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Hipbone Slim and the Kneejerks - Introducing Hipbone Slim and the Kneejerks. Reviewed 15TH January 2023 by Dave Diamond.

Hipbone Slim aka Sir Bald - Guitar/Vocals Bash Brand- Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals Pete Scoundrel - Bass Guitar/Keys/Backing Vocals (Side 1) Gez Gerrard - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals (Side 2)

With Johnny Temptation - Saxophone & Ed Deegan - Piano *

Released on: Crowntopper Records TOP004 45RPM. All Songs by Sir Bald/Alopecia Music. Recorded at Gizzard Studio, London by Ed Deegan. Sleeve by Arthole. Photos by Mad Jeff Slade.

Let’s have a listen to the tracks:

Side 1: Lou Anne – Guitar kicks off this opening number swiftly followed by stabbing drum hits and then enter thee bass guitar… cor blimey guv’nor this tune hits you straight in the face from the orf! A concoction of Vince Taylor meets Johnny Kidd with an overtone of 60’s garage. Rip roaring vocals by Sir Bald with a screaming geetar, fantastic awesome drumming from Bruce and I’m just loving those bass run downs from Pete….not only that…I’m digging the backing vocal argghhss and the scream at the end too that just finishes this opening tune off! It sure is a pure knockout in round one!

Gone To The Dogs – Track 2 and this number smells of The Sonics, The Kingsmen and for sure has that North West Sound. Wowsville loving that pounding Wurlitzer from Pete and the staggered section…this tune is so powerful and for sure is gonna be a big mover and shaker across the clubs… throw that jacket off and get ready to cut a rug daddios! This track is so fantastic, I’m going back in to play it once again!

>> Both Side A tracks are taken from the album Gone To The Dogs.

Side 2 Featured on the L.P. You’ve Been Rumbled. Fly In A Jar – So onto Side 2 – Boom!… this track has a solid powerhouse drum beat throughout, more screaming guitar, fab bass licks, a honking sax and just loving those piano stabs throughout from Ed… certainly has a vibe of Barrence Whitfield & The Savages with a sprinkle of The Kinks, mixed in with The Fentones Sir Bald says..”I wanna buzz with you baby, til the morning light”, loving the lyrics on this one.. nice double instrumental sections that just adds the icing to this top notch tuneage!

Ramona's Back – final track of this powerful E.P. and this number starts with the drums and then everyone’s in… it could be right outta ’65… for sure it would have been a massive HIT and for me is another fab high energetic tune…it tells the story of Ramona who’s back in town once again…and has a great hook line. This track is such an awesome original tune and well worked out, I really love it! If you’re thinking early Stones, The High Numbers, with added Medway beat then you won’t be far away…


n their own words: This is a brand-new incarnation of a band that has previously recorded 15 albums as Hipbone Slim and the Kneetemblers, The Kneejerk Reactions and The Crowntoppers on Voodoo Rhythm, Beast, Dirty Water, Folc etc. It features 3 stalwarts of the UK garage/rock n roll scene. The band is led by Hipbone Slim aka Sir Bald Diddley on guitar/vocals along with drummer Bruce Brand (Milkshakes, Headcoats, Masonics and 2 Link in Wray albums!) plus Pete Scoundrel of Thee Cybermen on bass.

This release is out now 'Introducing' EP. Originally planned as 4 singles, but in the end, we just put the 4 A-sides on one EP. Black vinyl £10, Orange vinyl (very limited quantities) £12 + p/p.

The trax are taken from our L.P. 'You've Been Rumbled' that’s also Out Now!

Distribution: Email or contact via Hipbone Slim and the Kneejerks Facebook Page

CLOSING COMMENTS ABOUT THE ALBUM: Here we have the new incarnation of Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers and what a fantastic trio we have! The band hail from London, Oxford and Sheerness and have a wealth of experience both playing live and being in many bands over the past 40 years!

Boom! ..2 fantastic high octane tunes taken from the bands forthcoming L.P. Gone To The Dogs, and 2 powerhouse numbers that are featured on the bands new L.P You’ve Been Rumbled that are also released on Crowntopper.

This E.P. has been a real pleasure to review and the trio have really hit the bullseye with all 4 tunes… For me they are all just fantastic and so different in rhythm and delivery and sure they all deliver a barrage of punches that’s going to leave you feeling absolutely knocked out!

Totally awesome and now I’m off for a lie down daddios!!

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