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Dance Party a' Go Go - Mark Malibu & the Wasagas – available CD, Deluxe Edition.

Released - Released May, 2020, on Sharawaji Records SHARAWAJI.COM Reviewed – April 2023 by Rockin Rebel

Toronto surf-punk band, active 1979-82 and reformed in 2014. All songs written by Mark Sanders except tracks 14, Questioningly by Dee Dee Ramone, Johnny Ramone, Joey Ramone, and Tommy Ramone. All songs SOCAN except track 14 which is on BMI. Produced by Mark Sanders for Film PaniK Ltd. Mastered by Reuben Ghose at Mojito Mastering Facilities. Tracks 1-14 Recorded and Mixed by Lance Schibler at Imprint Music, Toronto. Tracks 15-18 Recorded and Mixed by Sydney Galbraith at Imprint Music, Toronto. Illustration: Darren Merinuk. Design: Lotus Art & Design. This LP is dedicated to the memory of Reese Fallon.

Members Mark Malibu, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Organ Stiv T, Drums, Percussion Sharny, Bass Wavy Davy, Guitar Blue Suede Sue, Go-Go Son of Swankenstein, Bongos & Bananas

Track by track Dance Party a Go-go A monologue introduction advert for the album. Bluffer’s Park This could be inspired by the actual bluffers park marina in Toronto. Some great guitar work. The intro has a guitar countdown into the main instrumental. Great first track. Monster on the Loose With surf tracks it sometimes takes you into a world of your own. Imagination is often needed when listening to some tracks. with this great backing on this track im riding the crest of a monster wave crashing with the reverb of the guitar and the drums rolling in the rough seas. Into the Soup Sharp fingers picks and some great licks from the guitar and pulls the sound into the depth of the despair. Somebody is into the soup; somebody is in trouble. Some brilliant writing of these tracks from Mark Sanders. Scooter Girl Party on the beach with this 60s style track. the swim dance will be flowing to the sound of exciting track. stunning drums and guitar riffs with that echo and reverb taking the lead on this track. Hey Chiwawa (video version) The story of a dog named Cusco Malibu as they Bark upon a road trip thirsty for knowledge follow the link for the video (Mark Malibu & the Wasagas - Hey Chiwawa! - YouTube) The Last Ride Slow, Meaningful track. fills your mind of somebody’s worries or strife. The sea rushes to the shore in the background with castanets playing like a struggling heartbeat. Learn the Wasaga Twist Monologue instructions on how to dance the Wasaga twist. You will be slicing sand as quick as jiffy. Wasaga Twist Wasaga Twist is played out with the chubby checker styled version for the beach. Great little dancing track by the band Gnarly Ride Bongos, guitars and a fast-paced rhythm can only lead to stressful situation in the surf sound. Dick Dales influence is heard throughout the track. Middle of the Wave Awesome sound from the band. Evoking the very elements of the surf sound. Boss Sled The Mexican inspired sound features with the electric guitar. Its heavy and wet spring reverb brings the vibrato arm into action. Great original surf music. Alley Oop Not to be confused with the Hollywood Argyles "Alley Oop" version written and composed by Dallas Frazier in 1957. A slow-paced start before putting the guitar to work with a fast paced rhythm. Questioningly (Ramone) The return of the heavy guitar sound gives this track a difference from the rest of the album. a backing vocal can be heard in the background behind the pulsating, reverb of the guitar. The vocals first bought in by the beach boys started a second genre of surf music known as vocal surf.

Summery A great album by a great artist and musicians. Its not everybody’s cup of tea but I think its down to the listener to let it take you to a place where you want to go, it could be Skegness or California’s gold coast. The surf sound is a thing of beauty and mark Malibu demonstrates the power of it in this release. Mark Malibu & the Wasagas | Facebook

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