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Laundry Sessions- The Lazy Tones

Available on CD and digital platforms Spotify Apple Amazon etc.

Buy the album here: Recorded and mixed by Mike Mariconda. Released 1st December 2023 on El Toro Records.

Reviewed by Terry Mead 31/01/2024 The Chicago Blues essence of the first Chess Records releases remains immerse in the particular raw and electrified sound of a band made up of musicians from the Valencian (Spain) blues scene, that produce their own style of Rocking Blues. The symbiosis of these musicians on stage is the result of experience that comes from 20 years of extensively touring together.

So, who’s in the band: Pere Peiró: Guitar and Vocals�Jorge Gener: Harmonica�Tonete Puerto: Upright Bass�Jesús Lopez: Drums & Shakers

Laundry Sessions offers a mix of the band's originals with covers of Jimmy Rogers and Jimmy Reed among others captured in the purest period style.

Review track by track:

Lend Me A Train Fare- Written by vocalise and guitar playing Pere Peiró the first of three self-penned tracks kicks us off on a journey of timeless blues. A catchy riff runs though this Rocking blues number that has all the right angles producing an authentic sound.

My Blame- Another self-penned track written by Pere Peiro, has a melodramatic start that flows into a cruisy blues number with Jorge’s harmonica playing drifting in.

Look-a-Here- Third of the self-penned tracks written by Pere Peiró, Lively intro which gels into a super instrumental blues track. It has a neat tempo and produces some excellent work by the band instrumentally.

Natural Born Lover- A Jimmy Reed composition that’s kept by the band close to its original concept. Jorge really let’s fly on the harmonica at times with some good old bluesy sounds, there’s a superb beat running through making it perfect for dancing to at a mid-pace. The injection of blues put in by the band here scores high on my esteem.

Sloppy Drunk- Written and recorded by Lucille Bogan in 1930 and recorded by Jimmy Rogers in 1954 brought right up to date where with The Lazy Tones upbeat version. Lively bouncy number again with some superb harmonica playing from Jorge, its one of those numbers that’s got to heard live.

Baby Please don’t Go- Is a traditional blues song that was popularized by Delta blues musician Big Joe Williams in 1935. Many cover versions followed, leading to its description as "one of the most played, arranged, and rearranged pieces in blues history" by French music historian Gérard Herzhaft. Here we have an original blues masterpiece done in a more modern style starting with an extended intro plenty of harmonica and a unique vocal style from Pere, great track to end with.

To Summarise traditional blues with a Rocking beat at its best pure and simple don’t just take my word for it see for yourself you won’t be sorry.

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