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Barberella’s Barbershop - DELTA 88

Released in 2022 on The Western Star label.

Reviewed on the 7th of June 2022

DELTA 88 are a UK based Trio who play a mix of there own and also some classic Rockabilly and Rock and Roll music. Based in Devon the band has appeared at music venues and festivals, car and bike shows and have also released albums and some vinyl on The Western Star Record label.

The band is a three piece in the classic Rockabilly combo style –

Drums and Vocals -Nikki Clews.

Lead Guitar and Vocals – Simon Clews.

Dog house Bass- Julian Wood.

The bands latest album consists of 14 tracks 13 from the band with one cover.

1. Betty & The Page Boys – A lively Rockabilly inspired by the well-known glamour model and pin up from the 50’s.

2. Stand In Line – A track written about current affairs and the way those entitled people in the seat of power who look down on us normal people until they naturally do what they do and mess things up. Very apt subject given todays political climate.

3. Doomtown Mannequin – I really like this track a fuller sound that has a bluesy feel to it I like the drum sound great lyrics.

4. Ghost Of Love – This track has an 80’s sound and is reminiscent of some of the bands on an album released by Fury records back in the day.

5. Barberella – Another classic Rockabilly style track just how a three-piece band should sound solid Bass and Drums and strong guitar riffs.

6. My Perfection – This track starts of with a slow intro before the band really gets going. I love the drum sound.

7. I Can’t Stand Being Alone – I like the lyrics of this track well thought out and with a little bit of humour I think I may have met some of these women myself.

8. Lost Boy – Love the guitar on this track it also features Nikki on vocals to add a bit of variety.

9. Out Of My Mind – Great lyrics everyone can relate to this track.

10. Chills & Fever -The classic Rock and Roll number recorded by many artists including Ronnie Love and a great version by Tom Jones.

11. Bad & Beautiful – This track starts with the Drums and Bass which works well the guitar joins in with a driving riff with some clever vocals another great Rockabilly song.

12. Game Changer -Great intro on guitar I think this track has a Country sound to it the pace picks up during the chorus then back to the Country sound really well done.

13. Going Back – Probably my favourite track on the album driving Rockabilly sound.

14. Planet Primitive – This is how a 3-piece band should sound again I really like this track solid drum beat and driving guitar.

I have seen the band play live but not heard any of the albums before listening to this one I really like the sound and style of Rockabilly they play solid drumbeats and Bass with driving guitar riffs and clever lyrics make this album easy to listen to. Some classic Rockabilly subjects and some insights and subjects unique to the band. I would not hesitate to recommend this album or any previous recordings to anyone who are a fan of 3-piece Rockabilly this band write great lyrics and do what they do very well. A quality album.

Reviewed by Tom Doel

Delta 88 biography

Nikki Clews – drums and vocals

Simon Clews – guitar and vocals

Julian Wood – double bass and backing vocals


All recorded at Western Star Recording Studio by Alan Wilson and released on Western Star Records.


· Rocket Powered - 2017

· Firefly - 2019

· Barberella’s Barbershop - 2022


· Rockabilly Tales 7” four track ep - 2016

· Bad & Beautiful 10” coloured vinyl six track ep - 2020

About us

· We are from Devon

· The main songwriter is Simon · Website · Facebook Delta 88 Rockabilly

Barberella’s Barbershop

The new album is made up of thirteen original songs plus a cover of ‘Chills and Fever’ which we had already recorded for a Joe Meek tribute album.

We recorded seven brand new songs in March 2022 and combined them with the six tracks from the Bad & Beautiful ep

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