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Reviewed 28TH January 2023 by: Dave Diamond.

BAND MEMBERS: Hipbone Slim aka Sir Bald - Guitar/Vocals Bash Brand- Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals Gez Gerrard - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

Guest musicians: Johnny Temptation - Saxophone - Fly In A Jar Spencer Evoy - Saxophone - Double Kill You Ed Deegan - Piano - Fly In A Jar + additional Percussion KId Wig - Piano - Double Kill You

Released on: BIGTOP001 CROWNTOPPER RECORDS L.P. All Songs by Sir Bald/Alopecia Music Produced by Sir Bald/Ed Deegan. Recorded/ Mixed/Mastered by Ed Deeegan at Gizzard Front cover artwork by: Bash Brand / Arthole Photos by Mad Jeff Bongo

Let’s have a listen to the tracks:

Fly In A Jar – Wowza!! What a fantastic opening tune to this first album by the trio..Baldy tells me.. “The idea came from a gig poster with me illustrated as a fly in a jar!” Sonically-Kink-Cramp-tastic!... this song has it all… the track has a powerful drum beat throughout from Bruce, awesome guitar work via Sir Bald and vocals are just knockout, Gez’s great bass lines, Johnny’s honking sax and piano stabs throughout from Ed… one word…Bullseye!

She Wants My Blood – think garage punk, The Wailers, and you won’t be far off! Fantastic haunting stroller with great use of the bell on the verses, mixed in with fab strumming chords, a stupendous solo section and that bass sitting just right in the mix. This numbers about a dangerous Mexican lady who wishes to sacrifice chaps…nice scream at the end…watch out!!

Fireworks – Loving the intro to this number…. explosive right from the orf! … Reminiscent of The Equals, Otis, Soul, Strangeloves, and Spencer Davis …This track is about a somewhat explosive ex who was actually born Nov 5…this is a fantabulous tune once again from the pen of Sir Bald…the lyrics are really top notch!

The Hairy Mosquito – At 1:54 this truly is a stomping instrumental… can see this one getting lots of airplay at gigs, with it’s fantastic jiving tempo… grab your partner… Let’s g-o-o-o-o-o!! Very Ventures, Pyramids, Surf, with a fab Twist-O-Rama vibe!

Bo Legged Woman – No more no less… this one has that Bo groove all over it! … I really dig man dig… this is so bloody awesome! … really loving the higher mix on those thundering bass lines… raw and unleashed geetar and that Bo drum beat right across the track. It sure does move… get it!

Ramona's Back – This kicks off with the drums and then everyone’s in… …it tells the story of Ramona who’s back in town again…. great key change on the chorus…. this is pure stupendous at its best! It’s a full tune and has such a powerhouse great sound from the 3 guys … I love it! If you’re thinking early Stones, Pat Wayne & The Beachcombers with added Medway beat then you won’t be far away!

You've Been Rumbled – This track is also released as a 45 by Flat Top Mark… All I can say is Link, Link Link… and you’re heading the right Wray! Title track of the album and at 2:23 what a phenomenal number this is… this has a thundering kick ass rhythmic sound that just let’s go of everything and is just pure delight to the ear… wow!! I gotta play it again… back soon folks!

Side 2

Hey, Hey Ali Mae – After side 1’s fantastic kick off to the first half of this album here goes with side 2…This tune is very Suzy Q, Comanche, Howlin’ Wolf, and rolls on at a marvellous stompin’ strollin’ pace… it’s a great catchy number indeed, and so much that I actually thought I had heard it before… “Hey hey I feel so good!

Waxhead – 2minutes 31 of pure joy…. This number has a happy feel to it… could well be the opening music to a Quentin Tarantino film…It’s a marvellous-tasic sounding twangin’ number that you can hear mixtures of Dick Dale. Buddy Holly & the Crickets, The Ramblers, Bobby Fuller running through… loving all the key changes…this is boiling hot and an awesome blistering number indeed!

Way To Go – A more rockin’ ‘n’ rollin number from Sir Bald this time round…very reminiscent of the late 50’s Roy Head, Rockabilly sound… Sir Bald tells me “This was originally a one-man band tune, but I decided to do it with soul beat meets rockabilly.” This is gonna be a sure-fire hit on the scene and has that great vintage sound…added in with tremendous vocals once again and backing vox too, fantastic drum beats, down strokes on the guitar mixed in with picking and an eerie instrumental section and add in that striking bass and for sure ….way to go!!!

Rosetta, Rosetta – 2 minutes 56 …this one has rip roaring vocals, great floor tom work, guitar work, bass lines and an awesome chorus… beatsville.. those drums are pounding fantabulous! If you’re looking for a head- shaker then this is the baby for you… I’ve got a bloody headache lol!! Great change of tempo at 2:44-tremendous! If you like your rockin’ 60’s garage you’re gonna love this…. I do!!

The Hairy Hair-Raiser – straight in on this number… twangy guitar mixed in once again with high octane drumming and a powerful bass rhythm, the guitar is exploding everywhere on this tune, so many different licks and chords on one song… enormous guitar sound. Link would love it!

Wild Eyed Woman – penultimate tune to this 14 track album release and what a belter the guys have for you! Screaming awesome vocals from Sir Bald, loving the bass cutting through once again, guitar twang-tastic and the drums shuffling and growling away once more… I’m hearing Beatsters, meet BO, meet Rockabilly all in the same pot and being stirred up by Sir Bald.. Get the vibe!

Double Kill You – Sir Bald tells me this final number was written from a drunken conversation with Spencer Evoy … final song from this trio who are joined on this track by Spencer Evoy on sax and Kid Wig on piano. “Don’t mess me I will double double kill you all” screams Sir Bald…this track kicks off with powerhouse drumming once again from Bruce, Gez’s full bodied bass sound, guitar sits just perfect in the mix, and comes into it’s own during the instrumental break.. the growling sax from Spencer is a fantastic addition to the bands sound on this tune and pounding piano hits from Kid Wig... 11/10 Massive!

In their own words: New incarnation of Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers Band started 2002 with Bruce , myself + John 'Lard' Gibbs (kaisers/Wilderbeests) on double bass, then Gez Gerrad on bass, We did 15 albums as Kneetremblers, Kneejerk Reactions (our 60s garage/beat alter ego) and The Crowntoppers with Spencer Evoy (MFC Chicken ) on Sax and Slim Cyder (Urban Voodoo Machine, Slim's Cyderco, Blubbery Hellbellies, Boothill Foot Tappers etc) on piano. Releases on Voodoo Rhythm, Folc, Beast, Dirty Water, Screaming Apple etc. We figured all these different names/bands was too confusing so decided to just do one incarnation mixing all the rock roll, beat, surf, garage, rhythm n blues styles we like to play so became Hipbone Slim and the Kneejerks!!!

Distribution: Email or contact via Hipbone Slim and the Kneejerks Facebook Page

CLOSING COMMENTS ABOUT THE ALBUM: This is the band’s first LP as Hipbone Slim and the Kneejerks and they also have a second one out simultaneously titled 'Gone To The Dogs', both of which are on one CD…yes that’s Both LPs on one CD! Also out is a 45 on FTM 'hang Thirteen/You've Been Rumbled!'

>> so.. what to say about this album?….I’ve just run a 14 song marathon of stupendous tracks and I’m totally blown away and out of breath!…and not only that but All songs are self-penned numbers and pack one helluva punch!…whatever you do….get on your computer or your phones and order this 14 track killer diller bullseye release NOW!

YOU TUBE CLIP: Reviewed by Dave Diamond

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