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The Buick 55's – All Original

Released October 2023 on the band’s own label available from It can also be found on Spotify. Reviewed November 2023.

The Buick 55s are a Scottish rockin’ roots trio who mainly draw their inspiration from the music of the 1940s and 1950s. The majority of their repertoire is self-penned and blends elements of blues, jazz, gospel and country. The band consists of Steve Cunningham on double bass and vocals, Jim Beveridge on drums, and Chris Campbell on guitar. All songs on this album are originals, written by Steve Cunningham. This is the band’s second album.

Track by Track Review

She's On That Midnight Train – Some old fashioned American steam locomotive sound effects to open this track that has a nice rockabilly shuffle beat to it. Great “clean” guitar sound. An excellent opening track proving that the link between trains and rockabilly is alive and well.

Sunset Baby – A slight pop feel to this song. Nice guitar fills and good drumming. This could easily have been done in in 1960.

Bad Habit – A moodier sound thanks to a fuzzy guitar which fits the title and a song about a girl is maybe best avoided. A good mid-tempo jiver.

Cruisin' The Blues – Cruising in a car with the soft top down, another popular rock and roll and roll theme. This is definitely not a blues number, great drumming keeps the beat going.

Slip, Slip, Slidin' – A slightly slower number which puts this track more into the stroller category.

Oops I've Fallen In Love – Another pop rocker, a catchy number and a top notch guitar break.

Flea Bag – A good rockabilly bopper about an old dog. As if anybody could have a hit singing about a hound dog! My favourite track on the album.

Little Be-Bop Girl – A good jiver. The backing vocals work well to support the lead. Keep Doin' It – I really like the vocal arrangement the and have used for this track which is another mid paced rocker.

Ain’t Seen Nothin' Yet – Another track to keep the jivers happy.

Jeckyll & Hyde – Sounds of bubbling test tubes add to atmosphere of this song based on the classic story from Robert Louis Stevenson. A good rocking track for any Halloween playlist.

Hey Look At Me Now – Something about the guitar on this track reminds me of Cliff Gallup is it the sound, the intricate picking or a combination of both? I’m not sure but I like it. A good bopper.

Creepy Voodoo Love – There’s a definite moody feeling with this stroller. Nice atmospheric guitar work.

West Coast Jump – A good rocking track to close a most enjoyable album.

Summary and Recommendation One of the first words that comes to my mind when thinking about this album is “consistency”. The quality of the songs, the musicianship, the vocals and production are all consistently good. Considering these are all original tracks makes this an even more impressive collection in my view. Definitely worth buying if you like authentic 50s style rock and roll.

YouTube clip West Coast Jump - Reviewed by Jailhouse John Alexander

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