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Released 30/11/2022 7’ vinyl Folc Records FOLC190, or via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Produced by Al Dual. Mastered by Oscar Pablos at AD Mastering, London, UK.

Recorded in Golden Hen Studios, Madrid, Spain.

Arranged & Conducted by Al Dual & Guille Gosalbo.

Sound Engineers: Tuco Salamanca & Pablo Delgado.

Photography: Eliseo Hidalgo. Photo editing: Jairo Fernandez & Lucia Marti.

Design: Eric Baconstrip. Reviewed by Terry Mead 26/01/2023 Anna Dukke is a young Spanish singer From Solanilla Del Tamaral, Castilla-La Mancha. She moves preferably for styles ranging from Rhythm and blues, Rockabilly and Rock and roll.

Her Band consist of:

Anna Dukke-Vocals Moises Sorolla-Drums Alfonso Mugica-Upright Bass

Isaac Gonzalez-Lead (Electric) Guitar

Al Dual-Rhythm (Acoustic)Guitar

Guillermo Gosalbo-Baritone & Tenor Saxophone Pablo Delgado-Piano & Hammond

This EP contains four songs all written by Anna Dukke and produced by legendary Spanish Rockabilly artist Al Dual who also plays Rhythm Guitar on the EP.

Review Track by Track : If It’s News To You- Off we go with a superb stroller, Anna’s deep RnB voice launches her way through this fine tune with a beat that keeps you on your toes and some raunchy saxophone accompaniment.

Comfortable Crap –A lovely intro and few tempo changes, make this track an easy listening magnet. Couple this with a pleasant beat and you have all the ingredients of another fine tune.

See You Again – This song was written by Anna in memory of her best friend who passed away on her return from the USA. Pablo Delgado on the Hammond introduces Anna’s voice which really plays though on this slow melancholy track hitting the high notes, cruisy laid-back number. “See You Again’ if only in your dreams.

Good Mind-Anna gives a touch of Lulu feel about this super-fast paced song, was written by her to lift her spirts in moments when there’s no energy left a kind of shot in the blood of joy. Contains some neat guitar licks from Isaac Gonzalez and progressive drumming from Moises Sorolla. A fitting end to this EP go out with a blaster.

Summary: Four different tracks make this EP a must to listen to whether you prefer the ballads of the fast ones there’s a bit of both here. Anna’s voice has such a deep range of Blues influences that make it so distinctive. This is her first record and I’m sure it won’t be her last.

Official Video of the song:

Band Biography (In her own words) Anna Dukke: She is a Spanish singer who grew up in one of the mountains in southern Spain.

She preferably moves through the musical genres that appeared in the first decades of the 20th century in the United States, ranging from Gospel, Rhythm and blues, Delta Blues, with nuances and a great Rockabilly influence.

After his 5-month odyssey through Mexico and the United States, not only did she soak up the roots from which this music springs, but she has also left a deep mark, to the point that people want her to cross the pond again.

Her repertoire consists of his own compositions and covers songs by artists from the 30's,40's, 50's in a dynamic and very personal way.

Upon her return from America, she decided to record her first record with the artistic production of Al Dual, a master of world Rock and Roll, and a great musical team. She records her first EP at Golden Hen E studios in Madrid and with mastering at Mastering Studio (London).

¨Broken Chains¨ has reached the public on a 7¨vinyl in December 2022, to give roots music the fidelity that deserve the sounds that were born on the famous banks of the Mississippi River. Her Ep has been published by the record label Folc Records.

Her EP consists of a fusion composed of her own songs at the purest style of Rhythm and Blues and Gospel. In them she narrates her experiences lived in the hundreds of trips she has taken and also tries to express her social disagreements, ¨Broken Chains" It reaches the public to fight against the currently established music and bringing roots music back to the ears.

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