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Roots by The Howlin' Ramblers

On Sleazy Records 2022

Review 10.01.2022

Roots , The Howlin' Ramblers , Spain , Rockabilly Stomp – Blues Bop' so Whos in the band

Jesus Teddy – Vocals & Accoustic Guitar

Salva Matt – Guitar & Backing Vocals

Pepe Badrriles – Harmonica

Juanlu Nunez – Double Bass

Juan Ferrer – Drums & Backing Vocals

So what can I say about the Hownlin' Ramblers... A great band from Spain with a rough and original sound. Listen to them and you got hitten by an hard stone of pure rhythm.

Howlin' Ramblers start in 2016. Throughout these years, this five-piece band from South Spain have developed their own sound which has been defined as 'wild raw and rocking Rockabilly-Stomp and Blues-Bop!'. The former work, was released and self-produced in 2018. But now Sleazy Records has been in charge of the release of their music.

The songs on this single are a tribute to the roots of the name, Howlin 'by Howlin' Wolf and Hank Williams by Ramblin 'man, and those songs in particular because they like them a lot and play them like hell..

The cover comes in nice and really clean monochrome artwork with Howlin' Wolf and Hank Williams on front cover and the whole band on back cover.


Track by track

SIDE A : You'll Be Mine (Willie Dixon)

The Harmonica starts and you feel the pressure of this song .While you listening to the hard slapping basswork from Juanlu and the constantly hitting snare from Juan you may think: Wow how far can they go. And than Jesus steps in with his vocals and hits you like a wreckinball followed from an awsome Harmonica solo. When you hear this song you can really hear why theres a Howlin' in the Bandname.

SIDE B : No Teardrops Tonight ( Hank Williams )

Nice short guitar opening and from the get go this song just keep rollin' and rollin'. This time the harmonic stay a little bit more in the backround wich gives Jesus enough space to get his vocals done in a pretty cool style. Salva on leadguitar gets his fills absolutely in time and the solo sound like in the good old times. Its nice to hear that bass and drums gettin' so harmonic. Cool song in a cool style.


Jesus and his boys doin' an awsome job with this single. Two songs to explain the name. Two songs from the favourite singers of them. To songs in different styles. I just can say: Buy this single and enjoy. Hope to see them live on stage and party together all night long.

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Reviewed by

Smitty J. Slowhand

Track List

SIDE A : You'lle Be Mine ( Willie Dixon )

SIDE B : No Teardrops Tonight ( Hank Williams

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