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Flamin’ Galahz by Flamin’ Galahz.

Release date: TBC on Wreckin’ Bones Records, limited to 200 copies Reviewed on 23/07/2023 Reviewed by Holger E @radioteddyboys1983

So let’s go to the Country of VB, Bundaberg Rum and Insects who can kill. The Aussies are coming with Kebablord on Vocals – Guitar, Bones on Guitar – Backing Vocals, Shovel on Slap-Bass – Backing Vocals and Stu Pedaso on Drums – Keyboards and Backing Vocals. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kebablord at Gongabilly Records

And straight away it jumps into your face: A Keyboarder in a Psycho Band? Really? Don’t get me wrong, I had to look twice, but I listened more than that to the album of theze crazy Aussie Psycho’s. This album is loaded with fun, humour and other good things. Track by Track Side A 1.: Devil’s Pool: Devilish slow start with a loaded reverb Guitar. Lots of Latin vibes throughout the track. Great sync of Lead Guitar and Rhythm Guitar that gives it an eery feel or riding through the desert. Cool Slap-Bass with huge amounts of double and triple slaps. The Drums are just sitting on top but not right in your face. They are hard but yet driving the song onwards to the pool.

2.: They Call Me Dogface: Nice rolling Rhythm that runs along the vocal, which is supported by backing vocals. The track has a Rock’n’Roll feel. Subtle Drums and crystal clear Slap-Bass. It’s a barking mad track, please don’t take it to seriously. But on the other hand, the timing is perfect and the instruments are right on the money.

3.: Medusa: This will rock your socks off. Drums are calling the Guitars to have a battle until the Slap-Bass pulls them apart with swift fingers on the fret-board dancing around like a wildfire. Battle Drums are pushing this track forward, maybe to run away from Medusa. This is old Psychobilly meets the new world of Rhythm&Psycho. This is like Medusa, tons of different influences and each one will make you listen.

4.: Revenge Of The Waspman: Speedy, nimble and aggressive is the calling card of the Waspman. This must the nest of the heavy twangy reverb injected Guitars. Full-on attack on the strings for your ears only. Crashing Cymbals and Drums that attack with vengeance. That Slap-Bass is like all the Wasps hit you with their stings all at once.

5.: Kebab Rehab: Up-tempo old school Psychobilly with thunderous Guitars, speedy Drums and a Slap-Bass that sits right on top of you. Well that’s the first few seconds but then the magic really happens. Out of nowhere the drop and time change happens and it becomes a completely new track, still old school but different. All this is happening a few times within this tune. It’s as juicy as the Kebab. The cool thing is the Organ that pops up half way through the track and brings a new twist to it. Lovely sounding 80’s psycho vocal underlined by backing vocals for even more effects. Yes you did it. It’s great.

Side B 1.: Vincent: Cool thumping Slap-Bass leads the way down Vincent’s life. Awesome short and dry sounding Drums to give it a slight dark feel. The Rhythm Guitar is in the background but still ringing like Vincent is running. Some nifty Guitar riffs that set of the backing vocals in harmony with the Lead Vocal.

2.: Outback Rock: Let’s see how far we can go Outback. Smooth Rock’n’Roll, well maybe not as smooth thinking about all the animals that run at you, like the Guitar with it’s ripping riffs. Rhythm Guitar is the earworm, slowly drilling into your brain. The Slap-Bass is the running heavy Elephant, while the Drums are chasing you like the Tasmanian Devil.

3.: Bill Durks: Sticking to the old school way of Psychobilly, Flamin’ Galahz is delivering another crazy, fun loving and dark sided track. Tons of Backing Vocals and some cool screams accompanied by shrill Guitar riffs and fast enough rhythm. Fun slapping Bass not just going through the motions but playing right into the Guitar. Drums are not just crashing but also use rim-shots to brake the pattern.

4.: Weredingos Of Dapto: You could not have any more fun. Please lock them up. Ska-Punk at it’s finest. That gets any party going. And this time the Organ really shines. You just have to listen to it otherwise the Weredingos will get you.

5.: Guachacabilly: Cut the Vocals. This is unbelievable. Up-Beat Rhythm Guitar leading the way. Lead Guitar and Slap-Bass trading places and working together like a Swiss watch. Rumbling low and powerful Drums. Little bit of the Latin vibe from the start knitted into it. I could listen to that all day. Well i have it on repeat the last 6 times.

6.: The Hidded Song?: Here comes the twang-train loaded with reverb. Steady as a steam train goes the Slap-Bass. Drums that smash the sandcastles on any beach. That Rhythm Guitar is creating a sandstorm with it’s rubber flippers. These Guitar riffs are like the whole gang of Beach- billy-bad-boys.

Summary: I immensely enjoyed every second of this album. Great Guys, playing fantastic. With tons and tons of fun and sometimes not so serious Kebab talk. So if you like seriously good musicians and not so serious lyrics, then this is the right time to listen to Flamin’ Galahz. All this, sitting inside with the rain hitting the windows, makes you dream about meeting Bad-billy-beach-dingos that know how to party.

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