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Haylen - Blue Wine.

Released 17th February 2023 on Le Backbeat Reviewed by Kate 14th May 2023 Buy the album here:

Haylen is something else, something more than you’d expect: think Amy Winehouse in Lucky Lou Shoes. ‘As a teenager, more attracted by music than by studies, she decided to skip lessons to learn guitar with friends at Place des Innocents in Paris. From Nirvana to Incubus to System of a Down", Haylen discovered a true passion. It is in the subway, squats, underground scenes and through jam sessions that she will forge a solid reputation as a rhythm guitarist and assert herself as a talented singer with a suave, deep voice.’ With a song penned by Darrel Higham and two in her native French, this is her first full length release and it’s going to give you all the emotions you’ve got going.

Secret Rhythm - With latino grooves and sonic power in that rolling voice, there’s soul to spare in between the jumpy rhythm section. It’s the lead single and opening track for a reason: she’s making a statement about where she’s at, and its a strong one.

As A Child - A song of longing with those big eighties guitar echoes spreading out into infinity. Think Pearl Jam as triumphant female fronted blues.

Scary Story - Haylen proves her versatility and spooky chops on this atmospheric number with one heck of a blues guitar solo to keep the pressure up and the tension high.

Si Jamais - Slow, sultry, emotional and romantic, she’ll melt even the hardest heart with her stunning vocals over swelling strings.

Green Man - Jazzy and vintage with fingers popping and backing vocals for days. It’s so pleasing to see the other side of Haylen’s roots in this number.

My Own Way - Keeping it upbeat with a driving song and a chance to let the bass run free. If one song’s going to get stuck in your head from this album, it’ll be My Own Way.

Take Me By The River - Oh, she does moody so terribly well. This is a song for a smokey basement club somewhere in Chicago a century ago.

Take My Blues - Going acoustic is a brave choice but it works. Haylen dips a toe into Eva Cassidy classic territory without hitting the schmalz in this slow building number.

My Sweet Loving - Starting with a slap bass moment before it goes slightly tropical in this retro love song. Enjoy with a long cocktail on a beach.

Crazy About You - A rock n roll spirit infuses this hot one, and the piano backing adds a sense of speed and drama. My favourite track on the album.

U Got Me - An everyday warmth in this number about knowing you’re loved. To pause a moment, this is album which hops between eras and genres effortlessly, united by that huge voice. If you’ve got a weakness for soul, this will be a brilliant addition to your record collection.

Me Laisse Pas Seule Ce Soir (Don’t Leave Me Alone Tonight) - Taut rhythms and longing abound like clouds in a rockin’ number that takes no prisoners and sends guitar and organ energy out in to the universe.

With U I Feel Alone - A soundtrack waiting for movie credits, it’s a vast romantic number that pulls out all the stops to produce a classic that’s still waiting in the wings for recognition.

This is an album you need to get your hands on if you have even a passing interest in soul or blues, because Haylen’s stone is rapidly gathering critical moss and her brand of massive, beautiful, emotional tunes is bound to hit household name status any day now.

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