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Recorded at the ARCE STUDIOS in Bristol.

Reviewed By Tom Doel 04/01/2022.

These tracks were recorded a few years ago that was not released at the time but is due to be released if all goes to plan in 2022. You should know these three classic Country tracks if you are a Country/Rockabilly fan they are certainly amongst some of the most well-known tracks recorded by a Country great Pasty Cline and these certainly amongst my favourites.

The band accompanying Dani are legends on the UK music scene and include-

Dani West – Lead vocalist

Ian Speller- Lead Guitar (Former Rusti Steele and the Tin Tax)

Steel Guitar and Vocals- Rusty Steel

Drummer –Steve Coleman

Double Bass- Tony Biggs (Rimshots)

Gene Crosby-Piano.

1. Stop look and listen- A great Patsy Cline track back in the day this cover version is about as spot on as you can get musically its great and vocally Dani does an awesome job on this track and does in my opinion sound like the original.

2. Let the teardrops fall- Another track covered exceptionally well by top musicians. This cover is perhaps a touch faster than the original but that is not a fault at all. I really like the piano and Ian on Guitar on this track does a great job as usual.

3. Gotta Lotta Rhythm- Probably my favourite track by Patsy Cline so I was interested to hear how this one would sound. I wasn’t disappointed as you would imagine with this pedigree of musicians it sounds great I love the steel guitar Ian is great on the steel(he appears on one of our early recordings) and Dani does an awesome job vocally you can tell she really enjoys performing especially these Pasty Cline tracks.

I for one cannot wait for the complete album to be released if these three tracks are anything to go by. These cover songs are played, sung and recorded by musicians who know there stuff and know this style of music. Ian has done a great job recording and producing the tracks and no doubt the new album will be recorded at the same studio which is good news.

I look forward to listening to the completed album when it is done and released but I am pretty sure its going to be well worth having in my playlist.

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