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Hardbeat Hornets - Lost In Dirtroads

Release Date: October 2023 Reviewed on 1st November 2023 by Dave Diamond Promoter of The Boomerang Club-London. Harry Jussila – Lead singer and guitar Jocke Törnblom - Slapbass and backing vocals Marcus Jäder - Drums and backing vocals

Recorded by Patrik Wallert at Psychopunch HQ in Västerås Produced and mastered by Nils Mikaelsson at Playwood Productions in Hallsberg (same guy who has produced Scruffy Kings and Midnight Teds) Front cover made by Cia Sandell

CDs are available to order by sending a mail to or through Messenger at

In their own words – We are a Swedish rock 'n' roll band set to rock your socks off!�Hard, fast and mean! Harry and Marcus were in the Scruffy Kings together where Harry played the bass, but now we both wanted to try something different. We teamed up with Jocke who has played in Mainstreet Stompers, Saturn Girl and The Toneheroes. First night we had a jam-session, that already at that point included a bunch of Harrys self-penned songs, when the night was over we had just accepted our first gig..... and it just went on from there! Our influences and favourite bands are : Crazy Cavan, Furious, Housewreckers, Ellis and the Angry Teens to name a few.

All original songs are written by Harry Jussila and the music by all three of us. together except She's my witch that.

Let’s have a listen to the tracks – Hardbeat Honets- first up on this 13-track debut cd by Hardbeat Hornets and I’ve been really looking forward to hearing them all… so this one’s a really powerful hard-hitting opener by this trio from Sweden. Harry’s powerful vocals are fantastic along with his chord strumming lead that really rocks in the solo, I’m lovin the yelps and raw backing vocal shout backs, Jocke slaps the hell out of the bass and with Marcus keeping a stomping back beat this tune is kick ass… great staggered sections along with the driving rhythm throughout… you better watch out…Love it!

Stacey-dynamic European rockin tune, “all the time please be mine, Stacey don’t you leave me now!” another fast tempo original song from the guys, the chorus is a real ear worm… this tune is gonna really rock the joint when it’s played live… right down the front and rockin it out to the maximum, 2 minutes 21 seconds…magnificent!

Rock ‘n’ roll show of the century- third track in and this album is real powerhouse. Here we have another top fast rhythmic track, it has a great anthem vide running through it, reminds me of the 70’s 80’s days let’ go for sure! rip roaring vocals from Harry and fantastic rhythm sections from Jocke and Marcus makes this a tune not to miss!

Booze Came Knockin’- this one’s a shorter track at just under 2 minutes, kick starting with Harry’s guitar on its own before the drums and slapping bass join the party! This is an excellent powerful original number from the guys and yet another that will see my right at the front of the stage screaming the guys on… Booze-tastic!

Summertime-here we have a medium paced rocker that will have you punching the air… let’s go! Very reminiscent of that early rock n roll revival of the 70’s. Great guitar break from Harry, fab constant slapping bass by Jocke and a driving beat from Marcus… for sure the summertime , everything alright!

Lucky Strike- this tune is more of a head shakin’, drinking number so get ready to whack your Newcastle brown on the table next to yours! Tells the story of Mary Lee being the one for me… got to be near you, got to squeeze you.. and why can’t we be, you’re the lucky strike! It’s a really catch tune that will be spinning round your head all night long… really digging this track. I predict a hit when played live!

She’s My Witch- so here we have track 7 and the only cover on this album from the guys. Originally written and recorded by Kip Tyler back in 1958 that was nice slow and moody. Hardbeat Hornets have brought this track right up to present day and made it punchier with Harry’s heavier guitar running through it, Jocke playing an open E string throughout and Marcus on cowbell to create that galloping sound, yet still the band keep that eerie vibe… this is a great edition to this album and really showcases Harry’s vocals.

Let’s Have A Blast- back to a rockin’ up-tempo tune, and another original from the guys… this one’s a sure-fire hit when played live, the verses are pounding with energy that take you up and beyond into the chorus… go cat go! Fab vocals from Harry and all instruments are really excelling on this one… let’s have a blast tonight… yep 100%!!

Knock You Down-A heavier stomper once again from the band… a stronger vocal with tremendous musicianship from everyone. Here we have an outstanding number with the repeat of I’m gonna knock you down bouncing back and forth around the verses. At just under 2 minutes in length, this is another great high-quality number.

Still Remember You- the band tell me this is written about friends who have passed away… you can hear the feeling on this track throughout, the verses are really memorable and will strike a chord with everyone. The mixing is just spot on with the bass cutting through just perfectly with that snare, guitar and vocals just at the right levels. Fabulous track!

Throttle Jive-Great guitar lick starting this one off interspersed with crash cymbals and then everyone is in at full throttle. This tune is full of high energy and reminiscent of the 80’s invasion and revival. It’s a great vigorous song with screams and high-octane power through out. For me one of the stand out numbers… exceptional! In The Jail Tonight- great build up at the start…mid-tempo rockin’ number with powerful vocals, driving guitar, a very strong back beat and that slapping bass is knockout. “No where to run too, where can he hide, no one to talk to…In the jail tonight!” Nice use of the cowbell on the stop sections… this is a very high powered original.

Lost in Dirtroads-wow! These 12 songs have just flown by with so much energy. Here we have the final song and title track of this awesome album and this one has been written about a guy on his way to prison after committing a murder. A dark sounding number that starts off slowly and then kicks in as a mid-tempo rockin’ stompin’ track. Here we have a raw sounding song with angry vocals and once again an enormous sounding rhythm section… what a fantastic end to this outstanding album. Colossal original number!

About the band… Marcus uses a Sonor snare drum that matches his full 90’s Sonor set. Harry uses a Hagström Viking deluxe guitar with a handmade limited Ekblad-amplifier.

Jocke uses K&K preamp with candy pickups and his bass is a customized 50s bass with red flake paint and 22 layers of clearcoat..... ha ha the bass weight is almost as heavy as he with all support-stuff inside, but is perfect for showcasing his style! … We've got a fair bunch of upcoming gigs here in Sweden, but one that stands out is the Rock at sea gig, where we play together with for example Restless, Black Knights, Fatboy, Trouble boys etc... etc... at the Viking Line Cinderella a special rock'n'roll cruise from Sweden to Finland and back in a ship that takes 2500 persons

�You Tube clip:

CLOSING COMMENTS ABOUT THE ALBUM Wow two words sum up the last 13 tracks…Tremendous and Powerful! This trio really have captured that live sound on their debut recording. You can clearly see that these songs have been knocked out at a fast pace and delivered spot on! If you love your Cavan and powerhouse rock ‘n’ roll then look no further than this C.D. Right from the very first track, this really has been great to listen to so be quick and get in contact with the guys and order your copy whilst you still can!

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