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So, you may be wondering:  why and how did Slap That Bass start? 

Having spent my teenage years (1980’s) around the Birmingham Rockin Scene I saw the re-emergence of Rockabilly and I was Instantly hooked, getting my quiff replaced by a  flat top. In the 1990’s life took over and I drifted away to start a family and career.

Fast forward to 2015. A new project at work saw me move to an office where I met Rob Daniels and Rob Evans, both still heavily into the Rockabilly lifestyle, and we go talking about the old days and the light was re- lit. The next step was to start collecting and replacing the music I once loved but had sadly neglected for so long. I purchased a few so-called Rockabilly bands' cds, only to find the music was not that good. To save wasting any more cash I looked for an independent review site on Facebook and the web without joy. So, I started initially to review my old 1980’s albums I loved and the new ones I had purchased. Within weeks I was being contacted by bands and record labels asking me if I would review their work, and so Slap that Bass was born.

The name I chose was in homage to a track that goes 'Now, slap that bass and pick on an old guitar…'

By 2020 it was getting crazy with increased albums arriving for review; I needed help! Enter my top man Holger Engles who joined me and has stayed as my top reviewer.  Without his help I’m not sure I could have continued. In 2021 I passed the lead role on to Woody from Rockabilly Radio.  Together we grew the review team, and though many have come and gone, a hard core has remained, and to all of them I give my heartfelt thanks.

One Final note: Slap That Bass was, and still is, set up to review albums. We are not there to criticise, as what will appeal to some may not to others.



Rockin A J  

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