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Rock Is Here To Stay- The Cosh Boys. Released 2022 Record Label-Rockabilly Records Produced,Mixed & Mastered by Lasse Tervo Cover Art by Mike Lukari/StriKing Graphics and Laura Beltran. Reviewed by Terry Mead 12/01/2023

The Cosh Boys, a Rock and Roll band from Finland was formed in 2003 and have various records released during the years by many record companies. Their previous long play album “Those British Sounds” was released by Rebel Music at 2014. They reproduce the British sound from the early sixties, and this can be heard all along in their repertoire.

The band consist of: Timo Kurunsaari-Vocal and Rhythm Guitar ( Lead Guitar A3 & B1) Tomi Peltonen- Lead Guitar (Rhythm Guitar A3 & B1) Timo Kalijarvi- Bass Guitar,Slap Bass & Piano Jouni Jussila-Drums & Percussions DJ Boogie Chiller- Harmonica on A4

Now you have got in your hands the brand-new record by boys. It is called “Rock Is Here To Stay” and contains brand new songs, where seven out of twelve( LP) are written by band and have a great rockin’ variety on them. There is one tribute kind of song about early English rockin’ group Wild Angels, who have been one of the primus motors for the Cosh Boys’ sound. Also, songs about motorcycle death, horror type of saga about Frankenstein’s daughter, songs about sad times and happy too. There is eight rock and roll vocal tracks plus guitar instrumentals written by Cosh Boys. Cover songs are well selected and mostly not the most well-known ones. Four out of five of them are also recorded by English artists or groups during the years, though original versions are mostly from America, so it is easy to see that English flag is well waved by Cosh Boys again. So hit the needle onto the grooves and let your hi-fi blast out some great rockin’ sounds, ‘cause like they say Rock Is Here To Stay!

So let’s review track by track; Rock Is Here To Stay-First off the blocks is the title track an original Mod sound from the All Night Workers kept here close to the sound and worked well within the boundaries. Amazingly you can turn a Mod song from the vaults around and play it Rock n Roll style on the scene today but that’s just what The Cosh Boys have done here.

Real Wild Angel- A tribute to The Wild Angels, fast hard driving song with the lyrics remising the age of them.

Lonely Cherokee-Superb instrumental that captures the sound of the Shadows era, very catchy riff that portraits a Lonely Cherokee.

Crest Of The Hill-Another self-penned number from The Cosh Boys, this one has The feel of an early British Beat tune, again a very catchy riff to it. This one also features DJ Boogie Chiller on Harmonica.

Don’t Wanna See You Cry-And you won’t not listening to this track anyway, cracks the whip straight from the start and keeps you bouncing along to the fear of seeing her cry.

Canyon Ride- Tomi Peltonen wrote this one another 1960s characteristic instrumental with some beautiful high note picks and a generating tune.

Hidden Fear-A slow tempo instrumental which will make you shudder with ‘Hidden Fear” especially if you listen to it in a dark room.

I Want To Do It- A rather rare Bobby Comstock number which I often play, the tempo here has been slowed down and the makeover by The Cosh Boys has given it the usual British feel.

Baby Baby-Arthur Alexander’s 1962 Dot recording covered here with the familiar sound of The British beat rather than the Soul beat of the original.

Frankenstein’s Daughter-Defiantly one for the Lord Sutch fans adding a bit of Horror to the album with this melancholy tune.

I’m A Hog For You Baby-The Coasters 1959 classic done here in true Screaming Lord Sutch style (without the toilet seat round their necks)cool sing-a-long version.

Shake – Written & sung originally by Sam Cooke The Cosh Boys have adapted it to their style with a fierce blend of drums and guitar mix. Bonus Tracks (CD only) Be Bop A Lula – The classic Gene Vincent number done here by the Cosh Boys in an up tempo harmonising style with a British sound.

Here Comes That Train –An original Rockabilly tune from Eddie Bond, starts here with a Cavan riff and carries on with the familiar Rockabilly beat that the original holds introducing some cool mid-way licks.

Blue Blue Day – Don Gibsons 1957 gem of a song and talking of gems this is a really a gem of a version has all the right riffs and sounds to cover the original tune.

Gypsy Beat- Now I’m a sucker for those great British instrumentals from the late 1950s/early 1960s and this awesome tune originally arranged by The Packabeats in 1961 is no exception. Hats off to The Cosh Boys for reviving it in their own unique style with the sound of the era.

Good Looking Gal – Last of the self-penned numbers and what a cracker to finish with, the chorus has a similarity to ‘Real Wild Child’ and there is a deep twang of a solo mid-way through from guitarist Tomi Peltonen.

All I Can Do Is Cry-One of my favourite Wayne Walker tracks, and the boys haven’t let me down covering this one, love the deep guitar sound throughout.

So there you go: 18 tracks on the CD or 12 on the LP your choice have the best of both worlds and buy them both. I have often these boys over the years both in the UK and abroad always put on a superb show with their Johnny Kidd style tops. All in a very diverse collection of tracks something to please all the fans. Top draws for me are the instrumentals but also its good The Wild Angels are paid tribute to a group from my teens. So, get out there and have a listen: you won’t be sorry!

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