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Released 21/01/2023

Music Publisher: Nervous Publishing Available on streaming outlets, Spotify and direct from the band or at their gigs. Reviewed by-Terry Mead 26/01/2023 From the streets of Liverpool, England the Furious Boys have earned respect with the youth of today. Their relentless touring schedule and hard work has produced one of the wildest acts around on the scene with their self-penned songs about teenage life today. This has turned those kids that have seen them into wild Rock n Rollers.

The Band Mark Halligan- Vocals & Bass Andy Halligan: Lead Guitarist, Piano & Drums on “Wash My Hand of You” Jimmy Lee: Drums and Percussion Brian Jones (The Undertakers): Saxophone on ‘Wash My Hands of You”

This brand-new single contains two tracks composed by The Halligan brothers originally from the 2014 Wild Records album “From the Cavern to California” and aren’t they something else so let’s get on and review them both.

Wash My Hands Of You- Producer: Andrew Halligan Composer, Lyricist: Andrew Halligan. Originally from the 2014 album ‘From The Cavern to California’ the song has been re-vamped, and the style changed with the introduction of piano and saxophone rather than a trio of instruments. A drum solo intro starts us off compared to a guitar one on the original. Marks voice is much less his usual grating sound making it rather mellow. The piano, drums and Andy’s re-verbs on guitar add so much texture to this new version and there is a superb saxophone solo mid-way through from Brian Jones of the 1960s beat group The Undertakers. The song on a whole has a tight well produced sound rather than a raw feel about it.

Hold My Heart- Producer: Reb Kennedy Composer, Lyricist: Mark Halligan. Here you go a lovely ballad portraiting two people journeying through life together. The feel of this tune reminisces those by gone days with a beautiful acoustic accompaniment from Andy Halligan serenading you along. This song was recorded in one take at Wild Records studios in Hollywood.

So, to summarise, another gem in the Furious discography and a must for the fans to have, two different tracks one in their typical fast paced style the other a neat little ballad which shows the versatility of the Halligan brothers. The storm clouds are already brewing as they prepare for their next gig at The Rockers Reunion after a 15-year break from it at the end of the month.

The title track on YouTube-

In their own words “We were just kids in school dying to hear some rock ‘n’ roll, but there was none about, so we started a band. There was never a plan, we were just lads having a bit of fun. And that’s what it still is. We’d play the dives and dirty clubs around Liverpool, anywhere that would pay an underage band in beer. And then the word spread”

Even from their early days playing in youth clubs around Liverpool, they caused a big stir! They have starred on MTV as ambassadors for the Liverpool music scene, their debut album reached number 10 in the UK vinyl charts (above Elton John & Thin Lizzy) and more recently, they have been featured on the computer game 'Rock Band' with one of their songs 'All Night Long'.Asbo shuffle has been played regularly at Anfield.

The road from The Cavern to California has had many stops. Their debut at Richie Gee’s WCIT, Rockers Reunion, Teddy Boys Reunited Reunion, Pavilion, Roman Way to name a few, they would in those early days crash out in their car after gigs.

They have played countless gigs abroad, all over Europe two successful tours of Russia and played Viva Las Vegas in America which they took by storm! The critics are already comparing it to the arrival of The Beatles, so prepare yourself, this isn’t for the faint hearted! This is the real roots of Rock 'n' Roll!

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