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Indians – Ven Conmigo Release Date: June 2022 on C.D. Reviewed :6TH December 2022 by Dave Diamond BAND MEMBERS: Vocals Dani Trabal Guitar Tony “Thompson” Mancebo Drums Luis Chicote Upright Bass Jordi Benavides The band are from Barcelona (Spain) Produced and Mixed by: Luis Chicote (On-A Wave Sound) Mastered by: Luis Chicote (On-A Wave Sound) A special mention and Front cover artwork by: Peter Ortega Distribution: or via Soon you will also be able to listen to it on our Bandcamp: Let’s have a listen to the tracks – Hot Rod Baby –….turn the key… pedal to the floor…fantastic tune to get this 12 track cd up and running at top speed! This is a great instrumental that is a sure fire jivin’ hit at the clubs…nice sample of Wipeout mid through, followed by a great staggered section, and I gotta say the whole song is just awesome…I wish it could have gone round again for another 12-bar section as it really is top notch! I just gotta play it again…! Hombre De Poca Fe (Man With Little Faith) – Strolling paced bluesy style number, sung in Spanish with a nice melodic vocal from Dani, really fab guitar work from Tony, with Luis keeping the beat in line, mixed in with Jordi on the slapping bass… Why – This one has a fab 80’s rockin vibe, it’s a very catchy number indeed, showcasing Dani’s vocal range (in English) with fab guitar work during the solo, a steady snare drum beat and the upright bass cutting through… “tell me why, tell me why, tell me why do I love so?” Carmen – A raw aggressive vocal on this one and a haunting backbeat from the rhythm section… sung in Spanish, this song is about a girl who couldn’t overcome her drug addiction and is based on a true story.. Dani tells me “I got inspired by one of Carmen's friends. They were in the same hospital room. She did overcome the addiction and told me her story.” Ven Conmigo (Come With Me) – this is an up-tempo number and a real head shaker.. nice backing vocals, a sure-fire hit indeed! Dani wrote it sitting on a subway bench waiting for some friends. It is about his personal life. A hymn to friendship and life, looking sideways but in an optimistic and positive way… Whenever You’re Ready – Nice cover of the track originally recorded and written by Dorsey Burnette back in 1956. It really does sound like this number could have been recorded back in the 50’s too, as it has a really great feel to it and the mixing and mastering is spot on once again. Mi Dulce Lola (My Sweet Lola) – at 3 minutes 33 seconds this track grabs you from the start…nice jive tempo with a solid beat and once again the bands musicianship mixed in with Dani’s vocals make this a very stand out track indeed. Large Tren (Big Train) – The slapping bass stands out a lot more on this stomping track and is higher in the mix…great vocals once again…and fab key change on the final verse and chorus…fantastic. I would love to see this song played live…it sure will get the crowd jumping on their toes! El Hombre Que Te Amo (The Man Who Loved You) – Great shuffling snare drum and Scotty Moore Mystery Train guitar, with the bass sitting perfectly just behind them and vocals right up top with a deeper vocal this time… medium paced powerful track… Dicen Que Estoy Loco (They Say I’m Crazy) – You gotta be crazy if you don’t like this happy go lucky tune that has a joviality feel to it.. Dani tells me “I have been told many times in my life that I would never get anywhere with music but I still think about what they said to Elvis: if you can't say it, sing it. I'm still a crazy person who believes in music and its effects.”…I couldn’t agree more! Lotta Lovin’ – When I saw this track on the back sleeve, I gotta say I was apprehensive to hear a cover version of the classic 1957 Gene Vincent track… this one’s a real rocked up version and a powerhouse rendition with the tempo all round moved up a notch.. this will be a big hit on the European Ted circuit for sure! Love it. La Trampa (The Trap) – Last song of this 12 track C.D. Another very well mixed and mastered tune, with a fab jive paced tempo…you can see from this track why the band have been playing many gigs in Spain and I am sure they will be playing more gigs around Europe real soon! BAND BIO/Influences…. Dani tells me… “my musical career began in 1982. During these years I have done different musical projects all related to Rockin and Rockabilly. Indians starts in 2011 as a duo and little by little new musicians joined the band, raising the quality of the project. The current line-up was formed in 2019 with the addition of Tony as electric guitar.” We are currently touring all around Catalonia and part of Spain and publicizing our project. We perform around 20 concerts every year. In this upcoming 2023 we want to take our CD much further. We have played in venues and halls of all kinds. Some modest festivals and several motard concentrations. My influences at composing are from different artists. Buddy Holly, Burnette, Cochran… They are present in my songs. Each of the Indians songs are composed using different classic or current rocker styles. But I always keep in mind the simplicity of Holly, the aggressiveness of Burnette and the class of Cochran. I'll keep writing songs until I forget how to make them. All the songs have a story behind their composition, but I give you the most important ones for me for how i felt when I composed them. All the songs are a piece of my life for some or other reason and that’s why we have included them on the CD.” Closing comments about the album: This is the bands fourth CD, the first was Bom Bom in 2013, then in 2016 Rockin’ and Rollin’, the third being Culparemos al amor in 2017. This 12 track CD has been recorded in two different sessions, and finally edited in June 2022: Session #1 was recorded during March and April 2021 and Session #2 was recorded in Slim Studio by Nestor Oñatibia in 2018. All tracks have been mastered by Luis Chicote in 2022. Here we have 12 tracks full of different musical styles that were popular in the 50’s and early 60 ́s, and the band have really mixed up everything on this release…It really has been a great album to review and I’ve just gotta say “este es un álbum fantástico con muchas canciones poderosas!” Be sure to check them out! YOU TUBE CLIP Reviewed by Dave Diamond

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