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Hal Peters and his Trio – Takes on Carl Perkins. Released on the May 2022 on Bluelight Records. Reviewed by Tom Doel Nov 2022. I am sure I don’t need to tell anyone reading this review who Carl Perkins is and if I did then you have either just fallen from outer space or never had any interest in music before. I am a big fan of Mr Perkins and I have been a fan of Hal Peters I have some of his music on vinyl in my record cabinet. I wasn’t at all surprised by how good this album is to be honest I knew it was going to be a true Homage to the best if not one of the best Rockabilly artists there has ever been recorded by one of the best Rockabilly bands from Europe. Hal and his band have recorded some of Carl’s recording before of course but this is a whole album of some of his best tunes played to a high standard by a band of top musicians. Its not an album of all his early recording and does cover his recordings from various labels and his later 60’s recording. It’s not a note for note copy of the Carl Perkins numbers the musicians bring their influence on the tracks which I love to hear don’t get me wrong the original recordings are huge Rockabilly tracks but I personally want to hear a band respecting those songs but also influence them in their own way which is what this album is all about. Hal Peters -Vocals, Guitar. Eino Rastas- Lead Guitar Timo Uimonen- Double Bass Janne Junnilainen- Drums Big Bad Blues – Recorded in 1964 and released on Brunswick records I always liked this track and Hal and the boys do a great cover of it. You Can’t make love to Somebody – Recorded in 1956 originally By Carl this cover is good as you would expect. Lonely Heart – A great cover version here of one of Carl’s later recordings again 1964 with the Nashville teens. Let the jukebox keep on playing – One of my favourite recordings from Carl so it was great to hear Hal and his trio play it with Fiddle and Steel love it. Somebody tell me – One of Carl’s well-known tracks and well played by DJ’s and bands this is another great cover by the band. I’m Sorry I’m Not sorry – A great track and another one I enjoy a lot, and this is probably the first and only time I have heard it covered by another band. This cover even has Piano top class. Dixie Fried- I have always wanted to do this track as it’s an awesome number from Carl back in the day. This is a great version well done gents. Everybody’s trying to be my baby- A rockabilly classic covered by many bands Hal and his trio do an energetic version that would make Carl happy to hear it. Forever yours – One of Carl’s Sun recordings one of his slower love songs maybe not a track that many bands would cover but why not it’s a great song and this is a great cover. Matchbox- One of Carl’s more well-known songs heavily covered by many bands Hal and his Trio keep it original which is the best way to play this song as far as I am concerned. Movie Magg – I know all the words to this song as I used to listen to it a lot It’s one of my top tracks from Carl, so I was happy to hear this great version staying close to the original. Boppin the Blues- Another Sun recording and another well-known Carl Perkins classic. Just Coastin – A great cover of this instrumental track displaying the talent of Eino on guitar. Tennessee – I was very happy to see this number on the album again a great version of one of Carl’s brilliant numbers. I really enjoyed this album of course because they are classic tracks from a well-known artist but also because the band cover them very well the musicianship is top class as you would expect so if you’re a Carl Perkins fan then you will love if you’re a fan of the The Hal Peters Trio then this album is well worth investing in. There has probably never been a better tribute to perhaps the most important songwriter and guitarist of the rockabilly genre. .

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