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Released – February 10th, 2022. Reviewed by Rockin Rebel. 24th January 2023. Buy the album (or your favourite individual tracks!) here:

Just like Elvis, Bryon Garrison is the Writer and executive producer of the album.

Recorded and released on Zadok Records in Fort Stockton Texas and Girtone Studio in Vevay, Indiana. and produced by Anthony Ray Wright. cover shot by Photographer Ron England of Pana Illinois. Genres in Country/Rock n Roll/gospel/blues.

Band Members. Bryon Garrison - lead vocals, Rhythm guitar. Anthony Ray Wright - lead guitar, drums, piano, piano steel plus producer. Destiny Cross – Drums. Al Haney - Flute and Saxophone. Jerry King – Bass (Indiana rockabilly artist) A special thank you goes out to Destiny Cross for all the Coffee/snacks and food during the recording of this album.

Well, it’s not difficult to hear why the title of the album is what it is! Bryon really does have links to the King’s voice. and uses it perfectly to sing an array of self-penned tracks. His vocals carry a mixture of scale which allows him to sing varied styles and tempos. Born in Austin, Texas, he got his velvet tones from singing in the church, like so many others before him. Forming a family country gospel troop with his sisters (Connie Burroughs/Amanda Winters) in the Ozarks of Missouri, Bryon tells how he moved St. Louis in the Soulard district and was drawn into the sound of the blues. In 2004 he recorded his first album (All I Got Time for is Love).and over the years Further releases over the years built him a firm fan base, and the celebrated performer brought home the West Texas Award for Best Song and Performance. A songwriter since he attended college, Bryon’s now ready to share his latest with us: Just Like Elvis. The album came about after a theatre production written by Garrison himself, based upon Elvis Presley movies...well, the story of Presley’s movies, a boy gets girl scenario. So, I will load it onto the cd decks, turn up the volume and hit the neighbours with something that sounds just like Elvis.

Track By Track Gonna Be Your Guy (Garrison) Great opening track with Sax taking the lead alongside the guitar. This defiantly sounds like a track to start a Elvis movie. Great lyrics and backing that gives it the 50s feel. Telling the story of a guy wooing the girl with some nice candy lines. Vocals are good giving the writer some low Elvis style notes to tremble his voice to. Good track for the strollers out there.

Meet Me at The Barn Dance (Garrison) Mid-tempo style country track starts off with a little dialogue before the velvet tones of the lead singer kicks in. All the instruments sound great. Some sliding of the frets gives it a romantic touch. The band tell me that this is the only track that’s changed from the original live show, as they say in Texas: 'we ham it up a little'. Ending on Bryon’s high note to complete a great track.

Falling Back to you (Garrison) An award-winning track, which got the top spot at the Odessa’s Got Talent show. Also, it’s up for nomination for the John Lennon Love Song award, which it stands every chance of winning. A nice ballad with great backing vocals. Its sang with a heart felt feeling with Bryon taking his voice to some powerful notes along side some falsetto, the soft playing of the instruments brings this song to a great smoochy tune.

Just Like Elvis (Garrison) The title track brings a dainty little number. Wonderful lyrics that will have you singing along. Destiny Cross opens the track with a talking part before that familiar curled lip vocal comes to life. The backing band provide a great sixties sound. Nice harmonies from the band, and the must-have line to finish the track: 'Thank Ya Thank Ya Very Much'.

Strong Southern Wind (Garrison) Al Haney’s flute introduces this cracking balled whilst Anthony Ray Wright's playing of several instruments keeps the rhythm. A beautifully written song and performed well. The flute really does capture the sensitive side of the lyrics of the track. I can just hear the influence of Roy Orbison in the vocals. It is a personal song to the band when they're missing parts of home.

Dance Dance Dance (Garrison) Fast paced rockin track to shake your hips to. Bryon explains that his love of rockabilly stems from the influence of Jerry Lee Lewis and Fats Domino, so this track is dedicated to them. It really is a feel-good track with a great guitar playing. Drums keep up the beat in the background. Vocally spot on once again.

Little One (Garrison) Balled for the young girls out there that always seem not to get the love of a boy. This is sung brilliantly and backed with great harmonies from Destiny Cross. Elvis himself would have been proud to sing this. Impressive job guys. Wonderful song.

You’re the Girl for Me. (Garrison) Faster paced song with some nice backing vocals. On the live version Jerry King takes the lead on the Bass/drums. Destiny takes the regular studio spot, but on this recording Anthony Ray Wright gets the pleasure. Some crackly 'ho ho hos’s bring a delightful track to you for your listening pleasure. Professionally written track.

Meet Me at the River (Garrison) Perfect track to end on. A gospel tune telling the story of a baptism. This track was not from the theatre production but added as a bonus track dedicated to the son of the singer, and that organ in the background just sends shivers down your back. And that brings a close to what I can only say is a great album. Congratulations to all concerned.

Summary. The theatre show was performed on the 10th of February 2022 on the very stage Elvis performed on in 1955, the Alpine, Texas some sixty seven years later. And the album continues to keep the show alive. The writing skills are just unbelievable. The musicians play to a great standard with great knowledge of all types of instruments. The production of the album the mixing and editing is just a treat. I look forward to many more albums from this band. Just like Elvis, I have left the building.

Recommendation This a great album. When you hear the tracks, you can follow the Elvis movie plot. It’s a big yes from me and a congratulation to the band.

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