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BOP-A-RAMA VOL 3 ATOMICAT ACCD069 Released 2022 tracks from 1947 to 1962 30 BOPPIN’ TRACKS TO GET YOU MOVING! Reviewed by Paul Dickinson OK here goes with my first ever CD review for Slap That Bass in fact my first review ever! Bop – A- Rama Vol 3 has 30 great obscure tracks covering a wide style of music with a few unissued sides. The album is packed with roots Rockabilly, Hillbilly, Rhythm n Blues etc. Here’s the lowdown Gene Watson Drummer Boy Rock :a wild song with a great driving beat Hal Goodson Who’s Gonna Be The Next One Honey : nice light with a pop feel Darrell Felts It’s A Great Big Day : cool jive talk from a lucky teen! Dwain Bell Rok and Roll On A Saturday Night; great hillbilly Lonnie Irving I Got Blues On My Mind : primitive light rocker Earl Aycock I’m Comin Home; good version of the Johnny Horton classic sounds great cranked up LOUD Deacon and The Rock and Rollers Rocki’n On The Moon : OK rocker Jackie Brenston Trouble Up The Road : great heavy rocker from 1958 written by Ike Turner Sonny Terry Whoopin’ The Blues; blues bopper sounds like the cats whoopin’ as well! Jimmy Patton Okie’s In The Pokie: stone classic you must play every day! Dubb Pritchett Five O’Clock Hop: great steel guitar on this track LaVerne Stovall Left Behind : steady teen bopper Ron Haydock 99 Chick: a classic from a real cool cat! Archie Poe Give Me A Chance On Your Heart : lovely hillbilly sound Eddie Smaliing Jeanie: absolute belter I can see this sending the cats wild in the clubs! Chuck Atha What You Do To Me: ok bopper The Three Ramblers Walking Talking Baby Doll: frantic rocker Kenny McKennon Call Your Daddy Baby : Kenny doing his best Elvis potato in the mouth good song Debbie Stevens If You Cant Rock Me: OK cover of The Strikes song Don Boots Big Foot Annie: primitive rocker Billy Walker I Can’t Keep The Girls Away: great beat nice hillbilly Harry Choates Honky Tonk Boogie : foot stomping cajun rocker excellent Hardrock Gunter Rock A Bop Baby: sparse sound from Hardrock great beat John Lee Hooker Walkin’ The Boogie : classic blues bopper Jimmy Reed Ain’t That Loving You: boss sounds great production Johnny Bacheloir Mumbles : good teener Billy Wayne I Love My Baby : hard rocker that drives along with great biting guitar Bob Hicks Rock Baby Rock : OK Kieron McDonald My Gal Hiccups: aussiebilly! good novelty track Huelyn Duvall High Class Baby : NOT Cliff but an unissued side from the coolest Huelyn great. This album is packed with classic boppers, though some are not as great as the majority. Ideal to get any dance floor rockin, well worth checking out! Track List: Bop-A-Rama Volume Three Atomicat Records (ACCD069) 01 Gene Watson and The Rockets Drummer Boy Rock (Watson) Tri-Dec 1957 02 Hal Goodson and The Raiders Who's Gonna Be The Next One Honey (Turnbull, Pike) Solo 1957 03 Derrell Felts It's A Great Big Day (Felts) Okeh 1959 04 Dwain Bell and The Turner Brothers Rock And Roll On A Saturday Night (Little) Summit 1959 05 Lonnie Irving I Got Blues On My Mind (Irving) Sparton Melodisc and Starday 1960 06 Earl Aycock I'm Comin' Home (Franks, Horton) Mercury 1957 07 Deacon and The Rock 'n' Rollers Rockin' On The Moon (Gilliland) Nau-Voo 1959 08 Jackie Brenston with Ike Turner's Orchestra Trouble Up The Road (Turner) Sue 1961 09 Sonny Terry Whoopin' The Blues (Terry) Capitol American 1947 10 Jimmy Patton Okies In The Pokie (Patton-Sims) Sims 1960 11 Dubb Pritchett and The Rock-A-Taires Five O'Clock Hop (Pritchett) Peaceful Valley 1958 12 LaVerne Stovall Left Behind (Stovall) Felsted 1958 13 Ron Haydock and The Boppers 99 Chicks (Haydock) Cha Cha 1959 14 Archie Poe Give Me A Chance On Your Heart (A & A Poe) Karl 1960 15 Eddie Smalling and The Rolling Aces Jeanie (Smalling) Delta 1960 16 Chuck Atha Ooh-Eee (What You Do To Me) (Reed) Stars Inc. 1956 17 The Three Ramblers (vocal) Jerald Boykin Walking Talking Baby Doll (Jochim, Slitz, Boykim) Ozark1958 18 Kenny McKennon and His Blue Cats Call Your Daddy, Baby (McKennon) Fable 1956 19 Debbie Stevens ‎If You Can't Rock Me (Jacobs) Apt 1959 20 Don Boots and The Western Swing Band Big Foot Annie (Boots) Buddy 1958 21 Billy Walker I Can't Keep The Girls Away (Butler) Columbia 1953 22 Harry Choates Honky Tonk Boogie (Dee) Starday and D 1959 23 Hardrock Gunter Rock-A-Bop-Baby (no credits) Island 1958 24 John Lee Hooker Walkin' The Boogie (Hooker) Chess 1962 25 Jimmy Reed Ain't That Lovin' You (Reed) Vee-Jay 1956 26 Johnny Bachelor Mumbles (Bachelor) Era 1959 27 Billy Wayne I Love My Baby (Wayne) Hill Crest 1959 28 Bob Hicks and The Fenders Rock, Baby, Rock (Hicks, Milano) MiraSonic 1959 29 Kieron McDonald My Gal Hiccups (McDonald) alternate unissued RBR 30 Huelyn Duvall High-Class Baby (Millsap) alternate edit unissued RBR Official press release from Record Label: The 30-song Bop-A-Rama Volume - Atomicat (ACCD069) album is jam-packed with bopping sounds for the toe-heel dancers to dance all night long. Every song is carefully selected, and the album is programmed to sound like an evening at your local rockabilly hop. Staying true to the Atomicat Records philosophy several of the featured artists are mostly unknown, but not lacking in star quality, and the acclaimed series is acquiring 5-star reviews. The albums are perfect for music fans who wish to own a more diverse range of songs, and those who enjoy dancing. With every Atomicat records’ album you will discover something different.

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