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It’s Christmas Once Again ATOMICAT (ACCD100) An eclectic mix of genres and real cool party grooves in this 30 track Christmas themed CD. The mix may be a bit TOO varied for some but there are some real crackers here yuk yuk. There’s boppers rockers jivers country soul and real cheese! OK here’s My review of each track, Big Bud Rock Around The Christmas Tree; great start to the CD NOT the Brenda Lee song, this has everything Cadillacs and peppermint sticks! a really great jiver Ron Holden Who Said There Ain’t No Santa Clause : The “Love You So” guy with a great driving rocker with a wonderful sax. He’s in The Pokie and expecting something! nice from Santa, alas he gets something else! Jimmy Charles Santa Won’t Be Blue This Christmas : lovely bouncy pop rock with a moral story Doug and Josie Let’s Wine Dine And Dance: OK dance tune Tennessee Ernie Christmas Dinner : christmas means corny and this is! The Louvin Brothers Joy To The World : straight rendition of this classic carol Chuck Blevins: Sleigh Bell Rock: back to rock here. This is a re-recording of the classic version by Three Aces And A Joker (of which he was a member). Unfortunately, it pales against that version. Lillian Briggs Rock ’n’ Roll-y-Poly Santa: big band jiver from Lillian, who was very popular back in the day Frankie Lymon It’s Christmas Once Again: lovely sentimental song and what a voice Dorothy Collins Mister Santa: Mr Sandman hiding in Santa’s sack! Faron Young Snowball: great rocker from the normally “country” Faron. sounds like King Curtis on sax Not actually related to christmas but so what when it’s so good The Louvin Brothers Santas Big Parade: pass Big John Greer We Wanna See Santa Do The Mambo: why not, mambo sells! Well it did in 1954 good song from the saxman Earl Grant Swingin’ Cristmas: cool man cool. Best listened to in a New York apartment in 1958 on christmas eve at 11pm . If you weren’t there you ain’t cool enough to listen to this Big Maybelle Silent Night: lovely “straight” rendition she really did belt them out! Joe Poovey Santas Helper: before he was “groove” or even “groovey” he cut this country ditty.OK Faron Young I’m Gonna Tell Santa Claus On You: back to country for Faron here he’s spoilt us with Snowball! cornball country. Carl Smith Snowdeer: lovely country instro Bill Monroe Footprints In The Snow: the legend with a good bluegrass ditty Brenda Lee Papa Noel : nice pop tune Chet Atkins Jingle Bell Rock swings along nicely from the legendary guitar picker Jerry Duane Rockin’ Robin: inferior version of the Bobby Day classic Big Maybelle White Christmas: straight version great voice! Johnny Mercer Santa Clause Is Comin’ To Town: big band version think Glenn Miller Big Bud: Snowman Rock: back to rock’n’roll good jiver Porter Wagoner Frosty The Snowman: the cheese is getting really ripe! Huey “Piano” Smith Rock’n’roll Santa Clause: Santa doesn’t need a chimney in this song he come’s on a rocket! good rocker Larry Amato We’re Gonnna Have A Party: good Jiver for anytime of the year! Billy Ward Ringing In A Brand New Year: great song from the legend Jo Ann Campbell Happy New Year Baby: sounds like it could be from the “Grease” musical! pass’ In Summary, 30 Festive Rockin tracks that will have a wide appeal, Review by Paul Dickinson Atomic Press Release: Rockstar Records Limited, Cork, Ireland Rhythm Bomb Records – Koko-Mojo Records – Atomicat Records – Richard Weize Archives Label: Atomicat (ACCD100) Seasonal Series: Christmas Title: It’s Christmas Once, Again Compilation: Mark Armstrong Artwork: Henrique San Mastering: The Studio That Time Forgot, El Paso Texas File under: Special Interest, Christmas, Family, Rock ‘n’ Roll Music Atomicat Records “Often imitated, never duplicated” “Dance, drink and be merry.” It's Christmas Once Again, Atomicat Records (ACCD100) is a thirty-song compilation full of Christmas cheer, and the plethora of sounds are compiled with the joyful holiday period in mind. The album embraces songs about, winter, animals, snowmen, and a smattering of titles about party making, food, and drink. The album is a musical all-around look at the traditions which are aspects of the celebration. Being a family-orientated firm, we have included some songs for the children who are a significant part of the Christmas celebration. The album concludes as the old year turns over with songs about the New Year. The staff at Atomicat Records wish you, your family, and friends all the best and a prosperous New Year. Press: It’s Christmas Once Again - Atomicat Records (ACCD100) It's Christmas Once Again, Atomicat Records (ACCD100) is a thirty-song album that is full of Christmas cheer, and the plethora of sounds are compiled especially for the joyful holiday of goodwill to all men. Everyone at Atomicat Records enjoys Christmas time, and our work is over and it’s time to Wine, Dine, and Dance (Doug and Josie). The reindeer are harnessed to the sleigh and the cat dressed in