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Shelter-Cherrys on Top

Released April 27th 2022, Limited edition LP & CD available

Reviewed by:Terry Mead 18/05/22

Cherry’s on Top are from La Rochelle France, they are a band made of 2 vocals, 2 guitars, drums/ cajon and a washtub bass. In 2019 they released their first single four homemade tracks on 7” vinyl as well as CD. Now they have released their debut album.

Band Members:

Guitars & Vocals: JP Deluxe

Guitars & Vocals: Denis Vermeulen

Washtub Bass: Pascal Mirande

Cajon & drums: JF Vergne

Shelter released in 2022 this 13-track LP self-produced with nine self-penned numbers is available on vinyl, CD and MP3. This album smells of the freshness of the morning, the moisture of the jungle, the softness of the south wind and the scorching heat of a T bone coming out of the grill. All this hygrometry will accompany the concerts when it comes out...

Review Track by track:

Shelter- Jump out of the Jukebox and head for ‘Shelter’ as this title track doesn’t fail to please with its fast-driving beat, great guitar changes and a constant drumbeat. The vocals form a cohesion blend of words which reflect the bands innovation on this title track.

Light my Candle- Some tantalising riffs sound throughout this jumpy little track with the harmonising vocals from JP & Denis reaching out. A nice little footapping number with a catchy beat.

Try Later-Nice little acoustic intro to this track followed by a tune that’s gets you singing along in the party mood.

Dead Ghost-A unique catchy intro starts this one off before bursting into a bopping beat definitely one for the horror fans with a chorus “look at me I’m the devils child”, some cool licks fan out through the song.

I Hear You Talking- Or “I Hear Ya Talkin”as Bob Willis & The Playboys said with their Western Swing number originally written by Cindy Walker. Cherry’s on Top have made this a bouncy number with the slide and fiddles gone replaced with some fab renditions on the guitar. Another track to listen or dance to.

Try Me-Nice little laid-back number ideal for cruising along the highway and singling along to. Has some neat Hawaiian undertones on guitar pulsating in the background whilst the whole song portraits the characteristics of the by gone era.

Backbone- Love the catchy guitar licks on this track, dare I say they are the ‘Backbone’ of it. This is a nice upbeat number, certainly a floor filler and yes those six strings do make it fine.

Bullshit-Some interesting lyrics here and another tune that makes you listen to as the title says. Quite a pushy number overall with a few cool breaks.

Really Care-Another cruisy little number to sit back and listen to even put your feet up close you eyes and take in those harmonising sounds of the vocals guitar and soft brush work on the drums.

Rock n Roll Ruby- Some modernisation has been implemented to this classic Warren Smith Sun track written by Johnny Cash, less of the country twang more of a dance beat with some cool echo and backing vocals.

Jungle-Has an apt intro and beat which reflects on the title “Jungle”, I do like the acoustic picking in the instrumental break, has some cool tempo changes throughout.

Snatch it Grab it-This Freddie Hart tune from 1956 has been revitalised here with some unique washtub bass and guitar licks with clever harmonising from the group throughout.

Mint Julep-A tune originally done 70 years ago by the Clovers and written by Rudolph Toombs has been re vamped from a slow melodramatic dance song into a cool stroller here. The intro has been extended for two verses with some cool guitar licks before the vocals start a pleasant little number by far.

To summarise the group have produced some great tracks here and complimented the four covers with their own take on them. The self-penned numbers all have their own unique values in every way with the cajon and washtub bass making the whole album interesting to listen to with the different tempos and styles found within. Be good to see these guys on the European Rockin scene I’m sure they will captivate the audience.

Facebook Page

YouTube Page

Track List

1. Shelter 03:32

2. Light My Candle 02:41

3. Try Later 02:16

4. Dead ghost 02:12

5. I Hear You Talking 02:27

6. Try Me 03:00

7. Backbone 03:24

8. Bullshit 03:08

9. Really Care 02:25

10. Rock n Roll Ruby 01:59

11. Jungle 02:37

12. Snatch it and grab it 02:12

13. Mint Julep 03:15

Band Biography

Old- time jump sounds & Old-time low sounds

Jump, blues, yodel, gypsy, swing, country, hillbilly, folk or rockabilly have formed the material of rock n' roll from which the Cherry's draw their repertoire. A music that takes root from the Mississippi to the Cajun Bayou, which smells of the sweat of juke joint & honky tonk bars where voodoo ghosts still dance!

In 2016 JP & Denis got together and practiced at home for pleasure, they were joined in 2017 by Pascal & JF for rhythm & bass. During 2017 they began shows doing old covers

in 2018, after a few well-sausage gigs, the repertoire (from Jimmie Rodgers to Carl Perkins) expands with a few compositions. Cajon, against bassine, guitars exalt the sound, always close to the bone, like an electrified jug band.

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