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Snakebite – Boss On The Street

Released - 1 July 2023, on Records Freight – RFCD105 Reviewed – 17 august 2023 by Rockin Rebel

Snakebite is a Rock & Roll, Rockabilly band from Sweden. Formed in 2000 and with a few changes. the line up has not changed since 2011. Playing with inspiration from bands like Crazy Caven, its pure fifties hard hitting rock n roll. Recorded at Blue house in Arvika. Released on record Freight

Members Jorgen Gillstedt – Lead Vocal – Guitar Christian Ericson – Bass Rolf Andersson – Drums

Track by track. Boss On the Street (Gillstedt) Power guitar kicks off this self-penned title track, the Rockin sound does not stop and excites the nervous system with a rock n roll beat. great vocals from the composer and comes across nice and clear. The trio opens with a high-octane belter and sets the tone of the album. Buckle up and hold on tight.

Bloodhound (Bright) Starting with a drum thumping beat seconds before the vocal enters. Drums and guitar gel well together and get a great rhythm going, helped along with the deep bass chugging along in the background. Fast and furious breaks that will fill your ears with pleasure.

Just Walked (Jägermy) Written by Stefan Jägermy who was also in bands In Groups Bad Luck & Trouble, Flick Knife and Wild Rooster. Starting off with a mid -paced tempo before hitting the rhythm pedal. Some great musicianship between the trio with a great vocal to top it off. Great song and well performed.

I Got a Rocket in My Pocket (Logsdon) I guess we are all aware of this track and its influence on many bands that have covered it. The guys give us their version and style. Giving a more Rockin style with some deep guitar. Drums bring the beat with the bass capturing the heart of the track. stunning vocals which keep the respect of its writer but brings a modern day take of a rockabilly/country track.

Rock’n’roll Fever (Gillstedt) I love this opening intro. It takes me right back to the 70s rock n roll live shows. It carries the style of the Wild Angels and Crazy Cavan with Cavan Grogan’s vocal style. I know members of snakebite were inspired by the band and believe this to be their tribute to the legend of 70s rock n roll. It’s a stunning track by the trio.

Christine (Gillstedt) Continuing with that rock n roll sound but with a country feel added in. nice and steady but a Rockin rhythm which will take this track to the dancefloor as a stroller. Plain and simple music with great lyrics.

Little Ace (Gillstedt) Back into the action with the story of little ace, a motor biking chick with standards and morels. The track has some great guitar playing. One line at a time lyrics give it that tough rocker snarling favourite track on the album, very catchy.

For A Girl I Once Knew (Anderson) Fast paced rocker with this first track written by Lars Eric Anderson to feature. Heartaches, tears and empty dreams give this sob story of teenage heartbreak. Very nicely written and great backing from the boys. Definitely has that 1950s bubble-gum style. Nice little jiver for the disc jockeys to play.

If You Think (Gillstedt) Keeping that true rock n roll beat with this track, if you mix Matchbox, Dave Edmonds and a little bit showaddywaddy then you will get the feel of this track. It's a pleasing sound that fills the air with good ole fashioned 70s rock n roll with its new modern way of delivering it. Brilliant and loved it. Great vocals once again from Jorgen.

Key To My Heart (Gillstedt) A belting rocker with some brilliant guitaring. Drums thrash out over their skins with that bass slapping itself silly. This is a crowd-pleasing track that would just be sublime as a live track. a bopper, jive and a head shaking track with that awesome rockabilly riff.

I'm Dreamin' (Gillstedt) Even the last track doesn’t give way to that Rockin beat. just a wonderful album of rock n roll and the writing is just a different class. Great track to end the album on, just like they started it ROCKIN.

Summary I only have one criticism for this album, it should have another 11 tracks. Pure enjoyment from start to finish. It doesn’t need any words apart from congratulations on a well-produced, written and performance of 11 rock n roll songs.

Recommendation Great album.

Bio, This story starts out years ago up to days date. The exact time, back in 1997. In a small mid-west Swedish town called Arvika, two friends Lars Wermlund and Rolf Andersson started a beginning of an new era with a band called “The Dreadnoughts” British revival rock’n’roll with a Swedish rebel Rockin’ touch, that’s how the boys brand their style. Now, back in early 2000! Rolf wanted to evolve his burning passion for the music. Together with some local musicians Rolf formed the today so well-known and respected band “Snakebite” with Steve Riot on bass guitar in their first lineup. Later on, Steve switched to rhythm guitar and Lars joined in the band. 2007, another today big name on the rock’n’roll scene were born. Wild Rooster! A band that Lars and Steve formed into what it is today with the amazing guitar player Kim Amberg. Years went by, and as you all know life happens to most of us!! Now as we speak it is 2022…And the red thread has spiral its way back through maze to the beginning of this story to light another rockin’ wildfire. The Devil’s brew has been boiling long enough and are now ready to be served! (from disgogs)

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