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I’ll Put My Voodoo on You – Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls Released - 14th November 2022on Voodoo Shack Records and Mastered by Ed Deegan at Gizzard Recording. Reviewed on 11th January 2023 by Rockin Rebel. Available to buy from:

Band Members: Jo Carley - Vocals, Backing Vocals, Washboard, Mandolin, and Percussion. Tim Carley - Battered Archtop Guitar, Kick, Rattlin' Shoe, Backing Vocals and Percussion. James Le Huray (Aka Big Jim Hairy Bones) - Beat-up Double Bass, Banjo, Backing Vocals and Percussion

In their own words: Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls combine the voodoo sounds and syncopated rhythms of the blues, but uniquely delivered with an old timey vaudeville twist. It’s music that makes people wanna come down and shake their bones! Voodoo has found its way onto British shores and Jo Carley is the voodoo queen sent to predict hell in a way to entertain and amaze you. This demonic music-hall mistress tells tales of terror in old-timey fashion. Backed by her song-writing partner and husband Tim Carley, a man of considerable size who plays “syncopated rhythms to shake your soul” on a beaten-up archtop guitar, kick drum and rattlin’ shoe, with fellow fiend James Le Huray providing the final ingredients of the spell, in the shape of double bass and banjo.

Let’s go track by track. Leave the light on.

Alligator Blood Snappy opening track with Jo introducing her herself as the voodoo queen. Great little intro and backing vocals eerie in the background with a devilish laugh to end the track.

Don’t Need No Devil Rockin' fast paced track drawn up from the spells of rock n roll. You will get the shivers from this brilliant track. Listen for the reprise at the end, do you need the devil?

I’ll Put My Voodoo on You Title of the Album track which is sang with a heartfelt message to understanding the songs you’re listening to, up tempo bluesy backing to a great vocal. She will sprinkle just a bit of black magic dusting on you so be aware.

Little Dead Lovin Great intro from the guitar with another upbeat bit of voodoo vocals from Jo. I promise you will be singing along with very catchy track.

Good Time Some great instrumental treats from the guitar and the mandolin whilst the bass slaps away. Jo leads the lead vocal and the backing which brings this track together to create a toe tapping performance.

Blackbird Old wife’s tale... Or is it? A spooky track that is mixed with some great music. I don’t want a blackbird on my doorstep. Great vocals again from Jo.

Dose of Your Medicine The band stir up another recipe of great lyrics to make your eyes water. Backed by some gruesome bass and guitar work.

Fortune Teller Some great writing on this track and Jo takes her voice to another level. Mixed well and the sound of the rattle and the end brings it to a close nicely. I predict that this will be a smash album.

Nobody’s sweetheart no more Bluesy mid-tempo track, when your spirit is low it’s time to go according to Jo on this voodoo break up song,

Crazy Little Demon in Love Great vocals once again and a simple guitar riff with a tambourine backing up to create a great little track.

Zombie Silent Boogie Nice little boogie to complete a great album of well performed album.

Summary: When I chose this album to review I was very unsure to how I would find it. Well, I didn’t have to be worried:It's brilliant! You will not be disappointed from what you hear, I for one will be playing this album for a while. Highly recommended!

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