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Released 4th September 2020 via Crazy Love Records and Diamond Discs Reviewed 3rd March 2023 by Kate

Diamond Daddios are:

Dave ‘Diamond’ Prince – Drums / Backing Vocals / Screams. Dragan Zac Zdravkovic (Zac) - Guitar / Vocals /Slap Bass

While I love reviewing the big name bands for Slap That Bass, there’s something magical about listening to a very exclusive and rare release. The first edition of this EP in shiny yellow C.D sold out in under 24 hours, the second blue edition took a day and the third pink edition took a long thirty six hours to disappear from the shelves. The fine folk at Crazy Love Records re-released the EP a year later and only a few copies remain. These facts along should give you a hint about just how brilliant this EP designed to ‘to keep your feet tappin’ all night long’ is, and believe me, these catchy rock n roll tunes will live rent free in your head after the very first listen. Dave, assistant editor of Slap That Bass, impresario behind The Boomerang Club and rockin’ drummer for over forty years, tells me that “I had written these songs before the Lockdown and really wanted to get them out to the rockin' scene..and my wife Susie encouraged me to get the recordings out there and not wait any longer due to the pandemic and to fulfil my dream of releasing my self-penned songs. . my talented good friend Zac (Dragan Zac Zdravkovic) is not only singing the tracks, but also plays all the guitars and slap bass too.... the track Diamonds From Outer Space is written by him.” Some of the songs were written by Dave were as far back as 2015 and shelved until 2019 until the time was right and, to be honest, any time is right for a listen to this upbeat little number.

Vauxhall A-Go-Go — western guitar twangs over the strutting rhythm and the catchiest chorus this side of the river. Getting wild and letting loose is the best decision the Daddios ever made after quilting the vocals in vintage fuzz and dropping those lovely backing vocals into the mix. Dave says “The Song Vauxhall A Go-Go is my favourite...the reason behind this is myself and Susie actually owned a 1956 Vauxhall Wyvern for over 4 years and the songs is actually based on our car.... The front cover on the record sleeve is the actual car!”

My Baby’s Gone - Grab a Time Machine and make this the B-Side to Vince Taylor’s Brand New Cadillac. Country tinges and adorably stuttering vocals drive the story onwards, and the shout along backing peppered with howls and whistles brings the whole scene to life.

Who put the “R” - modern repeating samples to open? Yes please. The self awareness that this is a 21st Century EP in the style of something much older is a grand background to a song that would hit the top ten seventy odd years old. The clattering drums under that wild man guitar and rocksteady rhythm is legendary. What’s great is that this EP has such a distinct character that’s just a little bit different to folks producing a similar sound.

Diamonds from Outer Space - from car songs to a dreamily surreal surfy number, this EP takes a smooth Volta with the end track. It’s got this chiming loveliness that feels like the landscape swirling past the Vauxhall’s window on a winding Italian road.

This is a set of four songs which have never been performed live and are the very definition of a labour of love. There’s a unique, indescribable originality to it which combines authenticity and perfect rockin’ pop, and a further release penciled in for this year can only include more of that foot tapping, shoulder wiggling, danceable magic which the Daddios are peddling.

(HOT PRESS - the new Daddios release will definitely be happening in 2023!)

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