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GEISTERHAUS (Mörder Blues 3) by BZFOS (Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space)

Release on 10/02/2023 on Schnlitzer-Pepi Records SP-R 024 Reviewed on 31/03/2023 Reviewed by Holger E. @radioteddyboys1983 The music making Zombies are: Dead ”Richy” Gein on Drums – Vocals, Mr “Jim” Evilize on Guitar, Dejan Decay on Bass and Reverend “Bloodbath” on Guitar – Keys. Many good things came out of Austria but this has to be one of the best. 10 Records of bloodsucking Zombie slaying and counting. Driven by blood, this 10” EP of BZFOS is one to look out for. Do you like Horror, Blood, Zombies, Massacres and much more? This is not just screaming and hammering of instruments, this is so well put together, with tons of melodies, harmonies and well placed string instruments to make you feel safe and sound only to blood splatter you all over the place. This Austrian band sings in their native language and you hear the dialect which to me gives it the right feel and character for this music. Phantom of the Opera meets Evil Dead.

Track by Track: 01. Geisterhaus: The Haunted House, giving you a faults safety with chimes and piano as intro with a creepy story about the house and then.......hitting you with full blown riff heavy Guitars, unbelievable powerful Drums and a String Section that build a foundation for the greatest Stage Show and the Vienna dialect Vocals that top off the greatest Haunted Horror Splatter House.

02. Zentralfriedhof (Mörder Blues III): Sliding into the Rock/Punk side of BZFOS to present Guitar riffs with an eery feel that just shout Central Graveyard. Bang: All guns blazing. Cool up-tempo Guitars with a Bass that just lingered slightly in the background. The Drums are solid and hard as a Headstone (love them). The Vocals are never overpowering but just sitting in front while getting full backup by melodic Backing Vocals.

03. Herz Und Hirn: To keep it short. Heart and Brain talking about all the bad things going on with young people and social media. If I write any more I will get banned and cancelled. But just let’s just say that BZFOS are spot on.

04. Werwolf Von Währing: The finest of Horrorpunk loaded with bits of Heavy Metal. Cruel Guitar riffs becoming melodic and harmonic. The Bass fills out the background absolutely perfect. The Drums remind me of refined and perfected 80’s Metal Drums. This track gets to the fullest by the Vocals that move between harsh and aggressive to harmonic when combined with the Backing Vocals. Near the end you have a Guitar battle that shows you what’s coming next.

05. Wenn Mir Das Blut Gefriert (Scharlachrote Lieder): This will change your mind about Austrian/German Punk influenced music. Sounding all so happy and still singing about Blood and Horror. Loaded with melodies and harmonies. Not the typical BZFOS style but I think it’s a brave move and will be a great stage track/show.

06. Gänsehaut (Orchester Version): You could say this is the Acoustic Version of track one but this is the end trailer of the Horror Show. Beautiful placed String Sections behind the Vocals and Brass Section to fill out the background. The Keys give it a creepy feel at the right places. The Bass is lingering around the Vocals to give them the deep and dark impression and Acoustic Guitar slight in some Rhythm. I would love to see that happening live. BZFOS plus Orchestra. Dream.

Well I know I expected Horrorbilly and Punk but I was surprised to encounter such well planned out and genuine music to highlight every Member in their own right. This EP is out of the ordinary. Still a Horror-movie as expected but wrapped in new and interesting styles of music, which you do not hear this side of the water unless you know about BZFOS. Even if you do not understand the language it will draw you into a Roller-coaster of feelings and emotions. Youtube: Web: Discogs:

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