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Diretamente De Manaus- OS Dry Martinis

Released; March 2022, available on all digital platforms.

The album art design was made by the scene artist Old78´s and photos by the Amazonian photographer Álvaro Mello.

Reviewed by Terry Mead 26/04/2022

OS Dry Martinis are a Band from Manaus/Amazonas/Brazil of Rockabilly and Rock and Roll 1950's. The band started in 2010, their debut was anything but conventional. It took place in the traditional cinema of the city Cine Oscarito that on the rainy day of 2010 hosted a rock party.

Since then, the band has taken Rockabilly to different places in Manaus.

In March, the band released the first record of their authorial work, the homonymous album OS Dry Martinis, on all digital platforms.

The Band:

Rayssa Deschain - Bass

Matheus Gondim - Guitar and Vocals

Mixiko - Drums

Faresin - Rhythm guitar

The Album consists of seven original songs, one of which is a curious OMG version of Usher and a composition in Portuguese. The compositions are signed by guitarist Matheus Gondim and bassist Rayssa Deschain.

Review Track by track

Go Wild-Great track to kick off this album and what a Wild little number it is full of energy with a catchy chorus and guitar/drum blend. Makes a super upbeat Jiver of if you have the energy cool bopper.

Shake it up-Intro and breaks have traits of “Jailhouse Rock” thrown in them, another upbeat track ready to Shake you up and get you on your feet. There are some fine guitar licks along the way to.

OMG-Oh My Gosh The Dry Martinis composition version of Ushers song, completely souped up at lighting speed with some cool 60s guitar riffs thrown in for good measure.

Bad Days-This reflects on a story about Dante told throughout the song which drives away making you feel you are riding side saddle along with him. Awesome drumbeat and a lovely guitar solo midway.

Perdeu Playboy-Superb intro to this instrumental track Bass/Drums /Guitar combination before launching into those early sixties sounds that we were so used to coming from instrumental records. The Dry Martinis have certainly captured that era in this track put in on in your speedster turn it up and drive hard.

Sweet Little Mama- This maybe the title but I would say this is a Sweet little Bopper to with some cool breaks in between for good measure. The guitar licks are unique with some great lyrics about Sweet Little Mama.

Vertigem-Sung in Portuguese makes this track different along with the Blues slide on the steel guitar gives it that era feel. There is also a good beat running through this track.

To sum up good value for money album, The OS Dry Martinis have gone the extra mile to create songs that epitomise the Rockabilly era and produce some cool sounds. It’s so good to hear bands from every corner of the world playing the music we so love and I wish them well for their future ventures.

Instagram @osdrymartinis

Facebook @OsDryMartinis

Track List

1. Go Wild

2. Shake it up

3. OMG

4. Bad Days

5. Perdeu Playboy

6. Sweet Little Mama

7. Vertigem

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