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ALADDIN'S ROCKIN' CAVE - 30 Rockin’ Rhythm & Blues Platters from Aladdin Records 1947-60.

Released January 2023 via Jasmine Records

Reviewed February 2023 Paul

OK, cats and kittens, here we have a great collection from the vaults At Aladdin Records, who hailed from Los Angeles. Many of their tracks were also recorded in New Orleans by the legendary Cosimo Matassa. They were bought by the large Imperial label in 1961 so this compilation covers their “golden” years. There’s loads of info online about them so I wont bore you here, but lets cut to the groovy music. Some are obscure some are well known on the rockin’ scene- but let's all listen as “first timers”

If I were A Itty Bitty Girl (Velma Nelson) -great groove to this early side the double entendres start here she’s “drilling” with her soldier boy “riding” with her conductor “shaking” with her bartender “playing” with her piano man!

Hey Jack (The Dozier Boys)- late 1940’s sound that shuffles along nicely

Get High (Le Melle Prince) another track for the censor to listen to hear! I thought sex was only invented in 1973?

Maggie’s Boogie (Peppermint Harris) -great blues bopper from the “I got Loaded “ man

I Need You, I Want You (Jack “The Bear” Parker)- good blues shouter with a great groove

Way Down Boogie (Harold Burrage) -great blues that sounds like it was recorded at 3am after a few libations by the band: I love this stuff!

Lawd, Lawd, Lawd (The Ebonaires)- great harmonies with a great “ail bail” story

Yac-A Dak (Chuck Higgins)- heavy on the beat from the tenor sax man. Good stuff- can’t think of a title? This will do!

Don’t Leave Me Baby (Lowell Fulson)- good blues shouter from Lowell that has some great stops for him to discuss matters with his band!

Call Me Call Me Call Me (Dolores Gibson)- great commercial sound that really bops along.

Shtiggy Boom (Patti Anne)- much more “modern” sound here with a great beat that drives along nicely.

Do Bop Sha Bam (The Spence Sisters)- poppy sound on this opus on the theory of nuclear energy (or a load of nonsense lyrics) maybe its the latter but it motors along!

Ding, Dong, Ding (Bip and Bop)- more nonsense stuff. The guys at Aladdin were obviously having fun! great beat

Bottle Of Pop And A Lollypop (The Lollypoppers)- blimey that’s TOO many lollypops for even the keenest!

Cryin’ Emma (Rolling Crew)- she’s cryin- he’s leavin and he’s having fun with a great band that gives him the beat instead of grief! love it when he says SHUT UP!

I Do I Do (Ray Williams)- lovely jiver to get any party going

Jump Jump Jump (Great Gates)- great sax led rocker

Rock N Roll Drive In (“Fatso” Theus and The Flares)- great vocal group song that surprised me was expecting a “teener” but far from that. Good jiver

Little Mama (The Jivers)- lovely piano led group sound to be heard LOUD

Ray Pearl (The Jivers)- lamenting the loss of his girl with a nice shuffling beat

No One Can Love Like I Do (Skinny Dynamo)- hard rockin’ sound on this cool rocker with a driving beat

Bom Bom (Lulu Gene & Eunice)- fantastic track to get you moving and in the groove is there any better music than this?

P.B. Baby (Wilbur Whitfield And The Pleasers)- about the most “pop” track so far ...I assume the Pleasers were his teen girl backing singers? We will probably never know!!

For The Lady (Wilbur Whitfield And The Pleasers)- Ol’ Wilbur lets The Pleasers open this track... good jiver

Holy Smoke Baby (Tony Allen)- great mover with a tight backing band really gets you moving

King Kong (Big T Tyler) - a classic rocker that you MUST listen to every day!

Sadie Green (Big T Tyler)- solid rocker

One,Two, Let’s Rock (Sugar Pie and Pee Wee)- great duet sound here for any teen party and could get some coin (oops... I'm not reviewing for Cashbox!)

Smack Smack (Marvin & Johnny)- great production what a great hook from this legendary duo

Take A Bath (Charles Sims)- a great way to end the CD with a tough rocker with a tough tale- a winner!

So there we have it. Back in the day these sort of compilations would have a few good tracks and a load of duffers, not here: this is 100% great rock n roll. Buy with confidence.

The sleeve is also a great pastiche of those late ’50’s tours

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