red, Papa Noël (Brenda Lee) departs the north pole bringing gifts for one and all. The dancing continues with a familiar title but a different song, Rock Around The Christmas Tree (Big Bud), the special day also brings the family together sitting at the dining table for the old-style Christmas Dinner (Tennessee Ernie). It’s Christmas Once Again (Frankie Lymon) is warmly sang and is a perennial favourite, which captures the feeling of contentment. The meaning of Mister Santa (Dorothy Collins) is for him to deliver a new partner, the jovial Rock 'n' Roll-y Poly Santa Claus (Lillian Briggs) thrills the children, and the Rock 'n' Roll Santa Claus (Huey ''Piano'' Smith and The Clowns) is having a ball doing his work. The album embraces the enchanting sounds of the Sleigh Bell Rock (Chuck Blevins), and the family will most certainly enjoy a Swingin' Christmas (Earl Grant). Seasonal songs, Joy To The World (The Louvin Brothers), along with the childhood memories of Silent Night, and White Christmas (Big Maybelle), will rekindle a nostalgic feeling. The album is all about togetherness, and the children are not excluded from the album, and especially for the family are, Jingle Bells (Chet Atkins and His Guitar), Santa's Big Parade (The Louvin Brothers), Santa's Helper (Joe Poovey), and Frosty The Snowman (Porter Wagoner). The children can make a Snowball (Faron Young), and playing in the fields are Snowdeer (Carl Smith), and the seasonal bird the Rock-in' Robin (Jerry Duane) hops around the garden. As the year comes to an end, the adult thoughts turn to fun, We're Gonna Have A Party (Larry Amato) and the peel of the bells fills the air, Ringing in a Brand New Year (Billy Ward and His Dominoes) and with a hug and a kiss, people will whisper, Happy New Year Baby (Jo Ann Campbell). The album is compiled by Dee Jay and face on the music scene Mark “Let’s Party” Armstrong, who has been Dee Jaying since his early teen years. The concept is brought visually to life by design artist Henrique “Life Is But A Dream” San, who is additionally a working musician, and the recordings are remastered at The Studio That Time Forgot, El Paso Texas. By maintaining our integrity, and principles we are confident our competitively priced albums are perfect from beginning to end. Atomicat doesn't make an album of average music our philosophy is to compile songs of quality! You are listening to music from the past with a remastered sound that will shake the speakers." Atomicat Records "are often imitated, never duplicated." Dee Jay Mark Armstrong, Bühl Germany 01 Big Bud Rock Around The Christmas Tree (Goodman, Barouick, Rose) Royal Roost 1955 02 Ron Holden and The Thunderbirds Who Said There Ain't No Santa Claus (Khun) Donna 1960 03 Jimmy Charles Santa Won't Be Blue This Christmas (Medley) Promo 1960 04 Doug and Josie with Joe Scott Orchestra ‎ Wine Dine And Dance (DuBois, Harper) Back Beat 1957 05 Tennessee Ernie Christmas Dinner (Ernie) Capitol 1951 06 The Louvin Brothers Joy To The World (arranged by I &C Louvin) Capitol LP 1961 07 Chuck Blevins with Jack Gale Orchestra and Chorus Sleigh Bell Rock (C & J Belvins) Foxie 1961 08 Lillian Briggs ‎ Rock 'n' Roll-y Poly Santa Claus (Allen, Arthur) Epic 1955 09 Frankie Lymon with Hugo Peretti and His Orchestra It's Christmas Once Again (E, E & L Blackmon) Roulette 1957 10 Dorothy Collins Mister Santa (Christmas Version Of "Mister Sandman") (Ballard) Coral 1955 11 Faron Young Snowball (A, B & S Johnson) Capitol 1957 12 The Louvin Brothers Santa's Big Parade (I & C Louvin) Capitol 1960 13 Big John Greer We Wanna See Santa Do The Mambo (Smith, Webb) Groove1954 14 Earl Grant Swingin' Christmas (Graham, Pober) Decca 1959 15 Big Maybelle with Ernie Wilkin's Orchestra Silent Night (Traditional) Savoy 1958 16 Joe Poovey and Earney Vandagriff with The Big "D" Boys Santa's Helper (Poovey) Rural Rhythm 1955 17 Faron Young I'm Gonna Tell Santa Claus On You (Blackmon) Capitol 1953 18 Carl Smith Snowdeer (arranged Silbert) Columbia 1956 19 Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys Footprints In The Snow (Jones) Decca 1952 20 Brenda Lee Papa Noël (Botkin) Decca 1958 21 Chet Atkins and His Guitar Jingle Bells (no writer credit) RCA Victor 1955 22 Jerry Duane with Enoch Light Orchestra Rock-in' Robin (Thomas) Ariola 1958 23 Big Maybelle with Ernie Wilkin's Orchestra White Christmas (Berlin) Savoy 1958 24 Johnny Mercer and The Pied Pipers Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Coots, Gilespie) Capitol 1949 25 Big Bud Snow-Man Rock (Goodman, Barouick, Rose) Royal Roost 1955 26 Porter Wagoner Frosty The Snowman (Rollins, Nelson) RCA Victor LP 1962 27 Huey ''Piano'' Smith and The Clowns Rock 'n' Roll Santa Claus (Johnson) Ace LP 1962 28 Larry Amato We're Gonna Have A Party (Greenfield, Sedaka) RCA Victor 1958 29 Billy Ward and His Dominoes Ringing in a Brand New Year (Ward) King 1953 30 Jo Ann Campbell Happy New Year Baby (Sedaka, Greenfield) Gone 1958

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