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Hell & Rock ‘n’ Roll by Dead Bollox.

Released on 07/09/2023 digital only (more to come) Recorded at Celestine Records & Le Puisatier 2023 Reviewed on 22/09/2023 Reviewed by Holger @radioteddyboys1983 Buy the EP here:

Do i really have to introduce you to the most famous Psychobilly/Punkabilly band coming from Pau (France). Dead Bollox toured over 28 years and played with legends of Psychobilly like Demented Are Go, Frantic Flintstones, Mad Sin and many more. 3 Members are writing and creating theses amazing songs. So what do I expect? Pure mad magic to be precise.

The Band Members by their Wanted Status: Dim – Vocals, Oliver – second Guitar, Jpax – Slap-Bass, Germ’s – Lead Guitar, Jerome – Drums and Jano Bonux on Bass.

Track by Track: 1.: Switchblade: Attack of a nasty sounding Hornet, that’s what this awesome Slap-Bass should be called. Super dry and hammering Drums as you would expect to give this track a fast beat. Pushing right in is this hardcore sounding Rhythm Guitar that sets off the second Guitar which just screams aggressive riffs all throughout the track. The Lead Vocal is as extreme as a Switchblade and cuts right down to your nervous system. It’s just bloody great.

2.: Hell & Rock ‘n’ Roll: There comes the rider on a horse swinging his Drumsticks loud and hard. Guitars like blazing Guns and a Slap-Bass to drag you right back to Hell. The punk heavy Psycho vocal just keeps you on the edge of Rock’n’Roll.

3.: Baby: Starting off with a reverb loaded Guitar, solid Drum beat and a low down Slap-Bass letting you know who is riding into town and then BANG! Here they are. Up-beat fast Drums and steam train Slap-Bass that accommodates the heavy guitar riffs and the awesome rhythm Guitar. The vocal just screams from the roof-top that this Baby can’t destroy us. Perfectly placed backing vocals gives you the feel of a big gang running towards you.

4.:Rock and Biloute: Unforgettable Country-Punk-Psychobilly. Strumming riffs from the Guitar leading the way for the Drums to lay the foundation with rolling motion and crashing Cymbals. The Psycho on the porch is playing some unbelievable Banjo that makes up the happy Country part and weaves in and out of the background. To not surprise the Slap-Bass is right there happily dancing up and down the fretboard. The messenger is telling us from the bottom of his heart to have fun and listen to Rockabilly. And We Do.

5.: Jano Bonux: Heavy-Punk-Metal starting with aggressive Guitars and hammering Drums. By then a thundering Bass kicks in and just sits right there together with the vocal. Guitar solos break up the track just in the right places, so it will not get monotone or boring. Around every corner is something new. Nice fast-tempo madness.

6.: Switchblade feat. Mad Mad Chika: This is the full blown attack from the riders of Dead Bollox and Mad Mad Chika. Trading places on vocals like a duel. Vocal bullets flying fast and not stoppable. This is one collaboration you don’t want to miss out on. And then they sing the chorus together which is amazing. It’s pure and undiluted. Same crazy Psycho-Punk Guitars that will capture you. That Slap-Bass is just an unstoppable force and together with this never ending hammering Drum-beat unforgettable.

Summary: Six sick tracks that never even for a second hold back. The Dead Bollox are known for their performance and aggressive punk style psychobilly and this Album is the next step to absolute perfection. These 6 tracks will blow your head away. Turn the volume to 11 on your stereo system or in your car. No point in listening to it on low volume. Grab the vinyl when it comes out. It will be in very high demand. Crazy or not this album will be enjoyed by Psycho’s, Punk’s, Rockabilly’s and folks who like loud music alike. This has to be one of the best Psychobilly albums this year.

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