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Under the Memphis Moon – Peter Egri’s One Man Boogie ‘55 (Egri Péter és a Mystery Gang)

Released 2023 – Rhythm Bomb Records, a division of Rockstar LTD, Ireland Recorded at: Mike’s Garage Album art: Urban Zotel All songs written by Peter Egri – Mystery Gang. Vocals/Guitar/Drums: Peter Egri Reviewed April 6, 2023

Under the Memphis Moon, by Hungarian artist Peter Egri’s One Man Boogie ‘55, is a collection of bare-bones tunes that channel early blues with an up-tempo, rockin’ edge. The lo-fi recording style harkens back to those old single-mic recording studios.

1. Boogie Woogie Madman – The album opens with the crazed bellowing of the Boogie Woogie madman. An almost primal drumbeat propels this tune forward and the minimal flare of the guitar keeps the listener’s focus on the rhythm and vocals. This track was originally released on Bandcamp in October of 2019.

2. Shake Woman – Lots of energy in the vocals of this second dance-themed tune. Like its predecessor, it has a driving beat and straight forward rhythm guitar that emphasises the Egri’s almost sinister vocals.

3. Wiggle Baby – This song continues the up-tempo groove of the previous songs but with more solo guitar work. The vocals and cadence of the lyrics are oddly reminiscent of the “Surfin’ Bird” by the Trashmen.

4. Run Chicken Run – A literal chicken? Or a metaphor for something else? It’s hard to say. But the chase is on, and the “hunter” is after his prey.

5. Wanted Man – This is my favourite track on the album. It is a dark ballad that could easily find a home in a noir-western or a surreal David Lynch production. The tempo picks up a bit here, but not significantly more than the previous tracks.

6. Baby That’s What I Like – Take the classic line from “Chantilly Lace” by the Big Bopper and use it to create a new song, crank the tempo, and give it some punk-inspired vocal styling and you’ll have an apt recipe for this song.

7. Wild and Animalistic – The vocals and lyrics on this one reminded me of Lux Interior and the way he writhed and oozed while performing. Ergi’s vocals here are every bit at home among the likes of the Cramps.

8. I Gotta Boogie – In case you forgot, here’s your reminder that Egri is the boogie madman.

9. Devil Town – Devil Town sees the return of a slightly faster tempo and, like “Wanted Man,” a return to a noir-western feel.

10. Lonely Moon – A solid bluesy cry to the moon to return a lost love. The brief guitar solo is broken up into a few sections which was a nice touch.

11. Don’t Mess Around – The final track drops tempo, but only by a bit, as if to add some gravitas to his request, “don’t mess around.”

Summary: Very well done. As much as I enjoyed listening to the album, I enjoyed watching Peter Egri perform even more. If you like stripped down, up-tempo tunes that call back to early days of rock’n’roll, you will enjoy this album. This album is a pure and raw form of rockabilly, not over-produced, with what sounds like only the natural reverb of the room to give it color. Egri’s vocal style has a sinister edge. The drumbeats and rhythm throughout the album have an almost ritualistic feel… like the spirit of the music itself is being summoned. The lo-fi recording style was a perfect choice for this bare-bones and unique set of one-man band tunes.

I highly recommend watching his YouTube performance.

Band Bio: There is only one, Peter Egri. That is all…yup, that’s it. It’s him. Vocals, guitar, drums…simultaneously. No one else.

First track: Reviewed by Jay “M’Lord” Laughlin

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