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Leavin’ 101 by Geoffrey Miller

Release date 1st Feb 2022 released by the artist.

Reviewed March 2022

Geoff releases his second full-length album consisting of 13 tracks written and produced by the artist himself. This album reflects his deep engrained love of Bakersfield-style country into Leavin’ 101. This album is a nod towards the Bakersfield sound pioneers Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Don Rich, and Red Simpson. Having had the pleasure of reviewing Geoffrey’s last album “All night Honky Tonk man” I was certainly looking forward to listening to this album.

The musicians who appear on this album are as follows-

Geoffrey Miller - all vocals and all acoustic, electric and baritone guitars

Zack Sapunor – Bass

Jim Frink - Drums

Larry Carr - Drums

Scott Joss - Fiddle

Travis Toy - Steel guitar

Max Hart - Steel guitar

Bill Bergren - Steel guitar

Tommy Phelps - Steel guitar

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