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Released – 26th January 2023 via (includes unlimited streaming on the Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC on all digital platforms.) Reviewed February 22nd 2023 by Rockin Rebel. Wet our whistle from the Basement Boppers. A Trio from Bologna, Italy who perform Fifties Rock’n’roll, Rockabilly and Punk Rocksteady and blues.

Band members Flamin Gene – (Eugenio Pritelli) Lead Vocal, Electric & Acoustic Guitar Zimmy Martini – Double Bass, Electric Bass & Backing vocals. Fabrais Bum Bum - Drums, Backing vocals. Percussion and a Whistle.

The album was recorded at the locomotiv club studios in Bologna, Italy. all but one track written by the trio except for track 12(bonus track) which is written by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch. All tracks produced and arranged by the band. Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Vanni Gio Garoia. Cover artwork by Andrea Monis. I have been looking forward to this release after hearing about their material a while ago. So, let’s not delay, crank up the volume and spin the wax.

Track by track:

I Know You Know it Too. Nice intro with some guitar licks, building the track up, drums kick in just a behind guitar for a few seconds before the vocals smash through. The drum beats out the rhythm with military precision. The track as feeling of the soul sound of the sixties to its beat. The whistle sounds ok and fits into the track. Really enjoyable first track.

I've Always Got Your Back. Bluesy beginning from the guitar, vocals are gritty with a tear in the eye tension to it. Once again they have mixed that Memphis soul and blues together to form a modern-day moody song. This has become a favourite track of mine.

Stop Ruining our Party. Nice up-tempo rockin track. and we have all had parties that have been ruined by the parents. But this party won’t get ruined with guys backing out some great tracks like this one. Great lyrics, great music and song.

Your'e Gone. Starts with what appears to be a slow and heartbreak track, then quickly turns in a fast paced belter. Some brilliant guitar work backed with a fast drumbeat. Tongue twisting lyrics sang well with backing vocals. Written and performed well.

We're Rockin at Midnight. Sling that guitar over your shoulder and walk down Beale Street: That’s the feeling you are getting with this track. Pure blues rockin in the vocals and sound. This would have been a great recording at Sun studios. The writing of the melody just could not get any better to fit the lyrics. Its full of awesomeness that will keep you rockin until midnight.

Wet our Whistle. When I asked the singer what their influences was, he simply replied (in humour) "Campari, Mai Tai, Birra Peroni". Well, I guess this song really proves that point. a nice simple vocal and melody to tap your feet to.

Basement Bop Fast paced rockabilly track. some deep chord backing vocals which bring out the guitar’s tones nicely. This will have you bopping in every room. The track will also be available as a single release at the end April 2023, with an alternative version of “I’ve Always Got Your Back” on the flip side. One for the DJs is this one.

Sunday Every day. Another fast-paced rock n roll song. The trio thrashing the instruments to the vocals producing a cracking track. Another great track.

Why Don’t You Just Leave Her Alone. The trio showing their tender side with this ballad. Nice backing vocal accompany to the lead, whilst the guitar keeps that teary-eyed mood. Nicely written track that will have you smooching in the aisle.

Hey Hey Hey Get Ready. Another great guitar intro to this fast-paced rockin track, telling the story of a girl being treated unfairly when she could be rockin with him instead. Great lyrics backed with some great drum and guitar work. Once again showing the writing capability of the lads.

Basement Times A change of genre for this Jamaican beat. And you know it’s a refreshing attempt to show that all music inspires. Could it be Jamaican backing with rockin lyrics? No, it can't, but it can be the roots of a band that have given a great debut album to the rockin scene and brings forward a taste of Italian rock n roll.

Just You (Badalamenti and Lynch) Lynch created his own television series with Mark Frost, the popular murder mystery Twin Peaks (1990–1991). He also created a cinematic prequel, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992) this track by the boys is to give a dedicated cover to the 30th anniversary of the tv series. The song was written by Angelo Badalamenti and performed by James Marshall, Lara Flynn Boyle, and Sheryl Lee. It originally appeared in Episode 9 of Twin Peaks.

Summary. It’s a good album, well written tracks and well produced to give a wide variety of sounds, the trio have more than proved their dedication to giving wide and varied unique style. Lots of people calling for something different... well, here it is.

Recommendation: Don’t knock it until you have tried it. I like it.

Band bio. The trio was formed at the end of 2020, in response to the natural need of the three musicians to groove and to make noise. All three band members have been hanging out in the Italian and European Rock’n’roll scene for years.Eugenio Pritelli aka Flamin' Gene: guitar and vocals of The Rock’n’roll Kamikazes and the Horrible Porno StuntmenZimmy Martini: Bolognese double bass player of The Lucky Strikes, Lou del Bello's, Tropical Swingers, and The Johnny Clash ProjectFabrais Bum Bum: Acrobatic and historic Bolognese drummer of The Good Fellas, Benny and the Cats, King Lion & the Braves, Los Beginners, Jumpin' Shoes.The Basement Boppers play flaming Rockabilly influenced by the magical spells of Black Rock'n'Roll and the Blues, with a splash of Soul and some Jamaican-style up-tempo bounce!In 2022, the first album “Wet Our Whistles” by the Basement Boppers was released on all digital platforms, CDs and 12-inch vinyl records with 11 original tracks and a cover. It was produced by the label All You Can Beat in collaboration with Locomotiv Club Bologna, where it was recorded.

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