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Doing the Truck with ..Legacaster

Released May 2022 and released on the Kathrina/ Sleazy record labels in vinyl and CD format

With the album design by Marcel Bontempi.

Reviewed in May 2022 by Tom Doel.

This album has 11 new songs with a range of subjects including Trucks, Guitars and of course love and the usual subjects that you would expect to find on a quality Rock and Roll album it also features some extra special guests on vocals with some great duets and a guest on Sax I am sure you can guess who that is.

Musicians on the album are as follows.

Legacaster –Guitar, Electric Bass and Vocals.

Juanma Rodriguez- Double Bass

Berto Martinez-Drums

Spencer Envoy- Saxophone.


1. Back in the Alley – Reminds me of a Chuck Berry number or two a solid Rock and Roll start to the album.

2. Do the truck – If you like your Country Truck driving songs then this could be for you Country guitar sound on this number.

3. I’ll never get rich. – Alt version of the same track featuring Lynette Morgan a very good stand alone version nice Bluesy guitar sound in the lead break.

4. I’ll never get Rich (feat Lynette Morgan) – Country/Hillbilly number with Lynette on vocals so quality delivery guaranteed sweet guitar licks with the back line keeping the rhythm.

5. Better Alone – A country/Hillbilly vocal duet solid drumbeat really like this track.

6. Little Thelma – The sax features on this track and it has a Chris Montez feel to it as least I think so anyway.

7. Let’s do it – Again the sax features on this out and out Rock and Roll number with vocal harmonies great guitar solo as well.

8. Too much Boppin (feat Jake Calypso)- Hillbilly style vocal harmonies from Jake and Lega on this one reminds me of the Sun sound.

9. Walking out. – Another solid track Rock and Roll guitar a good track for a three piece.

10. My little girl (feat Spencer Envoy)- Featuring Spencer this track has his influence all over it as you would expect upbeat and a great dance track. Great guitar work and solid drums and Bass.

11. Nena – I really like this track classic Rock and Roll sound maybe a bit of a surfy sound as well but anyway another great track.

I really like this album and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to all fans of the artist or those that have not heard of him or his music before the quality of the musicians is evident both in the playing of the instruments and in the lyrics of the songs.

Youtube video- Boppin Guitar.

Lega arrived in Barcelona in 2011 and started playing with his band Legacaster in bars and clubs in the city. After going through several formations, Legacaster became a trio with Daniel Nunes on double bass and Berto Martinez on drums. In 2013 they released an EP on vinyl with El Toro Records and started playing in the rockabilly scene. In 2015, after a year full of gigs, the band signed and recorded with Kathrina Records the album Boppin' Guitar which is available on vinyl and CD. This album led the band to play in most events and festivals in the European Rockabilly scene (Spain, France, UK, Germany, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, etc. to name a few countries where the album was presented). In 2017 they recorded an EP called Big Berry which also takes him touring Europe in his presentation. Both albums have a music video that you can watch on YouTube or Vimeo. Also, Lega in his spare time plays in other bands like Los Torontos, The Kabooms, Matt & The Peabody Ducks and has shared the stage playing guitar for artists like Barrence Whitfield, Rosie Flores, Marti Brom, Johnny Farina of Santo & Johnny, South American classic rocker Johnny Tedesco, Carlos Bandido, etc. Musical influences: Rock and roll guitarists from the 50's and early 60's like Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, etc. Plans: At the end of 2021 the band recorded their new album "Doin' The Truck" which will be released by Kathrina / Sleazy Records. The idea is to present it in 2022 at Rockin Race Jamboree in Spain, Rockabilly Rave in UK, Viva Las Vegas USA and looking forward to presenting their new album in all the places that want to keep having fun with rock and roll music.

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