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The Cow Jumped Over the Moon - Dave Del Monte & The Cross County Boys Released – 26th January 2023. Reviewed – 20th January 2023 by Rockin Rebel. The Cow Jumped Over the Moon/ Holly Hop both recorded at "Casa De Pollo Studio" and will be released on the Gooba Records label. Cover designed by DDM.

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Review. Well, he is back again with the Del Monte touch, but this time we can blame Amanda Lay for challenging Dave to do a rockin' version of The Cow Jumped Over the Moon. One thing I have learnt; you don’t challenge Dave. It’s a reworking of the Isley Brothers first recording in 1957 on Teenage record label. The flip side is a Buddy Holly track taken from the 1969 Album Giant. Dave doesn't take everything too seriously on some releases and definitely brings a bit of musical relief in a serious time. But, despite saying all that, take a listen to the music that brings this light-sided track a rockin' sound. So, it may not be everybody’s cup of tea... but will it introduce younger folk to rock n roll? After all, even Elvis did a version of Old McDonald and Gene Vincent went over the rainbow. The turntable is spinning so let’s get 'em on! The Cow Jumped Over the Moon (Isley-Gordon) Dave takes this doo-wop classic and with his unique style produces a great rock n roll version. I must compliment him on his playing of all the instruments you hear on this track: a great musician doing what he loves doing.

Holly Hop (Charles Hardin Holley) A great start with an introduction of drums before kicking in with some pleasurable guitar. On this instrumental track you can hear the brilliance of a musician doing a great rendition of the Buddy Holly hit. Can he prove that he does have a serious side to his music? Well, Mr Del Monte says yes.

Summary. We all can take life a bit too seriously sometimes. But, just like a good comedian at a bad event, the right person can still make the night an enjoyable one. Dave will always try to keep his style of light hearted music for all to enjoy, but on the flip-side he can also produce some outstanding tracks. Keep up the good work, Dave Del Monte and the Cross-Country Boys!

Recommendation The vinyl won’t bring you financial gain in 10 years, but it will give you a smile for 10 years. Go for it, give it a chance!

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