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Triple Bombardment – Eddy & The Backfires, The Royal Flush, The Rhythm Torpedoes.

Release Date: 25TH November 2022.

Reviewed 13th January 2023 by Dave Diamond.

Produced: Christian Reichmann and the artists

Mixed & mastered by: Christian Reichmann

Front cover artwork by: Nano Barbero

Backfire Records (Cat no. BFR0007)


Review of each track:

First Band – The Royal Flush

I Feel Rockin’ - written by Eddy and The Backfires, this track is a stomper and takes off right from the start… if you like your fast rockin’ tunes then look no further than this…great drums, nice high end geetar, mixed in with the slapping bass and raw powerful vocals… love it!

They Call Me Bad - written by Eddy and The Backfires – more of a jive tempo to this one with a bluesy shuffling beat, prominent bass and Memphis sounding geetar… nice change of vocals too.

Harbor Chick - written by The Rhythm Torpedoes, a rawer sound to this number, here we have a foot tapping bopper, with great stops and fabulous instrumental section, sure-fire hit when played live!

Wild Bound - written by The Rhythm Torpedoes – medium paced rocker and the last number by The Royal Flush. Another hot rockin’ tune from this quartet and a real rhythmic shakin’ tune indeed by this band from Switzerland.

The Rhythm Torpedoes:

What I Need - written by Royal Flush – very dynamic vocals on this opening number from this band hailing from Germany… the rhythm section is just perfectly balanced with the lead guitar screaming just in front of them…

Time To Bop - written by Royal Flush – fantastic foot stomping track, great catchy middle section, for sure this numbers gonna be a dance floor filler…at 1 minute 54 seconds. 100% as the band say… “think it’s time to do the bop… don’t stop!”

The Cleaner - written by Eddy and The Backfires – A dirty sounding guitar kick starts this number, with a single shot snare drum, slapping bass and a deeper screaming vocal…it’s a head shaker and a great rockin’ blues bopper tune.

Hot Rod Johnny - written by Eddy and The Backfires – dampened down guitar intro then off we go… this number is an up-tempo number from these 4 guys, the track has a great varied ending to it that really showcases their musicianship.

Eddy and The Backfires

Lets Roll - written by Royal Flush – here we band on this triple whammy C.D…. very strong high-octane vocals, amongst a powerful back beat and catchy guitar riff throughout this opening tune. Loving the 2 guitar breaks…with the added key change and backing vocals…top notch!

Let’s Get High - written by The Rhythm Torpedoes – great starting intro to this second tune, reminiscent of the track Scratchin’ released in ’58 by Eddie Cochran. Great guitar work, mixed in with fab snare, top bass lines and another diverse vocal.

Friday Night - written by Royal Flush – everyone’s straight in on this track, and it grabs you right from the jugular! This tune is really pushing the limits to the max, screamin’ instrumental section just adds to the rock ‘n’ roll potion…great shout backs on “Friday night” .. dig man dig!

Time To Roll – written by The Rhythm Torpedoes- here’s the final song from Eddy and The Backfires… it begins as a medium paced track which then explodes into a n active volcano…fantastic pulsating kick ass final track from this band hailing from Germany.

In their own words:

The Royal Flush:

In 2007 the sky above Solothurn lit up and the clouds parted for an event of a special kind: the founding ceremony of "The Royal Flush" with the four aces Räffu, Dömu, Märcu and Römu in the leading roles. The four Jura southern foothill rocketeers play rockabilly and rock'n'roll of the sincere variety: raw, unbridled and direct. The line-up with double bass, two guitars and a singing stand-up

drummer is clean cut and leaves little room for frills. As soon as the guys are under power, the place shakes and many a social evening ends with a memorable buzzing head. The live set consists of many own songs and selected interpretations from Jay Swan to Buck Stevens. Musical delicacies for spoilt connoisseurs are served fresh and friendly with a spicy marinade of playfulness, wit and cheeky riffs.

The Rhythm Torpedoes:

Vocals Arne Runzheimer, Guitar- daniel heberling, Drums- mathis Pfeifer, Upright Bass jeremiah nickel. The band were formed during 2011 in Marburg in Germany. We have now made 5 releases and we were signed to Wild Records since 2017 and our first album with Wild came out in 2018. We have played nearly all huge Festivals in Europe and also in the U.S. The band influences are… Dusty chance, Desperados, Delta Bombers, Hi strung ramblers, Wiseguys, Omar and the String Boppers, Santos, Carl and the Rhythm Allstars and The Cramps. We describe our sound as Ass kickin´ Rock`n´ Roll, Torpedobilly and Rhythm n Blues.

About Eddy and the Backfires:

Eddy and the Backfires are the wildest act of the German Rockabilly scene! Their unique, own rockabilly sound in combination with their stage presence makes every audience burn, not only in Germany, but everywhere!

It's a Wildfire! Eddy, the charismatic frontman with his powerful voice, is actually the only founding member of the 1999 band in the current line-up.

The band is willing, wild and ready to rock any audience!

If you like the sound of wild rockabilly influenced by the music of Carl Perkins, Link Wray, Ronny Dawson and pure 50's culture, you are on the right track and ready for a Backfires show!

These men love the music, the style and the rebellious 50's and that's why they are able to create the unique Backfires sound with heart.


Boom! …what a triple bombardment of 110% rockabilly at its best, it showcases 3 bands on the 1 C.D. This is powerhouse rockin’ and is a must for anyone’s collection!

3 Bands on 1 C.D, each playing 4 tracks. Together with The Royal Flush and The Rhythm Torpedoes, Eddy & The Backfires had the idea for a joint album project. The 'Rock 'n' Roll Triple Bombardment' was born. The concept is quite simple, each band reinterprets two originals of the other two bands in their own way. The idea of a joint album project was born back in 2019 in a backstage somewhere in central Germany. The "Rock 'n' Roll Triple Bombardment" was created.

It was also new that the complete production took place at three locations in Germany and Switzerland, because each band is located somewhere else.

Christian of Backfire Records tell me… “One of the highlights will of course be the Backfire Festival 2023 in Germany which will take place on 23.06. & 24.06. near Hannover. We are very proud to be the name sponsor and to let our attitude flow into it.”

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