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Released on 03/03/2023 Reviewed on 11/04/2023 Reviewed by Holger E @radioteddyboys1983 Wild Records

The Trio consists of: Isaac Webb on Guitar & Vocals, Gary Smith on Slap-Bass, Tim Matthew on Drums & Maracas

Born and bred in Shetland(UK), this Trio brings together the 50’s and 60’s Roots movement through s it into the stormy weather of Shetland and mixes it with a good dash of Rockabilly. Taking cues from Bands like The Delta Bombers etc, this new addition to Wild Records will rock your world.

Track by Track 1.: I Took A Chance: Stormy rhythm from the guitar and maracas driving the track ahead. This presents you with a boomtastic low down Slap-Bass and crystal clear sounding drum to grab that chance and give you this head bobbin’ track. The vocals are never overpowering and run like a nice steady stream you find in Shetland. Sometimes with a rough patch to give it character.

2.: Animal: After the initial warm-up track, the Trio is speeding up a notch with even more animalistic rhythm. The Slap-Bass is hammering away to present a full sound. The drums are sitting just slightly in the background. Here we have a more aggressive lead vocal which melds into the backing vocals.

3.: Too Many Times: Catchy guitar riff that brings the Root music into play. Beautiful drums that go like clockwork and hold everything tight together. Lovely Slap-Bass that rumbles just beside the guitar. The great thing is that the vocals were lifted by all instruments on different parts of this track.

4.: Cod Liver Pill: That must be the Steam Train to Shetland. Listen to the amazing rhythm this Trio is handing out. Screaming guitar riffs used as fillers. The drums and Slap-Bass together are addictive. Definitely easier to swallow than a Cod Liver Pill.

5.: Open Your Mind: There is no dragging your feet in this song. Even more American Roots orientated with harsh but pleasant vocals. Bluesy reverb sounding guitar, booming Slap-Bass and maracas that never leave your ears to finally open your mind and soul to appreciate this Trio.

6.: Gone Gone Gone: Don’t run, just walk away with confidence so you will be Gone Gone Gone. That Slap-Bass is just like footsteps. You could actually say that the guitar is the draggin’ of your feet, while the Drums push you forward together with the maracas. Great vocal, but I think by now you figured that part out anyway.

7.: Smitten: Down-tempo song with a soft feel of American Root and Blues music. The Slap-Bass is delivering such a low swinging bass that you have to watch your speakers (turn the dial up to 11). Sick shuffle like drums. The heart felt can be heard in this track. Blind Love.

8.: Home Shake: All right. Cool reverb happy Guitar with dry but full sounding Drums and an entertaining Slap-Bass that is dancing in the background. Taking a slice of the 50’s and mix it with some screaming Guitar riffs out of the 60’s until you inject your own style and out comes a Home Shake.

9.: Hey! Man!: Up-tempo song consisting of a finger picking reverb guitar that is driven by rolling drums that love their cymbals from time to time and a straight lazed Slap-Bass that takes a slice out of the 50’s.

10.: Outta Luck: Rolling thunder getting you into the western mood with a feel you are sitting on a horse. Raspy vocal layered with backing vocals carried by a speedy fast guitar that lays out an infectious riff throughout the track. Hard hitting drums that ring like shotguns peppered with maracas. A Slap-Bass that travels up and down the lower scale of the fretboard to bombard you with deep bass.

11.: Set In Stone: Finger picking 50’s Guitar to introduce a brush played drum and lazy Slap-Bass that is perfect. All this gives a slow-tempo feel and paves the way for an awesome vocal track. And that is definitely Set In Stone.

12.: Don’t Forget The Noose: This track shows the way The Isaac Webb Trio can spin new out of old. A touch of 70’s with Neo-Rockabilly feel but still based on 50’s riffs. Fat sounding drum set in the background. The Slap-Bass is even further back to give it the fullness. Not what you would expect and that makes it even better.

13.: Hitch A Ride: Dry sounding reverb guitar that gets supported by a soft Acoustic Guitar strumming away. Lots of slow-tempo Kick Drum and TomTom. Involved in the whole picture is this low down Slap-Bass which does not need to hitch a ride. It just rumbles in the back. Vocal and Lyrics are just pitch perfect with the raspy sound that brings its point across.

Summary: Standing in the spotlight before 2015 and creating new sounds and tracks is a long road even in Shetland And then Boom. Here comes Wild Records and gives you the chance of your lifetime. You have to take it. Look at the outcome. The Trio presents their own style of Root’s music and Rock’n’Roll. Like a melting pot of ideas that newer cools down. Awesome Guitar riffs combined with low low low Slap-Bass and Drums that seem effortless. Backed by rhythm that just burns itself into your head. If you like the style of The Delta Bombers then you have to get this record. The Isaac Webb Trio will not disappoint.

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