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Released - on 5th May 2022. Reviewed – 21st January 2023 by Rockin Rebel. Live in 2022- RadioNyanya, Modern day rockabilly / Rock n roll band from Russia. on VG Music Label (Chicago, Illinois USA) and Kafadan Kontak Records (Istanbul, Turkey).

Band Members. Pavel Stepin - guitar, vocals Timur Popovkin - double bass, bass guitar, vocals Pavel Voyskov - drums, vocals.

The RadioNyanya ((RadioNanny) is made up from musicians that got together from different bands, the likes of - Red Elvis’s, Mester Twister, Gagarin Brothers, Smokin' Boolldozers, Moscow Beaballs and the Frogman, to form this unique band. Some members have now moved on leaving the trio to carry on in the Suburbs of Moscow, wanting to take a new look and sound of the vintage Rock n Roll. In the band's own words, we would like invite everyone to listen and dance to all-time rock and roll hits, as well as to the band's own songs. The band gives out special gifts to fans that get up on the dance floor as a thank you at every show. They have an hectic tour schedule in 2023 and hopefully record more songs. This fifteen track CD is loaded- so let’s blast some good ole Rock n Roll.

Track Review Rock Around the Clock (Freedman- Myers) First recorded in 1952 and made famous by the legend that is Bill Haley and the Comets. A good cover from the band and the backing, with the bass slapping along with the guitar, which is like a raging fighter with knockout punch. The vocals change into their native language now and then. This does not affect the song, but brings a great twist to a classic.

Route 66 (Troup) The band give this a ZZ Top sound on the intro. A great solo guitar for the instrumental break and vocals are good. It was composed in 1946 by American songwriter Bobby Troup, and it was a hit for Nat King Cole prior to Chuck Berry’s version in 1961.

That’s Alright Mama (Crudup) A great version of the song that started the rise of Sun Records for Sam Phillips in Memphis. A great guitar twanging on the intro and throughout.

Blue Suede Shoes (Perkins) Along with the vocals, the guitar carries the track with some great riffs; the Slap Bass delivers a great solo in the middle section and continues to bring that sound of the Sun Studios alive.

On the Road Again (Nelson) The band bring this great track right up to date with a new rockin' sound, making a respectful tribute to the original. Recorded by American country music singer Willie Nelson in 1979, the song's all about life on the road touring and the company of the band.

Runaway (Shannon- Crook) Fast paced version of a favourite of many rock n roll fans. The band gives us a real treat and some superb playing. I get a feeling of the Stray Cats' influence in this track. Vocals are great, really testing the singers key changes.

Love Me Tender (Matson- Presley)

Raising the tempo slightly on this love song brings a great modern touch. Vocals are nice and soft to a finger picking guitar backing. Nice version of the 1956 Elvis classic. I’m Going Home (Bob-Bain)

The trio produce a great version of this track. Once again, Gene Vincent`s last UK hit single which charted in august of 1961 is sung with real feeling.

The Best City on Earth A song sang with a rockin beat in their native language.

I’ll Get You in the End A fast-paced track with a fantastic backing. One of those tracks you wished went on for twenty minutes. A like songs that will fill a dancefloor and with this one, standing room only. The song will get you in the end.

Burning Love (Linde) Well, this starts with fire in the fingers of all the musicians. Slightly more up Tempo than Elvis’s version. Well re-worked backing to give it a raunchy bluesy tone. Great version. Fun fact, Elvis was not the first to sing this song. It was originally released by Arthur Alexander earlier in 1972.

Blue Hotel (Isaak) Brilliant version of this sad and lonely, cry into your pillow tale of worries n woes. Some cracking guitar riffs once again keeping to the Melody of the original. Bass and Drums rock out in the background. It was originally written by Chris Isaak for his self-titled second album in 1987.

At The Blue Sea Second track to feature the band performing in their native language and demonstrating their talent on the instruments they play.

Johnny B Goode. (Berry) Highly charged version of one of the most famous rock n roll classics. Vocals are good with some stutter lyrics thrown in. bass and guitar flow along like a hotrod on an open road. It's fast, it's wild, it's Rock n Roll.

Umka (name of a cartoon character from a soviet cartoon about white little bear) A Mid-tempo track to finish a great album of classic tracks. This track is also sung in their native tongue.

Summary For a band that as been formed from musicians from other bands, they gel perfectly. They play how with passion and a good understanding of the sound they want to create. The songs they have chosen for this album are classics and they keep a fair distance from the original musically with just a reminder of the vintage sound.

Recommendation It wouldn’t go a miss in any collection and nice filling tracks for presenters and DJs. Nice job lads.

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