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Zombie Dog by Atomic Papas

Released on 19/11/2021 on Dan Jack Distro Label

Reviewed on 06/03/2022

Reviewed by Holger E. @radioteddyboys1983

The Band: Nicola Guidi, Francesco Giomi, Lorenzo Frangini

Coming from Central Italy or better know as Tuscany or more specific Campiglia Marittima. The Atomic Papas skipped all the Roman and Renaissance stuff right in to the 50’s. With the hint of Italian accent and a heap of fun these guys put a spring into your step. Playing covers and hand penned songs with the Italian twist that brings a smile to your face even in bad weather.

Track by Track:

1.: There Must Be A Mistake: Kicking off with a track that is layered with Big Band elements and based on Jive. Intertwined with Rockabilly that pulls you onto the dance floor right from the start.

2.: Please Don’t Go: Reverb heavy Guitar is giving you a taste of what’s to come on this Album. Cool brakes filled with a Harmonica solos. This song has a bit of ZZ-Top influence (before the 80’s).Nicely tucked in to the background is a Slap-Bass that pushes everything forward and train like Drums that gives the whole song a perfect bassline.

3.: Grease Up On The Wheels: Swing your legs to this Boogie-Woogie-Jive number. Throw a Saxophone into this mix and the battle begins between the Piano and Sax throughout the track. Drums, Slap-Bass and Guitar are providing the base for this song.

4.: You Play Guitar?: Country/Western with an up-beat feel full of Steal-Guitar and happy vocals. The background is filled by a punching Bass and soft rolling Drums. Can you play the Guitar? If so you will love the finger picking they put done on this track.

5.: Runaround Sue: Would you? I know this track from Dion is covered a million times but i believe the Atomic Papas did a good job. Still giving this number the Atomic influence makes it not just a copy.

6.: Zombie Dog: Ear worm Guitar riff that kicks off to show the true Atomic Papas. Cool up-beat track with clear forward pushing Drums, a train like Slap-Bass and an insane cool Guitar ( with some solos throughout the track). Here you can pick out some of the Band the Atomic Papas looked for inspiration.

7.: Devil In Disguise: A bit less soul and much more power and fun in this Elvis cover. Just to proof to you that the Atomic Papas are not afraid of covering The King. This is a nice solid track i am not afraid of liking.

8.: Texas Playboys: Full of fun Honky Tonk - Hillbilly - Western up-tempo song with an amazing Guitar that is just played with lightning finger picking speed, short sharp played Slap-Bass and Drums you will love.

9.: The Man Of The Innocents: Going in to the full modern Country&Western style that just shows the ability of the Atomic Papas to change directions. Beautiful harmonies from the Steal Guitar is balanced out with slick rhythm and a superb Lead Guitar , a bone dry Slap-Bass and the perfect country&western Drums.

10.: The KKK Took My Baby away: It is a tribute to a girl or a sad song about his girl going missing. Will he find her. This is not Rockabilly or Country & Western song, this is a love song and it’s heart breaking. This song has so much feel to it that it makes you cry. Played with an E-Bass to get a good fit and feel. Simple Lead Guitar and smooth Drums. Will you find her?

Track listing:

1.: There Must Be A Mistake

2.: Please Don’t Go

3.: Grease Up On The Wheels

4.: You Play Guitar?

5.: Runaround Sue

6.: Zombie Dog

7.: Devil In Disguise

8.: Texas Playboys

9.: The Man Of The Innocents

10.: The KKK Took My Baby away


Rock&Roll, Rockabilly, 50’s that are all categories you can put the Atomic Papas in but do not forget that these guys put more fun in to their tracks. Only recently formed ( Thank God For Covid) otherwise we would have missed this band. Atomic Papas taking old hits or forgotten once and turn them in to fun loving Boogie-Woogie Hip Shaking Rockabilly Country Western awesomeness. The CD is starting of with Rock&Roll and ends up 10 tracks later in a sad song. Great combination of old and new tracks that will bring your emotions to the very edge of tearing.

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