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Hear Me Now by The Jets

Released in 2022 on Krypton Records KRYP CD 216

Reviewed on 15/03/2022

Reviewed by Holger E. @radioteddyboys1983

The Band: Bob Cotton – Slap Bass and Lead Vocals, Ray Cotton – Lead Guitar and backing vocals, Tony Cotton – Drums and backing vocals.

Do i really have to say any more than It’s The Jets. I guess i do. So The Jets are one of just a few family bands that are still around after over 40 years. They are not like fresh new wine, they are more like the well aged fine wine that has so many different flavours and fine notes that it will flatten you. Just the dynamic alone on stage is phenomenal. And just to top that The Jets are perfectionists on their instruments. Not to forget the songs that even after 40 years have relevance to all people who love Rock&Roll and Rockabilly. They even played with Bands like Led Zepplin, Meatloaf, Madness and Shakin Stevens and still after all that THEY HAVE FUN on Stage.

Track by Track

1.: Hear Me Now: Hear me Now is not only the title of this song but also the name of this Album and it will be one of those tracks that go down in history. Raw Rockabilly that delivers Ray’s Guitar riffs from another dimension combine this with Bob’s perfect Slap-Bass and a crystal clear Drum performance by Tony. Bob nailed the vocals to bring you right back to 1959. A roaring track.

2.: I’m A Rocker: Up-tempo Rock&Roll song with a Boogie-Woogie Piano that fills the background and a Brass section that compliments the lead vocals. Drums and Guitar laying down a swing like rhythm that gets you going. The Slap-Bass is slightly in the background to give this song a full sound at high speed. Ray is taking on the lead vocals for this amazing track.

3.: Annie: What a great combo of rock&roll and love song. Finger picking smooth Guitar that blends in to the vocals with a hint of country style. The Drum is keeping everybody in check especially the Slap-Bass which you expect to run wild any second.

4.: Much To Good (For You): Well it’s time for Doo-Wop Jets style. Melodic background vocals, simple harmonies full of passion and the feel that this song should be a movie soundtrack. Ray and Tony giving the perfect platform for Roberts vocals to shine at the front of this track.

5.: Call The Police: Full blown rock&roll track that has so much energy that you can power the whole house with it. And nobody will call the Cops when they hear this track. Ray’s Guitar riffs burning down any building with the help of Tony’s Drums. Using his Slap-Bass Robert is laying the tracks for his vocals to paint you the perfect scenario.

6.: Dreamy Eyes: Looking for inspiration to Johnny Tillotson’s Dreamy Eyes this slow down-beat love song is just showcasing the ability of The Jets not only to play Rockabilly. The arrangement of vocals, instruments and background instruments is a dream come true.

7.: It Is What It Is: Do you like modern Blues type music? Oh My God........ This just blew my mind. Hard heavy and more reverb that the whole album together on just the Guitar alone. Crystal clean punctuated Slap-Bass and Drum’s so dry that it just destroyed my ear drums. Cool heavy handed rhythm that brings you right back to the Delta where it came from.

8.: Girl Of The Thousand Dreams: Giving us all a nice break from the last song The Jets presenting you with a new love song that has a touch of the 60’s and up-tempo Chicago Doo-Wop. Full of harmonies and melodies that always takes you by surprise.

9.: Jezebel: Covering the great Frankie Laine and turning it into a Jets song is brave but once you hear it, it makes sense. You can pick out so many influences that Robert, Ray and Tony worked into this track to make us all understand their love for all those artists.

10.: Stand By For Action: Well what would be a Jets record without a bit of Neo-Rockabilly. The Action is already happening for the last 9 tracks. In true fashion of The Jets this song has a tight arrangement that drags you on to the dance floor.

11.: Love You A Little Bit More: Just a bit more of Country/Hillbilly in this track. For sure they have the rhythm done to a T. To bend a mix of Steal-Guitar, Ukulele and Western style Fiddle just to be played by Guitar is phenomenal. Nice Drums that are in harmony with the Slap-Bass. And listen to the vocals they laid down on this track. Just brilliant.

12.: Cry: Doo-Wop? Yes please. Acapella? Oh yes. 3 brothers one melody and plenty of harmonies. The magic happening between Robert, Ray and Tony is unbelievable. You have to wonder if they go back in time only to bring back such a Masterpiece.

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