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Everybody Rock-King Joe & The Atlantic’s Released 7th October 2022, available to purchase on CD and listen to on Spotify, iTunes etc. Recorded at Mr Appollo’s studio, Dover. Engineered by Jim Dawkins & Pete Lawson. Reviewed by Terry Mead - 09/11/2022 From the UK King Joe & The Atlantic’s describe themselves as a “ Sleazy Rhythm & Blues and Hellbent Rock n Roll band, They consist of on this album: Joe Newbon - Vocals & Lead Guitar Nick Lunt – Baritone Sax Mark Kemlo - Drums Al Nicholls -Tenor Sax Pete Lawson – Slap Bass Wayne Lee -Keyboards Special guests Dan Doe on the Blues harp & Shaun O’Keefe on “ The Girl Can’t Help It “backing vocals. This is their first album features three original songs written by Joe Newbon, and nine covers of R&B and Blues tracks. Some of which are legendary tracks, and some are that bit more obscure. The whole album was recorded using original 1940"s and 50's equipment Some of it was the same stuff used at Chess, Atlantic & Sun etc. recorded straight on to Tape (not digitally) authentically as was done in the time period of the music played. Let’s Review track by track: Chicken Shack Boogie- To kick off a great cover of Amos Milburn’s “ Chicken Shack Boogie” and what a lively number played at great pace, and very close to the original, I dig that sax throughout deep and loud. Ain’t Gonna Stop All Night – First of the self-penned tracks written by Joe Newbon and defiantly a crowd pleaser with a superb jiving beat. The sax is raunchy again with the instrumental accompaniment and carefree vocals from Joe makes this a neat little number. Everbody Rock- That’s what Jimmy McCracklin said in 1958 and King Joe & The Atlantic’s are repeating the request today with their title track, again great contrasting tune done close to the original with the guitar coming in strong and finishing off with a drum crescendo at the end. Reconsider Baby- Lowell Fusions classic number done by Presley & Clapton to name a few over the years, splendid harmonica intro starts us off here replacing the guitar one on the original. The tune follows the original path with accompanying breaks. This Is a cool version and should be recognised as one. That’s All…Goodnight- Hope not we haven’t had the encore yet! Rolling guitar intro to this Rocking number the second self-penned track from Joe and another fine tune bursting with energy, one to hit the dance floor with. Ella Mae- Fast swing/jive number from start to finish will have you on your toes with its bouncy beat well recreated piece. Let Me Love You- Dan Doe features on the Harp on this one right from the word go , great intro and breaks on this Rocking Blues number the last of three from the pen of Joe Newbon , a solid authentic tune capturing the era of the day. One Track Love- So close to the Jimmy McCracklin version it’s unreal, the tempo, arrangement and those mellow saxophones all blending together making it another cracker. Keep It To Yourself- Wow this is truly a fine rendition of the Sonny Boy Williamson 1956 tune, again awesome harp playing from Don that sound from the era is most certainly captured here and the formable voice of Joe has its own unique style. The Girl Can’t Help It- The classic Little Richard track from the film of the same name done here in a style and pace of the original with backing vocals and musically sound production that takes you back to that formable era. Ride and Roll- That’s what Sonny Terry & Brownie Mcghee did on the Greyhound bus back in the day and Joe & The Atlantic’s have brought their tickets to ride their upbeat version of the song. Fast paced jumpy number full of energy. Oooh Little Girl- Floyd Dixons raunchy number revised here to round off the album, clever arrangement with all the Atlantic’s playing their part one last time. The Sax comes in, the Sax goes out, the keyboard’s pound and the drums keep beating cracking track to end an album. To summarise this is surely going to be one of the most authentic sounding Blues albums to be produced since about 1955! With the use of the equipment from the day these boys have certainly captured the era. I’m a stickler for original material rather than covers but sitting back closing my eyes and listening to this album makes you think you are listening to the originals, the arrangements are done in such a way to question that in your mind. Track List 1.Chicken Shack Boogie- 2.Ain’t Gonna Stop All Night 3.Everbody Rock- 4.Reconsider Baby- 5.That’s All…Goodnight- 6.Ella Mae- 7.Let Me Love You- 8.One Track Love- 9.Keep It To Yourself- 10.The Girl Can’t Help It- 11.Ride and Roll- 12.Oooh Little Girl- Formed in late 2020 their first gig was cancelled due to covid, and it wasn’t until August 2021 before they were able do their first show. Earlier this year they played the new Hot Rock weekender and recently the Rhythm Riot and now the bookings are coming in fast and furious. A few words from Joe about the making of this album: All of this is thanks to our bassist, Pete Lawson, as this is all his equipment - so I'd like to add a special thanks to him for the use of it all, along with Jim from Mr Apollo's Studio for the help, patience & engineering with LOTS of trial & error with positioning and levels etc. The tracks we have recorded are a mix of some favourites from our live set, some obscure R&B you've never heard us play before (and have probably never heard any other band play either)... Along with some original songs written by "King" Joe Newbon It was amazing to do these recordings with my band, that includes members who I would never think I'd have the pleasure of performing with. Firstly, as most of my close friends know, I'm a huge fan of The Big Town Playboys. I grew up listening to records by this band, and it was always my dream to have an R&B band with a similar line-up. I now have this, and have 2 legendary Big Town Playboys members performing live with us on a regular basis and also on our first album - Al Nicholls & Nick Lunt.. I'm over the moon to say the least also, Wayne Lee who I'm proud to call my buddy! I only met Wayne in person a year or two ago and every time we meet up, I'm always in awe of all of his stories of who he's played with and met over the years, especially with his Dad - Albert Lee, who I've idolised as a guitar player for as long as I can remember My real good mate, Mark Kemlo! One of the best Rock n Roll / Roots music drummers in Europe and beyond! This guy has sat behind the kit for so many legends that I've idolised my whole life, it's just a real honour to have this "in demand" drummer with us so enthusiastically last but not least, Pete Lawson. I've played a lot with Pete, and he is not only a band member, but a great friend and a massive help with everything that goes on behind the scenes. He always goes the extra mile to help and to make sure whatever we do is a success, and not to mention an unbelievably tremendous bassist (and pianist I've recently discovered!) Just to round this post up, I owe an extra MASSIVE thanks to Dan Doe who guested on Blues Harp on a few tracks for us and Shaun O'Keefe who came down to the studio on Sunday and jumped in on some backing vocals with us! This is going to be one of the best Authentic 1950's style Rhythm & Blues albums to hit the scene.

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