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El Camino – 10.

Release Date: August 2022.

Reviewed on 3rd October by Dave Diamond.

Stuart Rowland - vocals

David Yates - guitar

Scott McCabe -drums

Glenn McCabe - double bass

Extra musicians - Alan Wilson Hammond organ

Produced mixed and mastered by

Alan Wilson at Western Star

Available from

Front cover: designed by Glenn McCabe

Band Influences: We love bands like Restless , The Jets , Marco di Maggio , Guana batz , etc…

Let’s have a listen to the tracks:

Ray’s J – El Camino crazy silly antics in their continuing nonsense homage to their hero’s The Jets!

Peg Leg Boogie – 1,2,3,4 from Mr Cotton…this number has a great groove to it, think Capitol Records 1956…fab snare from Scott, Glenn great bass and top guitar licks provided by David with a fab slide too and Stuart providing top notch vocals… great original tune and fab lyrics..Pardon the pun…but this one’s a great foot tapper!!

Volcano – great start to this number, with an upbeat jive tempo, fantastic double instrumental breaks showcasing the bands pedigree, great stop sections and tempo variations…”I’m a man made hurricane I’m never gonna stop, I’m a volcano I’m hot hot hot!! I really dig this song and at 1:42 I just gotta play it again…

Gentleman – a nice melodic number, this one showcasing Stuart’s vocal range. Very well written…fab lyrics on this 3 minute 57 second tune that could have come right outta Nashville!

Freddie’s Luck – great mixing on this one..with the slap bass being more prominent, and the snare has a right crack to it…yet another fab guitar lick that all compliment Stuart’s vocals and wow..getting all those words perfectly articulated on the verses…great change at 2:33 holiday rock….hi-de-hi!! Very well thought out track…Freddie’s luck…he’s got the lot!

Yama Yama Pretty Mama – cover of the Richard Berry track…bringing the tune right up to present day…another track showcasing the whole bands talents…faster than the original makes it a great jiver…just grab your partner and get ready to hit the dance floor!

Decapitate The Establishment – A heavier vibe to this one…great sampling crazy yelps and hollers going through the back beat to this track, Stuart says…take control of number 10, this tune really moves along at a great pace and is my kinda number…for sure this has the early 80’s sound…Screaming Lord Sutch is back again…ha ha ha arrrggghhhh!!

Legacy – taking the tempo right down on this number… builds up after the opening 26 seconds to more of a strolling tune.. lyrics quite sad on this one….”always try to leave a good legacy and not leave nothing at all!” Another great original track from this fab band…

High School Confidential – here we go…my friends know I just love this track, so have been waiting for this tune to come up on the review…here goes… Great version, powerful vocals once again from Stuart, love the way Glenn’s bass is prominent, great that David’s geetar cuts in and out on the verses and another fab solo, all this held together by Scott the beat master… This one for sure will be a big hit in the clubs…let’s g-o-o-o-o-!!!

Rochee Is A Camino – 15 seconds..then boom we are in…let’s get some Sarno fever going on daddio’s…. yes! Loving this one and only 1 minute in…bopping on the lilly pad…great use of Rochee songs in the lyrics, fantastic play on words…if you love the bands from the 80’s you’re gonna really dig this tune, see ya…I’m off to the pit to join the Monsters!!

Double Denim – This one’s has a European feel to it…very anthemic, arms in the air, a real stomping can even do ‘the ace’ to it! Great levels showcasing each instrument, and vocals spot on once again…”Shaking Stevens shook my soul when he got me hooked onto that rock ‘n’ roll…The Jets and Restless and The Stray Cats too”…. Great tempo change at 3 minutes…top tune.

Honda C90 – Blimey takes me back to the 70’s motorbike! More of a country style to this one that features Alan on the Hammond organ….another very well thought out song and outstanding lyrics on another original track from El Camino.

It’s True, It’s True, It’s True – right outta Lubbock Texas!…this has a great feel to it… at just over 2 minutes this song once again has fantastic lyrics with great triple use of words at the end of each verse that really does make this a catchy track.

The Mole In A Hole – Slap bass intro to this final track originally done by The Southlanders back in 1958…El Camino bring it right up to date.. the speed is slightly quicker than the original and personally I feel this gives the song a better vibe. Very well mixed and all instruments have great levels…. I am a Mole and I live in a hole!!

In their own words –about the band when formed gigs etc?

The band is 10 years old this year We are influenced by many people 50 s rockabilly 80s neo rockabilly , psychobilly and country The song smiths I admire are Ian Dury , Sierra Ferrell , Lux interior, and Jim Heath.

We’ve played all over the uk and France once Bedlam breakout festival where I also host the stage We have an album launch gig at The King Billy rock bar Northampton October 7 th We are at Bedlam breakout in March And the Welsh rockabilly weekend next September

We class ourselves and a band who are rockabilly but with no boundaries on the style Some heavy Some country Some wild rock n roll Some kitsch and comical Outstanding guitar driven Rockin music With great lyrical stories And a solid beat


….Boom! here are El Camino with their 3rd CD… 14 fantastic tracks that really showcase the bands repertoire and musicianship…this C.D is a sure fire hit and you just gotta add it to your collection… this has been a fantastic album to review and a joy to listen to. Released on the bands 10 year anniversary (hence the title) and on the back of playing major weekenders in and around the U.K… Grab your copy now folks!!

Reviewed by Dave Diamond

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