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Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol - #3 Released 8th January 2023, Recorded at Origo Studio – Budapest 2022 "I Got Stung" recorded at Lightning Recorders - Berlin (Germany) Reviewed by Rockin Rebel 11th January 2023.

Album title is #3, (volume 3) by Ed Phillips and the Memphis Petrol from Budapest, Hungary. Classic cover band to Elvis Presley. Artwork: Kovács "KoPé" Péter - EpicMedia

Members Ed Philips - vocals Sonny – guitars- Singer – bass Little Tommy – drums Special guests Kosztolicz Péter "Pedro" – saxophone Móré M. Viktória "Tori" – vocals

After a six-year break from recording the 3rd release of a collection of Elvis Presley songs. Performed in their own unique style. Being different is important to Ed, from the usual style of Elvis tributes today. Ed offers a different approach to each track. More the sun label sound of Elvis from early 50s. they prefer not to called a tribute but a cover band as they find different ways to play the backing music from the original track. So, let’s get the headphones dusted down and get ready to rock track by track.

Spinout (Weisman, Fuller, Wayne) The Original was released as a single by Elvis from the movie of the same title in October 1966 with "All That I Am" as its B-side. a nice little starter to the cd. Vocals are spot on and the band play a good version.

Baby Lets Play house (Gunter) written and recorded by Arthur Gunter in 1954 on the Excello Records. Elvis Presley recorded it the following year on Sun Records. Performed as a duet between ed and his special guest Móré M. Viktória. The duet works well and good vocals from Viktória.some.

Too Much (Weinman – Rosenberg) “Too Much,” released in January 1957 & was Presley’s fifth single record issue on the RCA Victor label. Ed carries the song well with good key changes throughout the song.

That’s Alright Mama (Crudup) Written and originally performed by Arthur Crudup and recorded in 1946. It was the debut single by Elvis. Recorded on July 5, 1954. The band really catch the sound on this track with good vocals from Ed.

Hard Headed Women (Demetrius) Written by songwriter Claude Demetrius. It was most notably recorded as a rock and roll song by Elvis as part of the soundtrack for his 1958 film King Creole, a tongue twister of a song. This version features a great slap bass with a rockabilly sound.

One Night (Bartholomew, King, and Steinman)

Hit for Smiley Lewis in 1956 with the original lyrics and title One Night Of Sin. Elvis’s recording credited Anita Steinman as an additional co-writer after lyrics were re written and changed to One Night With You. Eds version is a great cover with a strong lyrical likeness to Elvis and the band re-create a good backing.

Treat Me Right. (Leiber-Stoller) A slightly faster version from the group on this track, lead by the drums which really stands out from the original. The song also features in the musical, Smokey Joe's Cafe: The Songs Of Leiber and Stoller, which won a Grammy Award in 1997.

I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water. (Babcock) this song was recorded by Stonewall Jackson in 1965 and is a much slower tempo to Elvis version. I believe Ed is following the original tempo with a touch of the blues added. Nice to hear a different sound.

I’m a Roustabout (Blackwell) Originally recorded 1964 & released 2003. The song was cut from the movie Roustabout. A very rare song to sang in the Elvis world. Ed starts of with a great Capella voices which brings a different sound to the whole track. Great version.

When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again (Walker and Sullivan) Another nice version of the Kings hit. First recorded and released by the writers in 1941. Eds vocals are again in good tone and finishes the song on a power note.

Down in the Alley. "Down in the Alley" is a song released as a single by The Clovers in 1957. Elvis Presley recorded it in 1966. His version was included as a bonus track on his 1966 soundtrack album Spinout. The band recreate the classic sound throughout the track, eds vocals are really good with a hint of the king in there. Saxophone Instrumental is perfect.

Easy Come Easy Go. (Wayne and Weisman) Paramount originally intended Easy Come Easy Go to star with director Barry Shear, but it was cancelled when the stars and several crew were injured in a train crash. Brilliant version by the Ed Phillips and the Memphis Patrol. Again, vocals have an element of the of the kings’ tones.

Hound Dog (Leiber - Stoller) Twelve-bar blues song. Recorded originally by Big Mama Thornton 1952. Móré M. Viktória takes the lead vocal roll and gives good blues vocal to a classic Elvis song. Although this is the big mama Thornton version.

Startin’ Tonight (Rosenblatt –Millrose) Taken from the Elvis movie Girl Happy. Brilliant version of the soundtrack song. Saxophone is pitch perfect. Ed takes his voice to an higher level and pulls the notes off nicely. My favourite track so far. Well done on a rockin track.

Don’t Be Cruel (Blackwell) Elvis’s biggest selling single recorded in 1956, with sales over six million by 1961. What a brilliant start to the track, its sounds like you’re going to get a version of What I’d Say, the rhythm and blues song by Ray Charles. Then switches to the track, very nice bit of producing and thinking by the band.

I Got Stung (Schroeder and Hill) Great vocals along side a slap bass, drums in the back ground gives track a brilliant sound. Its pretty clear that the band think about each track. Recorded by Elvis in 1958. The song appeared on the 1959 compilation 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong.

I Got a Woman (Charles- Richard) A classic to finish the album on. Ed and the band can be heard laughing at the start, and it shows just how chilled and relaxed during the recording session. Great song to end on. Elvis recorded his versions of the song in 1956. The single did not chart, although it was a staple in most of Presley's shows during the 1950s and when he returned to perform live in 1969 all the way through 1977.

Summary 17 tracks of pure enjoyment. I understand what Ed says about being a tribute band. The joy you hear when the band plays proves their respect for an artist and his music!

Recommendation: Very good album. A nice treat for anybody not just the Elvis Fans.

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