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14 track C.D. Release. Release Date: 15th October 2021 via Skip Records Reviewed 17th April 2023 by Dave Diamond Buy the album here:

BAND MEMBERS: Vocals Colin Mee Drums Colin Mee Guitar Rob Brindley Double Bass Mandy Mee Produced and Mixed by Colin Mee Mastered by Colin Mee Front cover artwork by: Colin Mee

Let’s have a listen to the tracks: 5,4,3,2,1…kick starting this 14 track C.D. is a cover of the tune Rocket Trip that was originally done by Jackie Lowell & The Astronauts… this version is a fabulous bouncy number and Colin’s voice is just perfect, mixed in with Mandy’s slapping bass, Colin’s great snare work and fantastic guitar work from Rob.. I prefer this to the slide used on the original…at 3 minutes 11 and a great choice as an opener.

Cradle of Love… originally released back in 1960 by Johnny Preston, a really great choice of tune.. not heard many bands cover this one and once again The Mee Kats have hit the bullseye.. the band play this one live in their set and it’s one not to miss!

Wanna Know – an original track written by Colin Mee, this was originally on a Sureshots album back in 1987 (Four To The Bar). It starts off with guitar then in comes the snare and bass swiftly followed by Colin’s vocal. This ones a rockin’ up-tempo track, and I’m loving the way the bass is constant with the twanging guitar coming in and out on the verses then exploding into the chorus and instrumental section…3 minutes 23…dig, man, dig!

Track 4 is written by Rob entitled Feelin' Fine… and another original track over 3 minutes in length. Stab section starts off this number… straight off Colin’s voice is deeper and right on the money. with lines like “the house is rockin’ and I’m feelin’ fine.”. This tune has a great vibe to it.. the slapping bass is higher in the mix and the snare is cracking and more of a chord structure during the verses on geetar, and another fab instrumental section… very catchy indeed!

No Heart To Spare – released in 2001 by The Go Getters, and for sure The Mee Kats have nailed it..great tempo and speed and Colin’s vocal is spot on once again… a perfect number for this trio to do and like the way the band changed the instrumental section…

Ice Cold – here we go… covering the very known Restless track written by Mark and originally released back in 1982.. just love that guitar start… and the scream at the start… I’ve always loved this track from back in the day and those halcyon Klub Foot days. Well, the trio have once again done an excellent version of a tune. I love seeing The Mee Kats do this one live!

Don't Treat Me Like A Fool – back to an original number once again and this one written by Colin Mee…wow! Awesome track and Colin’s deeper vocals sound just exceptional... I’m hearing R.C.A. 1956 on this track… It's pure class and the rhythm section is top notch!

Buzz Buzz A Diddle It – covering the well known Freddy Cannon tune from 1960 that was revamped by Matchbox in 1979, and this version has a longer intro and more of a picking guitar section… a fab edition and great to hear it on this C.D.

Starlight – The Mee Kats take on the 1958 tune by Jack Huddle that featured Buddy Holly on guitar…J. Huddle*, J. Robinson*, N. Petty*… love the intro has a fantastic groove to this version, and it’s slightly quicker than the original… the band really have done a great version on this tough tune to cover.. well good indeed!

Rockin’ & Flyin’ – loving this version by the trio… the mixing is right on the money… the band really have done a spot on cover once again…great harmony vocals! Colin’s voice, Mandys bass and Rob's guitar-work added together make this track just perfect. This was originally credited to The Cochran Brothers (Eddie & Hank) and recorded back in 1956.

She Don't Care – back to another original tune that is written by Rob. This one has more of a country hick feel to it… the brushes are a lot lower in the mix, with the guitar and bass higher than the other tunes. This really does showcase the bands musicianship and could have been from an unreleased Sun Records collection!

Cryin’ Over You – originally written by James Intveld for Rosie Flores in 1987 and brought out later by himself.. The Mee Kats once again have done a fabulous rendition of this classic tune. For sure a massive HIT on the dancefloor and another great choice to be included on this album.

Have Love Will Travel – here we have the penultimate track and another fantastic high quality version from the band. It’s a 1959 song written and recorded by Richard Berry. and then recorded by The Sonics in 1965.This has always been a great cross-over track on the rockin’ scene.. Colin, Mandy and Rob really do have a great sound and this track shows their versatility.

I Don't Like It – final tune on this 14 track C.D. release and ending with an original track written by Colin Mee.. straight in on this tune. Then after the 18 second musical intro in come the lead vocals… very catchy guitar lick, along with that constant slapping bass, great drum rolls and a high end raw vocal.. love the Jeanie Jeanie inspired guitar solo… WOW!! What a stompin’ rockin’ jivin’ number to finish on...i’m gonna have to play it again it’s so damn good!

In their own words – Formed in 2010 by Colin and Mandy Mee with Joe Guillan on guitar. Since then a few changes of guitarist until February 2020 with the arrival of current guitarist Rob Brindley.

All recordings were done at the studio of Colin Mee in Darlington, Co Durham Distribution: Skip Records and Ditto Music

CLOSING COMMENTS ABOUT THE ALBUM: So here you have a fantastic 14 track C.D. with so many different rockin’ tunes, mixed in with originals and cover tracks… there really is something for everyone.. be sure to check the trio out live and go grab a copy as soon as you can... it’s value for money and you sure won’t be disappointed!!

Reviewed by Dave Diamond

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