody into early rockabilly.

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