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Release Date: 3rd February 2023. Reviewed 24th January 2023 by Dave Diamond. Released on Hi-Tide Recordings Buy the album here:

BAND MEMBERS: Vocals Guitar: Mamo Banzai. Vocal Drums: Paddy Burn. Bass: Hideki Saito. Produced and Mixed by: Braden Sauder of Marquee Sound. Mastered by: Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering. Cover artwork by: Scott Sugiuchi.

Let’s have a listen to the tracks:

Ichi-Bon #1 – This instrumental was originally done by the Nick and Jaguars back in 1959 and is the title track to this brand new 4 track E.P. release by this fantastic rockin’ trio from Canada. This version is more up-tempo than the original making it 15 seconds shorter. I really love the ending as its much more dynamic and really does send the track into orbit… it’s a dynamite explosive take by the band, that really does brings this number right into the 21st century with a bang!

Switchblade - first released back in 1959 by Ron Thompson on the SOMA label in Minneapolis Minnesotta, this version is banging right from the start! Ichi-Bons, have made this a fabulous heavier tune, awesome guitar work from Mamo and I’m loving the running bass licks from Hideki and the heavier drum patterns from the stix of Paddy… really enjoyed this knockout sharper dynamic interpretation of the classic… Get the point!

Don’t Call Me Flyface: originally by The Reekers back in 1964 and given a fantastic make-over…Ichi-Bons have certainly nailed a fantastic powerful hammer blow to this awesome tune! … energetic, lively number with excellent bass lines and a great snare sound groove section at 1:10 and then the catchy screaming guitar licks that explode and really do take off at 1:43 with those great crashing cymbals and drum rolls… Great version indeed, that really does showcase the bands musicianship!

The Rockin’ Gypsy – final instrumental on this 4 track release …this was originally done by Joe Mathis and Larry Collins back in 1958. This last track is full of energy and enthusiasm and once again the bands zestful performance makes this an awesome cover. Can’t wait to see this tune played live… it’s knockout indeed and just wild, daddio’s!

In their own words: Ichi-Bons are the reckless rock ‘n’ roll revival. Inspired by obscure surf, garage and Rockabilly 45’s, they combine the sounds of a raunchy vinyl DJ with a cranked rock ‘n’ roll band. From boppin’ garage to frantic rockabilly, from instrumental surf to desperate rock ‘n’ roll, Ichi-Bons are a stack of quarters on your favourite jukebox.

Distribution: Hi-Tide Recordings and the bands Live Shows.

CLOSING COMMENTS ABOUT THE ALBUM The band are from Toronto Canada, If you’re looking for some powerhouse, desperate Garage, Rock ‘n’ Rollin’ Surf Rockabilly, then look no further than this hot rockin’ trio…they have been nominated in the section for: The Best Rockabilly Group 2022 at the Ameripolitan Music Awards and the winner will be announced and crowned on February 19th!! If you are one of the many going to the Rockin’ Race Festival in Spain, then be sure to check the guys out on the 4th February from 4:30 pm -5:15 pm at THE HOTEL LA BARRACUDA ROOFTOP and get yourself a copy of this magnificent E.P YOU TUBE CLIP:

Reviewed by Dave Diamond.

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