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Bad Creativity – Eddie Lane Rockabilly Trio.

Released April 2023 Reviewed 29th April 2023 by Rockin Rebel Members are. Eddie lane (Eetu Laine), Vocals, All instruments.

Review Rockin rockabilly trio from Helsinki, Finland. They play Rock n Roll -rockabilly originals and cover songs. The album was recorded mixed, produced by Eddie and even the cover art was done by this man of many talents. Five originals appear on the album with two being co-wrote by mark lane. Mark is Eddies Father and have been writing songs together for over ten years. The trio disbanded at the end of 2022 and Eddie kept the name for release purposes and promotional purposes. So, on the album everything you hear is him playing. Like I said earlier a man of many talents. So, let’s get them headphones on and go track by track. Eager Beaver Baby Written-By Bill Katz, Ruth Roberts, Stanley Clayton and recorded by the legendary Johhny Burnette and was released on a 78rmp and 7inch in 1957 for the Vogue Coral label in the UK, 7inch on Coral in the states. Eds version has some awesome guitar work with and slap happy clapping and vocals in the backing. vocally ed gives a great rendition. Nice opening track. Flip Flop Mama Eddie Bond & The Stompers rockabilly hit from originally 1956. Considered as one of the pioneers of Rockabilly. But was not released until 1993 on his Rockin' Daddy album on Bear Family records. it was recorded at sun records in 1956 and remained un-issued until then. Eds vocal carries the great echo sound of the sun records style. The bass powers through with some force keeping any drums sitting in the background. Ed gives some nice howling in the breaks. Redneck saint. The first of the original tracks from Eddie. Keeping to the echo vocals to give it that 50s flavour. The bass really brings out the guitar riffs. The story of drinking a little too much. Great lyrics and great backing to give this track everything it need to be a rockin track. Not Enough Indians. Baker Knight composition and first performed by the king of the crooners Dean Martin released in 1968. Deans’ version is a mid-tempo upbeat version where Eddie turns into a slow bluesy style. deep bass with riffs from the electric guitar gives it a nice tone. Vocally Eddie keeps the timing well to which is a faster song. One way train The intro gives that western feeling with a rockabilly sound can hear just a tint of Mexican mixed in. This is one of the tracks that eddies father co-wrote and between them came up with a great track. the story is in the title and keeps going in one direction. Nice little track displaying the writing capabilities. Blue, Blue Day Eddie really hits this song like its one of his favourite tracks. carbon copy of the great Don Gibson track. playing all the instruments Eddie mixes the track well. I like this version of track that’s been covered by some top artist, Ann Murrey, and Connie Francis to name but a few. Taking some old classics keeping them alive is fine by me.65 years since it was recorded in 1958. Tom Dooley Rock n Roll. Tom Dooley Rock & Roll Songwriter Dave Guard was a co-founder of the Kingston Trio. Curtis Hobock released the track on Lu records in 1959. keeping the fast-paced backing to the original version but singing in a higher key due to Curtis’s deeper range. It doesn’t change the flavour at all and gives his own unique style. again, some great backing on the guitar and bass. Purple Gold An Elvis growly vocal from Eddie on this fast-paced track telling his story of the red wine. I just love the guitar on this track from the opening riffs to the last one. Great lyrics again for this self-penned composition. Very good. Honkin Tonkin. New track for me which was originally written and performed by Hank Williams. Research tells me that hank recorded two versions of this track second one being when he became more well known. A great version by Eddie once again both vocally and musically. Motorvatin Baby Eddie and his father end the album with a great rockin track. everything about this spell’s rockabilly jiver. Backing vocals are good and well thought out. Lyrics are great and I think a lot of bands may like to give this song a try and bring their own style to a rockin track. if james dean could song this is what he would record. Great finishing track. Summery. Eddie tells me that this was recorded at Pulling Teeth Studios and all tracks were completed within one or two tracks and only one microphone used to try and capture that true fifties sound. Which I believe he achieved. Some great song writing on the original tracks and great cover versions. Great album from a very hard working artist.

Eddie Lane Music | Facebook Eddie Lane Rockabilly Trio - Blue Blue Day - YouTube

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