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Devil Behind The Wheel- Stutterin' Devils

Released: 23rd December 2023, Bad Billy Records.BBLPO15. Available on all digital streaming platforms from 29th December 2023. Vinyl available soon on pre-order. Recording Engineer Danil Venho.

Photos by Olli Kurki Layout by Shamatanski\

Reviewed by Terry Mead 09/02/2024

The Stutterin’ Devils hail from Finland and describe themselves as “Neobilly From Hell”.

The Stutterin’ Devils are: Roni Bjorkbacka- Vocals and double bass Rasmus Bjorkbacka-Guitars Antti Parssinen-Drums and backing vocals.

The debut album from the Stutterin’ Devils containing six self-penned tracks was recorded by themselves at the DTT Recording studio Turku, Finland.

Review track by track:

One Night Out- So, kicking off with this track which has an elongated intro that will have you gagging for more, a superb riff follows through with plenty of guitar licks. Great bouncy number to start the album with.

Devil Behind The Wheel- The title track with a pounding beat and packed with supersonic energy and a riff that will keep you in the driving seat.

Undisguised- Driving slap is high on the agenda to this fast-paced 100RPM track which is definitely Neobilly running through the veins with traits of the 80s scene embedded in it.

Meet Me halfway- Traits of a Batman style riff overrides this track which again has momentous energy in its core. Roni on vocals blasts out the notes with tremendous velocity.

I Heard The Gossip- Slap away and listen to the gossip as this track unfolds, prolific guitar licks can be heard along the way.

Life Out Of Suitcase- End the album as it started no time for stopping here with this last track that is fired up from the start. Breaking hearts and living life’s out of a suitcase is the name of the game here that coincides with the pace of this track “life in the fast lane”.

So, to summarise listening to this album reminds me of those New Wave days back in the eighties raw lyrics and pounding tunes, certainly enjoyed listening to it as I’m sure you will if you’re after a shot of Neo/Psychobilly with your coffee. For a debut album top marks hopefully once the right people hear of you, gigs abroad will follow.

Track List 1.One Night Out 2.Devil Behind The Wheel 3.Undisguised 4.Meet Me halfway 5.I Heard The Gossip 6.Life Out Of Suitcase

Band Bio in their own words: Stutterin' Devils was started in 2021, when two brothers and a good friend wanted to play wild and raw neo-rockabilly for the rockin' crowd. First they started with rockabilly standards played in neobilly sound but soon they started writing their own material. In the spring of 2023 they decided that it was time to go to the studio. They recorded six original songs to offer for record labels. Mr. Shamatanski from Bad Billy Records offered to release the songs on 12' vinyl which will be out in the beginning of 2024. The record is already out on all major streaming platforms. In the future they are planning to write new material and continue gigging around Finland. And hopefully abroad too!

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