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Bad Luck & Trouble – self titled

Released: 2nd September 2022.on vinyl/cd and digital release

Reviewed: by Dave Diamond on the 19th August 2022


Vocals: Stefan "Steve Riot" Jägermyr

Guitar: Kim Amberg

Bass: Lars Wermlund

Drums: Rolf Andersson

Produced and Mixed by: Bad luck & trouble & Leif Karlsson

Tracks written by: Stefan “Steve Riot” Jägermyr

Artwork: Nano Barbero

Record company: Rebel Music Records

Band Influences:

British revival and American 50’s and 60’s Rock ‘n’ Roll

Let’s have a listen to the tracks –

BAD BOY BOOGIE: Starts off with a nice dirty guitar from Kim, then drum via Rolfs and Lars on bass…we’re off! Nice raw vocals from Stefan …for sure these guys know how to do the bad boy boogie…nice shout backs on backing vocals, this is a great rock ‘n’ roll stroller, or you could do ‘the ace’ to this number…pure classic rockin’ tune..if you like Crazy Cavan then you’re gonna really love this opening track..

CAFÉ RACIN’ QUEEN: this ones gonna get lots of airplay on the Ted scene, pure stomping rock ‘n’ roll…very catchy guitar licks throughout…now get yourself down the front and do the Teddyboy lunge…really loving this tune…proper kick 3:19 gonna give it another play!

WHIRLWIND LADY: all in on this number…grabs you right from the start nice with staggered stops on this one after the chorus…this one has a great driving beat to it…”like a hurricane she’s coming to town!”another self penned mid paced track…for sure get up outta your seat, and get on the dance floor and bop til you drop..see you there!

FUNNEL OF LOVE –Up tempo version of the Wanda Jackson hit, rasping vocals from Stefan, nice offbeat drumming from Rolf, fab twanging geetar from Kim-and top solo and bass sounding great from Lars...real nice cover version…

ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HOOLIGANS: another original tune from these 4 guys, this one has a great anthem feel to it…I can see everyone joining in on the chorus…”Woahhh we are rock rock rock n roll hooligans!” really loving the vibe to this, it has everything, and I would love to see it played live…Stefan really does give it 110% on the vocals on this number…a real growling vocals for sure…fantastic!

MR PARANOID- Wow, half way point of this, the debut album from Bad Luck & Trouble - love the lyrics on this one – screams a go-go…great stop mid-way …fab vocals again from Stefan… lots of echoes and laughs from Mr Paranoid….great guitar licks on this…and the bass really cuts through well and loving the mix level on the snare drum that is just spot on!

BAD LUCK & TROUBLE: Title track of the album, there’s bad bad luck and there’s trouble…yeah! Lots of feeling on this tune and another great number that really showcases all four musicians on their instruments….2 instrumental breaks on this song…fantastic hook line too!

GOD FORGIVES (WE DON’T) All in once again… This one’s got a great rhythm to it with single shot snare drum maintaining the tempo…yet another fab guitar solo, woaaahhh…oooohhhh.let’s go…lots of umph on vocals!

FUCK YA UP: staggered stat to this tune…this one’s a real foot tapper and head shaking tune….”back in school everyone took me for a fool…now I’m in a teddy boy gang!” better watch out!!! For sure this one’s gonna get crowd participation on the chorus!!

WHOOP-BOP-A-DO: this one has a real 80’s revival feel to it. Another fab guitar lick running through it…a great self penned number from the band once again…a real rocker style stroller… this one’s gonna be a big hit…turn up the volume…”Hey!” For sure, this is a stand out number on this album…

TROUBLE TROUBLE: cover of the well know Crazy Cavan ‘n’ The Rhythm Rockers tune…takes me back to my early teenage years…”rolling around in the blood and the beer!” fantastic storming cover version….so good to hear a present band covering this iconic tune. The great man would definitely approve!

BAND BIO… This story starts out years ago up to days date. The exact time, back in 1997. In a small mid-west Swedish town called Arvika, two friends Lars Wermlund and Rolf Andersson started a beginning of an new era with a band called “The Dreadnoughts” British revival rock’n’roll with a Swedish rebel rockin’ touch branded their style.

Now, back in early 2000!Together with some local musicians Rolf formed the today so well-known and respected band “Snakebite” with Steve Riot on bass guitar in their first line-up.

Later on Steve switched to rhythm guitar and Lars joined in the band on bass guitar. Snakebite is still going strong with the lineup there is today and don’t need any more presentation for the rock 'n roll family.

2007, another today big name on the rock’n’roll scene were born. Wild Rooster!.A band that Lars and Steve formed into what it is today together with Kim Amberg on lead guitar and for the most people known as a hard working band that have played all over Europe , Japan, North & South America.

2021 Bad Luck & Trouble is born from burning passion for the music and after a first rehearsal this was unstoppable.

The red thread has spiral its way back through maze to the beginning of this story to light another rockin’ wild fire ready to be served.


First album from this 4 piece rockin’ band from Sweden…these guys have a superb pedigree and have really hit the powerhouse rock ‘n’ roll sound that’s in the style of those early revival bands from the 70’s. It’s really great to hear so many self penned tunes amongst only 2 covers,, This is pure high octane authentic Teddy boy rock ‘n’ roll with that British revival feel that’s going to go down a storm in clubs and festivals. Order your copy now and bop ‘til you drop daddio’s!


Reviewed by: Dave Diamond

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