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Nymphomaniac by Dukes Of Tijuana

Released on 03/06/2020 on Crazy Love Records SW13069

Reviewed on 16/06/2020

Reviewed by Holger E @radioteddyboys1983

The Band is: Paddy Evans – Vocals, Mark Twang – Guitar, Grischa – Slap-Bass, Chris Slazy - Drums

This colourful bunch of musicians have plenty of experience from playing in various band over the last few years. So why not take a young vocalist and play some mix of Rockabilly, 80’s Neo Rockabilly and inject tiny portions of Psychobilly and Blues. So that the outcome is mind blowing good.

Track by Track

1.: Movin: This track is a great intro in to the bands style and musical ability. Sharpe short Guitar riff is setting of the drums and the Slap-Bass which then sets up the stage for the vocals. Mark is a whirl wind on his Guitar. Clear and hard Drums Chris that gets Grischa on his Slap-Bass going at a pace we are not used to from him (well he plays in Demented Are Go) and Paddy is laying done some serious Vocals that will get you Movin’.

2.: Hotel Room: That’s a track you will not forget. Neo Rockabilly? I don’t think so. This is some awesome step towards Psychobilly in a very positive way. Listen to the lyrics that gets pushed by some unbelievable awesomeness of Guitar playing by Mark. Grischa is in his element and you can hear that. Chris is a like a Drum God that holds all the guys in check in this room.

3.: Nymphomaniac: Rockabilly the dirty way. Cool up-tempo hip shaking track with full powerful Drums, tons of head boppin’ Slap-Bass, screaming reverb heavy Guitar that carries you all the way to the end. And lets not forget nice happy but slightly rough vocals telling us about some back breaking action.

4.: Hellride: Oh cool it’s Blues time..........Wrong. The start pulls you in to the trap only to slap you right in the face with some high speed Guitar riffs that seamed to never end. Hammering Drums to keep you awake. Beautiful Slap-Bass that never takes a break torturing the Fretboard. A hell ride of vocals that are getting better and better by the minute.

5.:Hey Get Rockin: That’s an intro you will not forget anytime soon. Country style Guitar picking with nice rollin’ Drums and low low Slap-Bass and boooom it goes to a fast part that knocks you of your socks. The life of a Rockabilly Band wrapped in one showstopping song.

6.: Don’t Cry Just Drink: Slow down and take a deep breath. Paddy’s vocals really shine here. Cool mellow Slap-Bass. The Guitar is the second vocal on this track with tons and tons of reverb loving riffs. Sitting just a bit in the background are the effortless sounding Drums that give it the slow vibe.

7.: Coming Home: Never mind the slow vibe of the Drums. Here he is drumming his heart out and that’s just the intro. Up-beat played with finger picking perfection of a Guitar. The Slap-Bass is taking a hammering that it will not Coming Home again. Cool Vocals that are just fit right in with the rest.

8.: My Life Is A Race: Now we move a bit into the Rockabilly direction which makes you bop to the beat. Fast racing Slap-Bass that works in perfect harmony with the Drums. The Guitar is slightly laid over it which in combination with the vocals paint a full sounding picture.

9.: Blue Moon: Marching Drums you say....... no this is slow mean rough and ready Neo Rockabilly track. This brings back memories (welcome to the 80’s). This puts you straight onto some Stray Cats vinyl just with more interesting Vocals.

10.: Too Much: This will not be Too Much. Grischa’s Slap-Bass is sitting right in front of you (music to my ears). Chris makes his Drums work hard and happy which then ignites a spark on Mark’s reverb loving Guitar. Paddy had definitely Too Much fun.

11.: Ruff Diamond: More a rock influence down- tempo track that shows of the ability the Dukes of Tijuana have. Cool rough Vocals that get a great support from a slow and lazy (in a good way) Slap-Bass.

80’s Neo Rockabilly Drums just more powerful and a Guitar which is changing from a rock feeling right down to the 80’s Rockabilly reverb screaming solo.

12.: She Makes All The Dogs Go Wild: Help... Fire...Fire. If the Strings go up in flames then the Drum Skins are not far behind. The Vocals are more fuel for this fire. This Band makes everybody go crazy.


Some old faces but with a new Band. Dukes Of Tijuana. Their way is not copy and paste. All tracks are written by the Band including Lyrics. The mix of Neo Rockabilly with the sly injection of Psychobilly and more is great. The way the music is composed and the lyrics are written shows me and you that there is only one way for these guys and that’s up. They are a blast on stage and i hope we will see then around the world gigging. Grab an Album before it’s gone.

Track listing:

1.: Movin

2.: Hotel Room

3.: Nymphomaniac

4.: Hellride

5.:Hey Get Rockin

6.: Don’t Cry Just Drink

7.: Coming Home

8.: My Life Is A Race

9.: Blue Moon

10.: Too Much

11.: Ruff Diamond

12.: She Makes All The Dogs Go Wild:

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