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Zombie Jamboree - Boogie LP

Released April 2023 Reviewed on 04/04/2023 Reviewed by Holger E @radioteddyboys1983 The Trio consists of Dam on drums, Seb on Slap-bass and Rudi-Lagoutte on guitar

What could come out of Strasbourg you might ask: Well, Zombie Jamboree of course. 3 very talented musicians that present you with their own style of Neo-Rockabilly wrapped up in this great 10 track LP.

Track by Track 1.: I’m Gonna Let You Cry: Great twangy reverb happy guitar is leading the way into this Neo-Rockabilly rich track accompanied by cymbal-driven drums and a hopping and slapping bass that bring the right amount of coolness and fun.

2.: Pick A Bale A Day: This american folk and work song was first recorded by inmates James Baker and Mose Platt, and was made popular by Lead Belly and Johnny Cash. Zombie Jamboree took on a tall order and turned this track around. Nice fast up-tempo slap-bass mixed with soft drumming and a screaming guitar.

3.: Nutty Blues: Fingerpicking guitar riffs complement a rough and unfiltered voice and is set off by the low down Slap-bass and dark sounding TomTom and Kick Drum. Mixing two languages is the perfect addition with background filling backing vocals. 3 guys jamming away like the good old times.

4.: Gadjo Boogie: Down-tempo with a pinch of Swing. Beautiful reverb swinging guitar setting up the stage for the unhinged vocals, layered with a slow steam train like Slap-bass and a jazzy sounding Drum.

5.: Sixteen Tons: First recorded by Merle Travis in 1946 and released in 1947. This folk song about miners is turned into a blues jazzy style Rockabilly track. It holds the value of the original song but played with soft drums played with brushes, a cool deep Slap-bass and an amazing guitar. That has to be one of the best covers yet. Staying traditional but still bringing in their own style.

6.: Pantera Bionda: Neo Slap-bass starting off with a cool riff to introduce a scream and a screaming twangy guitar. Helping along is this hard but precise Drum arrangement. All vocals are used to push forward the guitar. Sensational Drum solo to set off the screams and reverb screaming guitar riffs again.

7.: Zomboogie: Up-tempo with jumping Slap-bass and a happy fingerpicking Rockabilly guitar. The drums on this track are a proof of the ability Dam has. As well as the never ending slapping of Seb that will drive you insane. After all the Boogie you will turn into a Zombie and a happy one at that.

8.: When I Play The Rock: 1980’s just arrived in the year 2023, to show people what they missed all this time. Infectious guitar riffs that collaborate with the perfect counterpart the Slap-bass and the Drum that is pushing it all fast forward to get you to the dance-floor.

9.: Cotton Field: Just twisting your whole picture of Zombie Jamboree on its head. Beautiful strumming from the Rhythm guitar and guitar riffs from the Lead guitar. Brush stroke playing drums and a cool 50’s jazzy sounding Slap-bass really brings you back to the cotton fields.

10.: Daddy Rolling Stone: This is the dark side of a Zombie. Low and dark Slap-bass with even darker reverb loaded guitar. Dam kept the brushes for his drums to make it more eerie sounding.

Summary: Over all this Trio gives the French Neo-Rockabilly a new meaning. Rough, unedited and untouched straight to record. This is not the normal stuff as you would expect from Neo-Rockabilly. Lots of up’s and downs with tons of swinging and jazzy feelings mixed with reverb happy guitar, hot slapping bass and well advanced and rounded drums that will drag you on the dance-floor. My advice: Keep an eye out for the Zombie Jamboree.

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