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IGNITION Self-Titled 8 Track E.P.

Released November 2022 on all reputable download/streaming sites.

Reviewed by Rockin Rebel.

IGNITION Staffordshire (UK)Rockabilly, Neo, Rock n Roll- Country Blues.

Band Members

Mark Weaver- guitar - Lead Vocals.

Rob Brindley - guitar – vocals

Nigel Llyod - Drums – Backing Vocals.

Kevin Massey - Upright Bass.

One of the most dynamic bands to come onto the Rockin scene over the last few years. Formed in 2017 by two former members of the Tennessee Houndogs rock n roll Band (Mark & Kevin), who were already known very well in the clubs/pups across the UK. Mark and Kevin have been lifelong friends and shared a love for the new Rockabilly sound and gained much of their influences from the iconic bands of the early 80s such as the polecats and Stray cats. but never forgetting the roots of the genre like Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins and of course Elvis. They learnt their trade in local Smokey bars and toured around the country picking up a fan base that have stayed with them over the years, whilst playing at a local gig, they were joined on stage by a young kid (Rob) who blew their minds with his quality of the guitar sound. They added a drummer (Nigel) and Ignition was born. Instantly making a presence with the first single release (Head down) in November 2017. Ignition were quickly caught in the fast lane of performances. Appearing live on Acacia Radio bought the band bookings from some of the top bands wanting them to open their shows, Matchbox, crazy cavern. The Wild Angels booked them to open at the Ace café in London. 2018 found a new album release with many self-penned tracks along with some brilliant cover tracks from their idols. This is also still available through the facebook/Website page(below).

The new 8 track E.P contains all self-penned tracks by Brindley/Weaver with a guest writer Paul Brindley (Robs father) Co writing The Cats are Back, which is telling the story of the return of the Stray Cats being back on tour and is a favourite track of mine. All the tracks were written during the lockdown period and has soon as they could jumped into Riff Factory studio in Stoke to get the tracks recorded. It was produced by the band themselves and Tom Carter engineered it. The band would have put their heart and soul into these recording as they do everything. Weather they are just warming up or a full live performance. They will give 100%. Headphones are on Now let’s look at these tracks.

Christine (R. Brindley)

The writer takes the lead vocals and some great guitaring before the drums kick in to start a great opening track. The bass comes sneaking over the guitars and plays alongside the drums. The subject of the song will surprise you which, but I won’t give too much away. Very enjoyable track to get the blood pumping.

I Need Your Loving Tonight. (R. Brindley)

Rob proving that he can write songs once again, With this great little stroller. A breakup song with hopes that he can rekindle with his love, nice to hear backing vocals from Rob and Nigel, vocals are good from Mark. Defiantly one for the dancefloor.

Hangover (R. Brindley/Weaver)

This track will resonate with so many people out there, Weaver is back on lead vocals for this one telling the story of the big drinkers out there. it’s no secret that some members of the band like to have a sip now and then. But Great lyrics with Nigel powering through with the drums the Bass is slapping nicely along in the background with some nice guitar’s riffs.

Ready To Blow (R. Brindley)

Corking rockabilly track with a great intro from the drums before Rob and mark kick in with the Gretsch’s, add the Bass and we really see what ignition are about, Fast paced instrumental breaks with Nigel pounding them skins just makes this song more powerful. Rob singing the lead vocals, I really can see the guys rocking the stage with this one,

The Cats Are Back (R+P Brindley. Weaver)

2019 seen the Stray Cats return to the uk during the European tour. The guys got together one evening and wrote a track that celebrates their idols returning, the whole band went to see all three shows and even that was not enough and went over to see them in Germany. A great tribute to the Cats sound in this this track, and nobody does a better stray cat sound than Ignition. I do believe they received messages from the Stray Cats themselves thanking them for the track.

I Should Have Told You (R.Brindley)

Brilliant, I can only say that this might become my favourite track, great sound that just rocks along. All the instruments come together brilliantly, lyrics and vocals are spot on. The break instrumental will get your air guitar going.

You Don’t Need One (R. Brindley/Weaver)

Another Fast-paced rocker to get all you cats bopping away whilst the jivers swing each other over the dancefloor. And if you haven’t got a copy, YOU NEED ONE.

Stingray (R. Brindley)

I thought this was going to be a slow smoothy type track until 30 seconds had passed, then just like a rocky movie the boys come out with them guitars and knock you out with some awesome playing. You can clearly hear all the influences in robs playing, this is a great surf track with hints of Dick Dale in its sound, this is a great track to end this brilliant downloadable E.P.

Well done to all concerned with this E.P. It’s a most wonderful rockin album with some great sounds and vocals. It’s so nice to see and hear new tracks from a band that will help keep rockabilly alive for another fifty years. Keep rockin on and don’t take the key out of Ignition

I really do recommend these tracks to anybody. Pure rockabilly that’s all-new penned tracks. Its hard to write stuff at any time but to have 8 cracking tracks on one E.P is a great achievement.

Track listing.


I need your Loving Tonight,


Ready To Blow,

The Cats Are Back,

I Should Have Told You,

You Don't Need One,


Reviewed By Rockin Rebel

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